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Karneval manga coloring, some Top Model ramblings, news, obligatory “Haruhi Tagalog dub sucks” ramble, and LOTS more piled up on this long random digest~. Yeah, I’m just so talkative it’s helpless XD.


-Next Top Model 2009 Winners

Well, after the VERY disappointing win of Teyona on ANTM 12, it just followed by other two winners that I really don’t like, and that’s Australia’s Next Top Model and Britain’s Next Top Model.

BOTH shows had their best contenders to get eliminated on the 3rd place and left the “Meh” top 2 T___T.



Clare, third place T_T

In AusNTM, my absolute favorite was definitely Clare. Just form the start of the competition, I totally loved her classy attitude and sophisticated-ness. This bitch is just stunning. All until their own host shows obvious hate on her without a reason. Ugh. Sarah Murdoch is such a fatass bias to Tahnee, who ended up winning. I really hated on how she treated her and Adele (fourth placer) just to make way for Tahnee in the top two along with Cassi.


Cassi, runner-up

On Cassi’s case, it’s obvious that people might dislike her attitude (but I personally love her boganista attitude sfm). And what’s worse is that the finale is running on voting process T ^ T. Of course, not to be mean, but people will follow the edit shown on the actual show and never know what’s the real deal, so decided to vote Tahnee for the win. UGH. Just ugh.


Tahnee, Australia’s Next Top Model.

Oh well, Clare, Adele and Cassi would be successful anyway in high fashion and runway work, while Tahnee can just stick to commercial ones, unless she tones up her huge body ;P. I personally feel bad for her because the industry won’t be nice on her and give her a free pass, unlike what AusNTM did to her.



Mecia, Britain’s Next Top Model.

Well, on to the west, we have Britain’s Next Top Model. Well I thought that Mecia’s a really good winner though, but there had been lots more better contestants with better body of work than her. Jade is my winner, for being very inspirational. Sophie is soooo BLAH and I thought at least Jade deserved a runner-up more than her. To sum it all up, BNTM had horrendous photo shoots, I guess the photograpy is to blame. Nice motifs though, and my favorite has GOT to be the Blue Lagoon Photoshoot in Iceland. So stunning~<3.



Meaghan, Canada’s FIERCE Next Top Model!!!

But well, here comes one of my favorite -NTM winners to date! HOORAY MEAGHAN WON CNTM!!! Well, at least Canada knows how to choose real models. I’m so glad she just won, and she’s undeniably the best NTM winner this year. I just love her since form the start when she had those cute braces :D. And then she just improves and improves to a fierce diva. Oh god more power to her and her career~.


Covergirl Shots: Nikita, Meaghan and Linsay respectively.

Well, I’m quite sad though that Nikita didn’t made it into Final 2. I know she’s quite bitchy, but still, her Pseudo-Asian look is something to die for in fashion right now. Unlike that Lindsay >.> Ugh, don’t just let me get started on her…

But the bottomline is: ANTM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< BNTM <<< AusNTM <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CNTM <<<<<<<< Anime-NTM!!!! Bwahahahaha~ XD!!!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Despite the heavy rain in here, I watched HP6 on SM Imax Cinema with my college friends and OMG THAT WAS REALLY AWESOME!!! I don’t really care about what if they follow the book by every page or not, but I can still say that I just love it to bits. Haha, of course, that’s biased fangirl opinion. It was definitely one of the better HP films. The budding romance is just something I can’t help but squee on!!! Also, so far as the characters go. Gosh, from how they were all still little from the first movie, now they’re really growing so much along with me. Draco is looking more and more hotter too~. While I definitely enjoyed again the character of wicked Bellatrix ^^. Dumbledore seems to be way more better than the last few flicks. Last but not the least, Ron x Hermoine FTW!!! Not much a fan of Harry x Ginny though~ *gets shot* XDD.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. The movie for the seventh(final) book is said to be a two-part one, so I can’t wait for that ^^.



Final Inu Yasha Series


Well hooray for that~! I totally missed this series so much, and I’m quite glad that they’re continuing the last few chapters of the manga (specifically volumes 36-56) ^^. YAAAY MORE SANGO x MIROKU!!!! <3!!! Catch it on Fall ^^.

Valkyria Chronicles 2


Click for the full size


…And it’s for the PSP. That’s like having a portable war… and that’s awesome!!! XD. Funny also on how they’re going to a more “back-to-school” approach AND the sayings about it not being a direct sequel, which will probably just cause negative responses to the original game’s fans. My thoughts so far is that the blond girl (who seems to be the main heroine) looks ditzy and she’ll probably annoy me. And she looks nothing awesome compared to Alicia >.>. There’s a megane guy though, and you know how I love megane guys? XD. The thing I want to say the most is that I’m freaking hoping that Welkin and Alicia better get some cameo here! XD.

Haruhi Tagalog Dub Sucks



While people are raging on the repetition on Endless Eight, I have some “WTF” too regarding the show, in its Tagalog dub!!! WTF?????????????????????????????? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell do they really have to dub the whole Mikurun-run~ thing??? Poor voice acting. They should have chosen a more softer voice for Mikuru. XDDDD Bwahahahaha~!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can’t stop laughing when I watched this. Oh dear~ XD. You can even hear the original Japanese dub on the background as well. FAIL!

