Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 1~

Last time, I posted the list of the BEST Anime Openings that I love. Now I will count down the BEST (lol, in my opinion only ^_^ no flame wars please!) ANIME ENDING THEMES that I love!!! There would be only fifteen songs because I only find a few ED themes that I like ^_^. Like the rules of last time, there would only be ONE song per anime series and anime shown from the 1980’s below were totally out of my list. So here it goes!!!

15: REASON – Gundam SEED Destiny 1st ED


Nami Tamaki is one of my fave J-Pop singers. Her song for Gundam SEED Destiny fits the dramatic side of Gundam very well and it had always been stuck on my head (and my iPod) since.


14: MOON IN THE WATER – Beck Mongolian Chop Squad insert song and 2nd ED


BECK is one of the FEW animes that I found the dub version isn’t that bad. The song ‘Moon In The Water’ (or ‘Full Moon Sways’ to some is a great ballad in Engrish. The ending video accompanied it with relaxing views of nature, and the moon.


13: TAISHOU.A – Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai ED


The calmness of the song is very deceiving to what the singer is implying. I love the breezy feel the song has and the ED video has some symbolisms in it to take notice of.




LOL, you are not expecting this one right? The reason why I put this song up here is because of the dangos!!! besides from the top-notch animation from Kyo-Ani, the song is perfect for a lullaby and the ED itself carries another thing that Clannad would be remembered of: Dangos.


11: NINGYO HIME – Chobits 2nd ED


The melancholic tune and lyrics of this song is very haunting and I love it to bits. This ED was first shown on the ‘more serious and dark’ side of Chobits and it gave me ‘the chillz’ the first time I saw it. Clamp did a great job on picking this song for the series.


Watch out for the next part which would be shown later!!!


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7 Responses to “Absolute Anime Ending Themes ~part 1~”

  1. biankita says:

    harhar! taking advantage of a non-school day again??? XD i like the dango song (especially it’s off vocal version) but couldn’t stand the show.

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    It’s like you saw my secret favorite anime ED list and stole some off of it! I won’t say which ones though to keep it my little secret~!

    But quite simply, great list so far. Dango Daikazoku is pretty much a necessity on all of these lists, running on pure dango cuteness (who knew a food item could be so cute…)

  3. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: LOL!!! OMG it’s so fun to live in the same country! This is the only time where I can be an all-day hikkikomori 🙂

    @FuyuMaiden: Ooo… Secret list. I wonder which songs are they?? ^_^

    …and I’m glad that you all like the Dango Daikazoku here… I thought that many would be flaming me for adding this 🙂

  4. amayalee says:

    Dango, Dango…XD, I love the Dango ending! Why are all the songs off Higurashi so good?!

  5. Kitsune says:

    Clannad ED is so cute :3

  6. kanzeon says:

    @amayalee: I agree ^^ Higurashi 1st and 2nd season has great soundtrack. Hope it would keep up to the third.

    @Kitsune: ~dango 4ever!!!~

  7. 53RG10 says:

    Wow, everyone likes dango! O_O

    I guess I’m the first one to say that I don’t like the dango song…the TV Size is okay, but only when watching CLANNAD, and the full size just drags on…

    PS: I’ve only heard of 12 & 11. >_>

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