AFA Singapore’13 Coverage


Are you ready for the biggest anime convention in Southeast Asia? ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ
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EOY Cosplay Festival’12 Coverage

 Another anime convention in Singapore? You betcha.

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AFA’12 Singapore Coverage – Part I

Till this day I still have no idea what AFA-kun the mascot is supposed to be…

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Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne! [PV]


It’s just too adorable for words! The video was fun, with Haruka Tomatsu herself just spending free time at her pad having fun with reading, laundry, eating and dressing up. There’s no Kannagi dance this time but I guess there would be as soon as she’ll have a live performance. One thing I noticed is that she looks reeaalllyyy tall! Or is it just her thunder thighs (which is an asset, btw). She’s very cute in this video especially when she’s making a fruit shake and she tastes it awful but she still continues to drink it ^_^. Also when she’s playing dress up! So adorable. Tell me you love it or else I’ll shove Haruka Tomatsu’s thighs into your throats!

Btw, you can download the full song HERE.