Art Attack! – Manga Coloring

I plan to do another manga coloring, here’s the original picture:


Manga: Karneval

Characters: Gareki and Nai

And drumroll please!


~DeviantART Page~

Lol I’m shamelessly pimping my deviantART account which I just created today ^^;;. I’ll be posting my different upcoming fan works in there so hope you’ll check it out <3. Haha!!! B*tch will now entering the world of fanarts soon when I have more time XD.

I go by the name “fiercie” in there, in case you had noticed. “Kanzeon” is taken, as well as “Kanzie” and I did not even think about other names revolving around that, so I just went on with “fiercie”. Because well, for some hell damn fierce reasons XD.

Karneval is totally one of the mangas I’m currently addicted to~. Very likable and adorable characters, interesting mystery, and lots of moments for me to fangirl on. Argh! I just love it to bits. And thanks to boredom (and suspension of classes due to a typhoon XD), I thought of making some colorings~. I went on of course with the two main charas, my OTP, Gareki and Nai <3.

After doing the entire coloring for more than half an hour (blame it on the sundae because that’s the part that took me so long =.=), I thought that it’s much more better than my first two colorings ^^. The part I enjoyed coloring the most is everything of course XD~ Kidding~ It’s Gareki’s goggles and Nai’s outfit. Orange is just a cute color to contrast the blue of Gareki’s outfit. On Nai, I chose Pink because… doesn’t Nai just look more adorable in that color? And yeah, it made him look more uke-ish~ XD Haha!! I also had fun experimenting on Nai’s hair. I first did it with light blue shades, then light pink, but light brown had made it look best so I settled with that ^^. The hardest part is indeed the sundae XD. It’s so small and there’s too much detail on it. And I don’t want to make it look boring so I added pink streaks on it. And of course, I really had a hard time with the skin color as well because sometimes, it just irks me to have colors that make them look like hepatic or alien-like XDD. Hope you’ll like it~ And don’t forget to visit my account as well ^^.



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10 Responses to “Random Digest”

  1. iCafeSuu says:

    :omg: New Inuyasha series?!!?! My childhood is back. (Its gonna air in Canada this fall effffffff; ) * A *I love your manga colorings! ^^ Through your dA I hope you improve more > u < I already watched you as Kuuaru http://kuuaru.deviantart.com/ (more shameless plugging jasdkjsorryasdlkasd;;) = w =~
    .-= iCafeSuu´s last blog ..ARISA . chaptersix =-.

  2. Kitsune says:

    Oh, I like how you colored that manga panel 🙂 Nice contrast with the goggles, good attention to details on the ice cream, and that pink outfit is fun too 🙂

  3. Rai says:

    More Inuyasha?? Yay!! I havent see it since i was smaller [needs to rewatch] xD Your manga colorings look awesome and so pretty >vv< hehe

  4. Kairu says:

    What? You watched HP6 with that heavy storm!? Oh wow. Today is a much better day to watch HP6. Good thing I postponed our plan yesterday. 😀

  5. Emiko-chan says:

    … You are so totally watched now! *dashes to add you to devwatch on dA* 😀

    I’m so jealous of how well you color! I wish my coloring could be as nice~ That’s definitely something to work toward! … Now to go back to playing P4 instead of writing blog entries like I should be. XD
    .-= Emiko-chan´s last blog ..Blog hiatus was accidentally on purpose =-.

  6. kanzeon says:

    @iCafeSuu: Me too ^^. I’m so glad about it as well because it was one of the early animes I adored so much on childhood.
    And thank you ^^. Lol I hope I would also improve more~. And I added you to my watch ^^.

    @Kitsune: Thank you very much <3. Haha yes, those are my favorite parts when I colored it.

    @Rai: Haha me too. Well, except for some movies though, but the series, I missed it so much~.
    Thank you for the comment on my colorings ^^.

    @Kairu: Yeah lolz, and my friend's car even broke down because of the flood. That's how we all love Harry Potter XD!!!

    @Emiko-chan: Haha I added you too ^^. Thankies <33
    I love your art! Lol I should be the one jealous XD.
    OMG I LOVE P4! XD!! *Persona-addict fangirl here~*

  7. Nice coloring 🙂

    Why do we have the same Inuyasha OTP? xD Oh we have so many similar OTP’s~
    .-= Sapphire Pyro´s last blog ..Nodame Manga Continues – Creator now Ok from Illness =-.

  8. kanzeon says:

    Thank you~<3

    Lol really? XD Miroku x Sango rocks ^^.

  9. Xiao says:

    *faves your DA page* ^^

    UMG, I absolutely love how you colored that piece. Especially their clothes, their hair and of course, the sundae (yum~). It’s so purdy~ :aww:

    *will stalk your account noa* :runs: to it. lol XDDD;;

    Gah, and now I’m convinced to put Valkryia Chronicles on my to-watch list. I’ve heard mixed reviews but it looks interesting, despite the fact that I’m not much of war-anime fan (is that correct? Sorry if I got it wrong ^^; ).
    .-= Xiao Jie´s last blog ..SoMT Stage 2, Round 1 =-.

  10. kanzeon says:

    Thank you <3
    Lol do you have a DA account? I think there's some kind of a +watch thing button that acts like "stalk" action in there lol.

    Yeah, it's mostly wa-themed... But even I just can't take it seriously though XD. I'm just in for some fangirling of the two leads ^^;;

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