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Karneval manga coloring, some Top Model ramblings, news, obligatory “Haruhi Tagalog dub sucks” ramble, and LOTS more piled up on this long random digest~. Yeah, I’m just so talkative it’s helpless XD.

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Fairy Tail (no, it’s not a fantasy shoujo) gets an anime adaptation. That and lots more on today’s digest.

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BECK Live Action Film!


BECK manga/anime will be adapted to a live-action movie on the Fall of 2010.

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Model styled and photographed as a 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old.

Wow, I was just randomly browsing blogs and I stumble on to this amazing series of pictures. Everything’s done with the same model (aged 20), with different touches of the effects of make-up and lighting.  The 10-year old sure looks young, the 20-year old looks annoying, the 30-year old looks umm… wh0rish?, the 40-year old looks fierce, the 50-year old looks very feminist and strong, while the 60-year old looks like she had a lot of facelifts to make her look that… amazing.

(Vogue Paris November 2008 issue with Eniko Mihalik by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin styled by Carine Roitfeld, make-up by Lisa Butler)

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The season where the wind gets colder, snow starts to fall down… And new anime too.

[Last update: 12/09/08]

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All new [:METANORN:] turns a month old (…and three days)!!!


My last and my first banner… Get it?

Lol I’ve been too busy with so much stuff that I forgot that my “new” blog turned a month old already three days ago!!! Maybe it’s also because I’m really enjoying my inner hermit side and loving it to the fullest that I never knew that time flew fast and bam!… One month already. Y’all know why I re-created Metanorn, right? Yeah, not going back to it again XD… Anyway, I wanna say THANK YOU for always visiting me. I means so much to me that people cares and I care ^_^. I’m also glad thatツit already received 15,000 hits immediately after a month which is almostツmaking up for the half of my old blog’s views. Thank you also for the comments, again ^_^. Hope our friendship will be forevah guys!!! Yeah that’s all xoxo >.<!!!

Ok, back to work again… Which includes Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu’s final episode (which I AM NOT yet finished yet because I went with ToraDora! first), EVE No Jikan Act 2, CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ and more of the upcoming Fall shows. I also dragged along somebody to write something up about Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, because I don’t want it to be dropped. The new “guest” author will be up too soon. On with Ani-NTM, whoever will be the winner will be featured in my fabulous, special banner plus a special photo spread here in my blog and a MoeGirl邃「 contract ^_^.

P.S. – I bought a cake (REALLY!) commemorating my very first, official, non-suspended month of my brand new [:METANORN:] blog ^_^… My friends went like, “why the hell?”. My mom was like, “it’s for me??? thank you!!!”. …And my boyfriend was like “It’s not our monthsary right?”.ツ Lol. Anyway, so here’s the cake pROn for everyone!!!



Thank you for 1000 comments!


Thank you EVERYONE for commenting!!! I’m really appreciating it to the highest ^_^ It brings up a smile on my face, whether if it’s a praise, a suggestion, a correction, or a flame (but I guess I haven’t had any serious one yet…)… You’re words really motivates me to enjoy this blogging stuff! Many thanks to my blogospheric friends/frequent commenters (I’ll keep it on alphabetical order): amayalee, Baka-Raptor, biankita, FuyuMaiden, issa-sa, Kitsune, Llora-chan, omisyth, Shin, xephfyre, and also to my newfound pals 7, foomafoo/jitensha… and BLISSMO I MISS YOU!!! Also thanks to my non-blogging frequenters: my sis CinderBird, bff Solviter and those plenty others… Thanks again everyone (sorry if I have forgotten anyone, but thank you very much from the bottom of my heart) This is such a great milestone. Hope you continue commenting and sharing your thoughts to me because I really care.


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Final Fantasy Versus 13: Hot Digest

Final Fantasy Versus XVIII (13) is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation. This game was first introduced way back on 2006 where a trailer was released. It introduced the protagonist who is the heir of the throne.


Well, this post contains some old and new (well, not-so-new actually) information about the game. Have fun reading it ^_^

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Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 2~

The second batch of my Favorite Anime Ending Sequences is up and it features two creepy ED themes, a shoujo J-Pop song, a cute shoujo-ai ending theme and an epic ED sequence that every otaku is addicted to. Check it out below!!!

Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 1~

Last time, I posted the list of the BEST Anime Openings that I love. Now I will count down the BEST (lol, in my opinion only ^_^ no flame wars please!) ANIME ENDING THEMES that I love!!! There would be only fifteen songs because I only find a few ED themes that I like ^_^. Like the rules of last time, there would only be ONE song per anime series and anime shown from the 1980’s below were totally out of my list. So here it goes!!!