All new [:METANORN:] turns a month old (…and three days)!!!


My last and my first banner… Get it?

Lol I’ve been too busy with so much stuff that I forgot that my “new” blog turned a month old already three days ago!!! Maybe it’s also because I’m really enjoying my inner hermit side and loving it to the fullest that I never knew that time flew fast and bam!… One month already. Y’all know why I re-created Metanorn, right? Yeah, not going back to it again XD… Anyway, I wanna say THANK YOU for always visiting me. I means so much to me that people cares and I care ^_^. I’m also glad thatツit already received 15,000 hits immediately after a month which is almostツmaking up for the half of my old blog’s views. Thank you also for the comments, again ^_^. Hope our friendship will be forevah guys!!! Yeah that’s all xoxo >.<!!!

Ok, back to work again… Which includes Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu’s final episode (which I AM NOT yet finished yet because I went with ToraDora! first), EVE No Jikan Act 2, CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ and more of the upcoming Fall shows. I also dragged along somebody to write something up about Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, because I don’t want it to be dropped. The new “guest” author will be up too soon. On with Ani-NTM, whoever will be the winner will be featured in my fabulous, special banner plus a special photo spread here in my blog and a MoeGirl邃「 contract ^_^.

P.S. – I bought a cake (REALLY!) commemorating my very first, official, non-suspended month of my brand new [:METANORN:] blog ^_^… My friends went like, “why the hell?”. My mom was like, “it’s for me??? thank you!!!”. …And my boyfriend was like “It’s not our monthsary right?”.ツ Lol. Anyway, so here’s the cake pROn for everyone!!!




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21 Responses to “All new [:METANORN:] turns a month old (…and three days)!!!”

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Buying yourself a cake: what a great idea! I should try that sometime…

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Baka-Raptor: Lol hell yeah! But just don’t forget to share it with everyone ^_^

  3. FuyuMaiden says:

    That cake looks good. I just woke up and now I want to eat something sugary!

    But congratulations! I remember being so confused when I saw that your blog had disappeared. But you came back so quick and got things running as if you’d never had to stop. You deserve to treat yourself to a cake!

  4. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Thank you very much ^_^ I got to move on easily on a new blog because of everyone. I’m very happy! Here’s some cake for you!!! *shares some cake*

  5. CinderBird says:

    So it’s him you dragged along to be your guest blogger? Why didn’t you pick me instead???!!!

  6. amayalee says:

    Congrats! ^.^

  7. kielmaru07 says:

    Woots! Congratulations! You so totally rock! \m/
    Ohwow. The cake looks so yummy.

  8. kanzeon says:

    @CinderBird: LOL yeah… He know much anime than you though XD…

    @amayalee: Thanks best buddy ^_^!!!

    @kielmaru07: Thank you Kiel-kun :3!!! *hands over some cake*

  9. 7 says:

    Damn..that cake…sugar rush…must have a slice (goes rampant)!!!!

    Anyhow, happy first monthniversary! If you’re ever curious as to what that word exactly means, try this link.

    Now that I think about it, I think your blogs is about the same age as mine. ^_^

  10. Kitsune says:

    Congratulations, Kanzeon! 🙂

    The cake looks delicious! 🙂

  11. kanzeon says:

    @7: Thanks! Lol I always go to for my ghetto-ness IRL XD…

    @Kitsune: *shares some cake to Kitsune* Arigatou!!!

  12. foomafoo says:

    Congrats! I recognize that cake! I just don’t remember the bakeshop lolz.

  13. kanzeon says:

    @foomafoo: It’s Red Ribbon’s Dulce De Leche ^_^

  14. omisyth says:

    Mmmmm Cake. How coincedental that I read this post on my birthday ^_^

  15. issa-sa says:

    I ahve nothing more to say. Oh, congrats 😛

  16. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Happy Birthday!!! Well then, I’ll share the biggest slice to you ^_^

  17. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Thank you ^_^!!!

  18. mikaino says:

    LOLZ, you bought a cake for your blog’s birthday?
    That sounds fantaboloz, I must try blogging too.

    this post has improved legibility.. XD Animepaper much?

  19. mikaino says:

    Oh, wowowowowwww…Can I also grab a cake? What flavor is that??

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