The season where the wind gets colder, snow starts to fall down… And new anime too.

[Last update: 12/09/08]

Kanzeon: The winter season is like a pass-through for the great Fall season this year. I think that this would be the perfect time to finish up all my work because this season, there’s is only a few shows that caught my interest. Here goes my much-awaited Winter Anime 2008 post, this time it would be different because I dragged Tsuiteru along for a tag-team impressions for the upcoming new shows. This should be finished a week ago but Tsui is just stupid so I have to edit this again to become a tag-team post.

Tsuiteru: We even cut classes just to finish this post up! You should all be grateful XD… Just kidding. I decided to help kanzeon on a tag-team commentary. Honestly, I didn’t donated any help on this post, just my impressions on them, so if you see any mistakes, blame Kanzeon ok? Haha..




[Airdate: 01/01]
Seiyuu: Nana Akiyama as Makina Hoshimura, Tatsuya Hosome as Ouri Kagami

Sequel to the first series that aired last Fall 2008. About Makina Hoshimura, a Shikabane who cheats death due to a strong dying wish. She has a contract of killing other Shikabane who gives danger to the humans.

Kan: I heard that this is having a brand new set of creators so I might give this series a second chance. Plus I love girls with guns.

Tsui: Brand new set of “cremators”?

Kan: Ugh… edited it now -_-” Why do you have to notice everything?!

Tsui: Haha… About the show, I seem to doubt its potential. From the character designs to the seiyuu.. It’s just meh…




Production: Studio DEEN (Higurashi, ToraDora!)
Seiyuu: Kana Ueda as Yumi Fukuzawa, Miki Itou as Sachiko Ogasawara

Lillian School for Girls is an exclusive Catholic school where Yumi is attending. The story continues on Yumi and Sachiko, along with the other girls in the academy.

Tsui: Yuri girls are win so might try this one. (oops, I just copy-pasta my previous comment XD)

Kan: You lazy dog…




[Airdate: 01/10]
[Episode #: 13]
Production: A-1 Pictures Inc. (Kannagi, Kuroshitsuji)
Seiyuu: Miyu Irino as Tsutomu Senkawa, Saeko Chiba as Birdy

Sequel to the first season that aired last Summer 2008. Federation investigator Birdy accidentally kills a boy named Senkawa during a mission on Earth. To save his life, their bodies are fused and the two must continue Birdy’s work together.

Kanzeon: Followed the first season and suddenly dropped it. Probably not watching this one anymore -_-”

Tsuiteru: Didn’t even heard about the first season, obviously have no plan to watch this…



Production: Tezuka Productions (Ray, Mokke)

The story follows the happy yet sorrowful youth of Hikaru Genji’s love and the women in his life who strive hard for their love for Genji to be significant amongst others.

Kan: This is based from the world’s first novel. Umm… Yeah.

Tsui: Boooring… *yawns*




Production: Madhouse Studios (Death Note, Chaos;HEAd)
Seiyuu: Yuka Iguchi as Naeka Fujiwara, Rikiya Koyama as Kogarashi

Continuation of 2008 anime. Fujiwara Naeka is a typical 17 year-old high school student. Or so we thought. She’s really one of 2 surviving heirs of a tycoon who has the right to inherit his mass fortune when she turns 18 in half a year. With Kogarashi, a big burly maid guy with a mask, he’s assigned to keep Naeka and her brother safe.

Kan: This is just an OVA so it can be worth watching.

Tsui: I have also watched the series and it’s quite good so I’ll definitely check this one out.


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26 Responses to “WINTER ANIME 2009!!!”

  1. Kitsune says:

    Thank you Kanzeon and Tsui for this extensive coverage of the winter season 🙂 You seem to have opposite views on some shows and it adds a nice dynamic to the reading. Kanzeon keeps referring to Tsui as dog, I wonder if “Sit Boy” command will have the same effect on him as on Inuyasha 😛

    I am going to post a similar preview sometime in December probably.

    Oh, I hear the resounding enthusiasm for the Tale of Genji 😛

    Kamen no Maid guy used to be good in the beginning because it focused on the Kogarashi, but later it drifted to pantsu and boobs 😛 One of my favorite episodes was with the proof that 1+1=3 lol

    I don’t plan to watch KISS x SIS, but at least the protagonist has a motivation to study 😛

    I might check out MARIA-SAMA GA MITERU because someone recommended it to me.

    I have not seen the Winter Sonata drama, so I’ll probably watch it and might cover it.

    I’ll definitely check out KEMONO NO SOUJA ERIN because of I.G. 🙂

    I don’t like stereotypes, but I’ll check AXIS POWERS HETALIA out because Kanzeon seem to like it 🙂

    KONNICHI WA ANNE is a prequel to Anne of the Green Gables and is based on the other book called Before Green Gables. The story presents a realistic depiction of harsh childhood of the heroine.

    I’ll check out RIDE BACK also.

  2. ffviiknight says:

    Kurokami isn’t like Elfen Lied. A bit of gore but not the 50 liters of blood from someone’s ripped limbs. To me, it feels more like a Mai Hime setup with Mototsumitamas using tera from their human partners (translation: partnership between a “god” and human using the human’s energy to power up) and a grand scheme to cause chaos.

    Somehow, I feel that Maria + Holic and Tower of Druaga will be the only meaningful series for me in the upcoming season. Far less hope for the others.

  3. ghostlightning says:

    Useful preview!

    … but my, what a depressing lineup! Where are the giant robots?!!! Oh well, it’ll be marathon season then.

