Anime’s Next Top Model: 1st Deliberation

Anime’s Next Top Model 01: The Girls Go To School ELIMINATIONS!

It’s time for deliberation!!! Now, besides from you, you, and you who are voting and commenting on the girls, what any other competition would be like without your judges?! So now I’ll introduce to you the most expert, bitchiest and modelesque (ooo I really like that word) judges!!!


Rima Touya Taking a break for Vampire Knight, this classy and haughty vampire top model knows which ones are fab and which ones are yawn-tastic. Shiki not included.

Yukari – This supermodel from Paradise Kiss already knows what is on the modelling world so she has a strict observation for every photo for she is a true expert.

Death the Kid Speaking of experts, this sexy guy from Soul Eater has a keen eye on almost everything especially on bipolar symmetry. The girls should beware of his comments!!!

Akira Kogami This deep voiced, violent, chain-smoking, selfish-cynic of a burnt out entertainer on the brink of becoming a has-been girl had been fired from the Lucky Channel. After founding her on the dark alleys, we offered her a job to judge the models of Anime-NTM!

Now it’s time for the call-outs!

[:Who’s gonna be on top?:]

Soul Eater New ED: Style


Style by Kana Nishino

What I totally love about the new ending sequence of Soul Eater is the song itself. It has a lazy feel to it that really suits being an ED theme. About the video, it focuses more on the Maka x Soul relationship and I found it really cute, especially on the last part (well, that’s the only part where Maka is not walking and running)… The new ED sequence premieres on Soul Eater’s 14th episode.

Anime’s Next Top Model 01: The Girls Go To School

For the very first episode of Anime-NTM, the 10 lucky girls get to show off their modeling-skills with poise and “class”… as their photoshoot is all about SCHOOL!


Anime’s Next Top Model

It’s the battle of the fiercest and the most modelesque as these anime girls duke it out to be the very first Anime’s Next Top Model!!! (Clap or else you’ll die.)

Hope you will support this new feature of this blog!!! (…or else you’ll die.)

Nah lol enough threatening XD. Let us meet the girls that we would be seeing more of!

[:See the 10 girls:]

A Soda Advertisement…

I was just browsing youtube for some Persona 4 rush trailers and I stumble upon this video…

Its Rise Kujikawa, the pop idol in Persona 4, (see her info scan here) doing a soda advertisement…
That made me want to drink THAT soda (I just hope its real though…) co’z she can sell a product and bait fanboys at the same time… (See the water flowing down in her body?) Whoa!

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