Final Fantasy Versus 13: Hot Digest

Final Fantasy Versus XVIII (13) is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation. This game was first introduced way back on 2006 where a trailer was released. It introduced the protagonist who is the heir of the throne.


Well, this post contains some old and new (well, not-so-new actually) information about the game. Have fun reading it ^_^

This trailer was actually released a long time ago following up the useless first trailer. This one features the Prince (the protagonist… That’s what I call him) in action. Trust me, this is very awesome. I introduces how his powers are used. He can unleash a wide range of weapons, crystallized. He can wield any of them in his will. As you can also see, this game might be the darkest of the Final Fantasy series, as it contains blood.

There had also been a trailer leakage found at Jump Fiesta this year. It show the 3 allies of the protagonist: the skinny blonde guy, the guy who looks like Zack Fair (FF7CC), and the megane guy… There is also a mage in white who seems to be the other antagonist besides from the blonde girl.

Now this year, here are the newest of the old FF 13 scans found out there:


As you have noticed in the trailers above, the Prince’s eyes turn crimson whether he’s on battle. Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that the color changes are both intentional and significant. It has been confirmed that he is the last heir to the dynasty ruling over the last kingdom to control Crystals that’s why he attempts to protect his kingdom against marauders who seek to conquer the city and take the Crystals by force. Nomura has compared the protagonist’s family to the modern-day Japanese mafia, or Yakuza. They are also worshipping Shinigamis or Death Gods in the story.



Hot Royal Prince in Formal Attire is HOT!


This fierce blonde girl is the confirmed enemy of the protagonist, though there are still some confusions about her if she’s more of a  heroine than an enemy. She, as well as the Prince, do not wish to fight but they are forced to. She wields a rapier. Her allegiances are still under suspicion. IMO, she looks like a bit of Aerith and Ashe ^_^

Looks can be very deceiving.



  • It is still unsure if they will make this PS3 exclusive since FF13 had gone multiplatform to XBox 360 (except for Japan)
  • The personality of the protagonist had been stated as ‘new’ and does not follow, copy, or be like any previous FF characters’ personalities.
  • Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Versus XIII’s gameplay will be a realistic derivation of Kingdom Hearts battle system with some elements of a third-person shooter – similar to Square Enix’s Dirge of Cerberus. Nomura has also stated that the game will stave off the light and magical aesthetic of his previous directorial games (i.e. Kingdom Hearts) and opt for a darker, bleaker world that is intended to counter previous Final Fantasy installments. [Source: Wikipedia]
  • The painting on the picture above had been stated as a Shinigami, the ones they worship.


  • Blonde girl being the fierce enemy of a guy??? I LOVE it now… It kinda gives me a Romeo and Juliet feeling too. You know, they are in the same situation as them. There are rival Kingdoms and the heir and heiress of their thrones were enemies so there might be a slight possibility of romance here…
  • I also noticed that they change outfits… I wonder if they would do that in the game?..
  • The blonde guy with a gun makes me squee like a fangirl XP as well as that megane guy (I’m a sucker for megane XDD)


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10 Responses to “Final Fantasy Versus 13: Hot Digest”

  1. omisyth says:

    The only problem I’ve ever had with the Final Fantasy series was the turn-based battle system. Therefore if fighting = Kingdom Hearts-esque, IT’S MINE.

  2. amayalee says:

    OMG…He is SOO SO SO SO HOT! *Dies* I can’t wait for this game. 😛

  3. KELLY says:

    OMG I LOVE THIS. thanks so much for the second video, i hadn’t discovered that yet 😀 i really hope the girl and the guy like end up totally falling for eachother, though. gahh he is so hot.

    thanks for the awesome post!

  4. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: I actually find the turn-based alright since it gives you the ability to strategize but I guess the Kindom Hearts-esque battle system suits this more.

    @amayalee: Hot prince is very hot ;P He reminds me an anime character though coughsasukecough…

  5. kanzeon says:

    @KELLY: OMG Me too! I really don’t know what would happen yet but I hope they sure do so to make things more interesting… Enemies turned lovers is awesome.

  6. Kitsune says:

    Yay, screenshots! Romeo and Juliet set up would be interesting 🙂

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: I know right? But I guess if there would be any romance in the game it would be just minor though…

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  10. luutieunu says:

    😳 the prince and princess were very beautiful. they are two character in the modern day. i hope they won’t die. if they die , they will die together.

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