Go Gothic!


First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! As what you can see above, there’s a new banner up! It features Ciel and I put up a gothic motif for my site this November. Of all the banners that I’ve made, I must say that this one took me the longest of almost an hour of making it and I really took this one seriously. I got the scan from the single cover of Kuroshitsuji OP theme.

If you’ve also noticed, there’s an optical illusion in my banner on its right side. Can you find the black dot amongst all of the white ones?

Kuroshitsuji OP Single – Monochrome no Kiss

Here’s the full OP single of the uber hot anime series this fall, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) sung by SID. Ciel is looking good as always in the cover. Btw, is he wearing a skirt?

[:DOWNLOAD Kiss of Monochrome here:]

Manga Digest: Flashbacks, lies, rejection and SEBASTIAN-SAMA!

Here’s some manga digest for y’all. This post contains short ramblings on the latest chapters of Vampire Knight, Rabbit Doubt, Kimi no Iru Machi and Kuroshitsuji. WARNING because it might contai spoilers!!! Now let’s start with Vampire Knight chapter 44:



Meh… A flashback chapter… Full of Zero’s emo angst… I guess that it would lead to Zero not killing Yuuki after all.

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Kuroshitsuji Ch08 – Finally, they made it happen…


This is not a doujinshi. It’s from the actual manga… ^_^ And OMG I love the fact that they made it happen!!!!!!

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Kuroshitsuji Manga Ch07: My eyes are deceiving me… This isn’t a doujinshi!


OMIGOD! Ciel as a trap (again on the manga) and Sebastian on glasses (my fetish XD) is WIN!!!

[Spoilers for those who are watching the anime and those who haven’t read the manga yet!]

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Kuroshitsuji: 01 – That Butler, So Talented


One of my much-awaited shows this Fall season, Kuroshitsuji didn’t disappointed me at all. From the good animation, soundtrack and Sebastian!!!… ehem… This show is awesome. I’ll start to call this show Fabuloushitsuji if you don’t mind…

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