Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne!

Ever since the first time I’ve heard and watched the OP sequence of Kannagi, I already knew that this is gonna be a hit, and it is! Great job for Haruka Tomatsu for a phenomenal performance as Nagi! I just love this song and for sure it would brighten up your day. I also can’t wait for the PV! More scans below the jump as well as the download link for the full version of the song!

Here are some scans. Click them for their full sizes ^_^.

And you can download the full version here:

[:DOWNLOAD motto笘・ade ni ne! FULL ver.:]


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4 Responses to “Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne!”

  1. […] Btw, you can download the full song HERE. […]

  2. Kitsune says:

    Yup, Kannagi is gaining popularity – some nice scans there 🙂 I take that excerpt from the illustrated book is an 180 move, skillfully executed by Nagi in the air, that is about to hit that poor guy 😛

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Lol I remembered the knee strike she gave to that poor Jin XD. Kannagi is reaally popular, and no wonder why, it’s one of the better series this year.

  4. Devoteeoflight says:

    Awesome song & Awesome Anime!!!!
    I just the anime wasn’t just 13 episodes! X<

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