  4. biankita says:

    Genji: Yes!
    Kamen no Maid Guy: Why just an OVA??? ;A; Wants new season!!!
    Natsume Yuujinchou: Hell yes!
    White Album: on being picked up because of Maeno Tomoaki.

    ~what a mega-sad season.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Thanks for the epic comment ^_^!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Oh thanks for the info about Konnichi wa Anne. We thought that it was a remake or something because it’s currently being aired here in out country XD. Can’t wait for your winter post too 🙂

    @ffviiknight: I got the Elfen Lied vibe because of the mysterious girl (Kuro). Also Druaga seems interesting now that you mentioned it. I might watch the first season.

    @ghostlightning: For me, this season is really sad. This is the perfect time to rest or finish up some of the shows ^_^.

    @biankita: Yes. The line-up was very depressing. This season has a few interesting shows to watch -_-…

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  7. Machinany says:

    After staring dumbly at the screen the last few minutes reading the previews I think my only change of face was when I actually recognised Tower of Druaga. The rest aren’t familiar at all (except Slayers but I don’t watch Slayers) but I’m a spontaneous anime watcher so I might grab a series or two of this winters line up. We’ll see. Thanks for the previews all the same, least I have a little idea on whats to come.

  8. FlareKnight says:

    This is going to be a pretty solid season. Wasn’t sure what was going to be out there so appreciate the effort put into this preview. A lot of what I’ll apparently be watching are sequels this time around. Though are a few shows that I’ll probably check out to see how they go.

    Think Birdy was a good series that came with a name that wasn’t great. While the male lead was barely tolerable Birdy herself was a good character. Look forward to what she’ll be dealing with this time around.

    Ok had almost nothing to do (or something I didn’t want to do) and from the title checked out the KissxSis manga. Honestly it wasn’t too bad. Antics were fun enough to follow and an OVA is a good move. Will get out the core of it without trying to spread out the ‘plot’ too much.

    Liking the Natsume sequel. They played well with emotions in the first season. Could see how they will carry the second season with likely more development for Natsume as a character.

    White Album and Kurokami sound interesting enough. Will have to give the first episodes a chance and just see how they go.

    Druaga, the series that just tossed the announcement of a second season at the end. Though you honestly knew they couldn’t resolve all the issues within the final episode so something had to give. Slayers I’m not sure about now. The first 3 seasons were great experiences, but honestly the first half of the fourth fell on its face to a degree. Jokes weren’t quite as good and tension didn’t feel like it was there either. Probably take a look for the sake of it but not high hopes.

    Again thanks for the preview. Nice to have a better idea what’s coming for this season.

  9. FuyuMaiden says:

    Holy crap here it is. The almost insanely early well-done preview (Winter Edition~).

    My thoughts on all the anime is same as it was before more information came out. Though I have to admit…those MADs you posted got me interested in Axis Powers Hetalia.

    There’s only one must-see show for me this season though, which is White Album. Nana-sama ftw! Aya Hirano is just a bonus. Oh yeah and Maria+Holic (I love my traps. Sadistic or otherwise.)

  10. Xiao says:

    “Honestly, I didn’t donated any help on this post, just my impressions on them, so if you see any mistakes, blame Kanzeon ok? Haha..”

    I like you already! Kanzeon, smack him, lol. J/k.

    Hmm, I guess I’m going to give a first impression try on Genji. I want to see how they’re going to do the art.

    Maria+Holic, Asu no Yoichi, Kurokami, and Akikan! will watch for the first two episodes and see where it takes me from there.

    Must definitely watch: White Album (NANA-SAMAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~!!!!!!!!!!!)

    And all your Axis Powers posts are tempting me…but I haven’t given in yet! |D;

    Thx for the detailed preview! Now I’m all organized until the actual season starts. Then I’m screwed. 😛
    But yea, looking forward to your posts on your choices. ^^

  11. kanzeon says:

    @Machinany: You’re welcome 🙂 . Hope our preview helps on what shows will you chose ^_^.

    @FlareKnight: Thank you very much for sharing your views on the upcoming winter shows ^_^. I think just like Fall, it’s a good season for sequels and an interesting season for new series 🙂

    @FuyuMaiden: Lol, spread the Hetalia fever!!! Nice to know that you’ll be going to watch White Album and Maria+Holic too ^_^.

    @xiao_jie: *gets my gun* where’s that dog!? Lol. I’m also interested on how would they do the art for Genji. Oh and soon you’ll catch the APH fever… soon XD (prepares a lot of APH MAD posts).

  12. Choux says:

    Finally, someone else who dislikes Natsume Yuujin-chou! I was beginning to think that you people don’t exist anymore. I’m personally interested in Kurokami and Maria holic, though the latter sounds so…cliche.

  13. omisyth says:

    Kill your campadre for not liking Natsume. Like, NOW.

  14. Kona says:

    lol @ the dialogues of Kemono no Souja Erin. XD
    Well, I.G. has been progressing in its productions, so it might actually be good. :3

  15. fye says:

    Winter again has the loneliest batch of upcoming shows every year. I’ll only be watching Birdy 2 and Kurokami. Maybe Mariaholic too since everyone’s oh so hyped about it.

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  17. mikaino says:

    “Because if it were to be personified, the Philippines would be a corrupt politician…”

    That’s also my guess XD (have more to say but, oh well, mental-blocked, lol)

  18. mikaino says:

    “Because if it were to be personified, the Philippines would be a corrupt politician…”

    That’s also my guess XD (have more to say but, oh well, mental-blocked, lol)

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  20. tflops says:

    New ecchi series, no popular sequel, wanna say sigh…

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