Kannagi: 05 – Join the Nagi-sama Fans Club!

Super big surprise at the end of the post.


Zange finally moves in Jin’s residence and the two other girls got intimidated by her already and her aggressive stance on Jin. Everything has been averted to a cooking showdown between the three of them. We get to know that Nagi can cook well but she’s just plain lazy. Hakue and Zange are fighting inside each other on who wants to cook, while Tsugumi is presenting her specialty (her only specialty), fried egg.


In school, Jin was surprised that Nagi is already a popular school idol. There’s already a fans club for her and a website, getting as much hits. Takako seems to be a member of the fanclub as well. Meanwhile, Zange is annoyed because Nagi is getting such popularity but nevertheless, Nagi seems to have gaining more powers because of the people loving her.


Everyone had been surprised when they found out that Nagi was taken captive eventually and she’s found out that she’s not an actual student in their school. The principal was interpreted as questioning Nagi harshly but she seems to have escaped the situation when her classmates started supporting and screaming for her.


After that event, Suzushiro, Hakua’s father, finally makes Nagi an official student of the school and Nagi is continuing her idol life. During their conversation, Suzushiro questioned if Nagi was possessing a body, but she quickly denied it.


This guy… looks like




Back at Jin’s residence, he finally knew that Suzushiro is Zange’s father and everything is back to normal, including his quarrels with Nagi. Nagi jokingly tells Jin that she should better stay at Hakua’s familya instead since they treat her better. Jin became extremele defensive and wonders why isn’t he letting Nagi go. The episode ended with Nagi and Jin going to the groceries, encountering Zange, which ended up in their usual antics.

Tsuiteru chats…

LOL you thought it’s kanzeon huh? I’m tsuiteru (you call call me tsui or teru or tsuiteru whatever). I was just dragged along by kanzie to cover this anime and from now on, I’ll be helping kanzeon on her blogging because she begged invited me  to help her since she’s busy with school work and such other activities blah blah (too much excuses for her not to blog XD…). It’s my first time to blog so wish me luck!!! Now you ask, who the hell am I?! Don’t worry because I’m completely harmless in person. I’m kanzie’s classmate and seatmate and I’m a total otaku. Obviously, I’m from the Phils and English is not my nature tongue so forgive me if I ever made a grammar/typo error in this post ‘_’. Besides from Kannagi, I’ll try to cover ef ~a tale of melodies~ (since kanzeon dropped it) and possibly Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, which is one of my favorite animu this year (too bad kanzeon also dropped it, so I’ll just continue it). When I’m finished with all of them, my duties will be finally over here and I’ll try to make a blog of my own. Last but not the least, don’t expect me to post much because I don’t want kanzeon to be jealous when I became more popular than her I also study and do RL stuff!



Kan chats…

@tsuiteru: I was saving your introductory post for my 300th post special but you ruined it. Welcome to anime blogging anyways…

Actually, this guy already helped me in some posts already regarding ef ~a tale of melodies~ (he provided me screencaps and summaries and I just have to edit it XD). And now that I’m being very very very busy, I have finally decided to have somebody to help me on this blog. PLUS wish me luck on the upcoming dance competition again on our university this January and also to my speech choir performance this Monday ^_^. Don’t fret because I’ll still be posting here as much as possible. Tsui’s just helping me on episodic blogging only.

Moving on with Kannagi, I think that this episode is hilarious and entertaining. I think that everything would result as Nagi and Zange being idols in Japan to gain some love for them to achieve their powers. It’s so hard to give this show to somebody else (unlike ef, which tormented me mentally, emotionally and visually…) so I guess I’ll be co-blogging this with my dog tsuiteru.

The three most epic/funny moments I found in this episode:


Super Nagi Z!!! Now available in Nintendo DS!


The glorious stellar blinding light from… a man’s bald head.



P.S. – This is the 299th post here!!!



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  1. Kitsune says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Tsuiteru 🙂 Good catch on Snape. Based on these screencaps, looks like Kannagi keeps loading latent content 😛

    Good luck at your upcoming dance competition, Kanzeon 🙂

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Thanks, I’m feeling more pressure you know because I also need to balance practices with studies.

  3. Kitsune says:

    Yes, it can be stressful at times like this when you have to manage several tasks, but I know you are working hard and you can do it! 🙂

  4. My personal top student recipe I liked to cook for my friends is a sausage casserole. Slightly strange i know but it always goes down well with my friends!

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