Kuroshitsuji: 01 – That Butler, So Talented


One of my much-awaited shows this Fall season, Kuroshitsuji didn’t disappointed me at all. From the good animation, soundtrack and Sebastian!!!… ehem… This show is awesome. I’ll start to call this show Fabuloushitsuji if you don’t mind…



Reason # 1764321 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI: He will be able to make you obey. *Yes M’Lord*


Reason # 1087651 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI: Fabulous. Need to say more than that? *melts into a puddle of fangirl goo*


Reason # 1400021 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI: You want food pr0n? You get it.


Reason # 1474321 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI:Grace under pressure.





…Added with that Yakitate! Japan-esque introduction…


Reason # 1849312 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI: SUPER HOT MALE MEIDO BOWL!!!



Reason # 1865322 why Sebastian is FABULOUSHITSUJI: He knows proper table ettiquettes.



Sebastian is so fabulously hot that I’ll melt into fangirl goo…


And speaking of melting… Poor guy. He got melted into a…


CAKE PRON!!! Just kidding.


ED Theme – I’m Alive! by BeCca

Next Episode:


Bondage? Check.


Knives? Check.


Forks? Check.


Human flesh? Check.

First Impressions…

Lol at the oven-ending. Anyway, I basically enjoyed this first episode. It really turns a comedic situation into suspense at a snap. I know I’m biased to bishies but really, this one pwns everything at the start of the first week of fall. O MAI GAWD Sebastian is like, the epitome of a fabulous, glamorous, bishie butler hotness at service! Ciel’s cute too. Their duo kinda reminded me of Miharu and Yoite from Nabari no Ou. Seiyuu-speaking, Daisuke Ono is an expert on giving off a bishie and creepy voice at the same time and Maaya Sakamoto shows off some of her versatility.

The servant-trio are hilarious as hell with their annoying epic fails on what they are doing. God, I really wonder how did they even got hired? The chef guy reminds me Cid of the Final Fantasy Franchise. The meido voiced by Kagamin’s seiyuu Emiri Katou has a cute voice which I rather found cute than annoying. Last but not the least, the gardener, Finian, which I thought she was a girl at first when I was still reading the manga. His voice kinda reminds me of Tadashi from SA though. And the other one which his name I forgotten, he was really funny, even thought all he did was to drink tea…

The animation was good, kudos to A-1 Pictures. I also like the rock music they put up in here for the OP and ED. Monochrome Kiss was just fitting for a hot butler in action; and the cool Engrish ED I’m Alive by BeCca is almost like a western pop-rock song which reminds me of Pink or Avril Lavigne. But right now, all I have to say is… BRING ON MORE FABULOUSHITSUJI!!!!!


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14 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji: 01 – That Butler, So Talented”

  1. CinderBird says:

    Sebastian gives Lelouch a run for his money XD

  2. kanzeon says:

    @CinderBird: Sebastian is wayyy hotter…

  3. jitensha says:

    Etiquettes is my recent lecture on one subject and I was suprised to know that many etiquettes originated from many discriminations. (e.g. The knight on shining armor always open the door for the damsel-in-distress so they’ll be the one ambushed in case of one. lol, my professor said it)

    With Kuroshitsuji, I can’t find any serioud matter with regards to this anime although the anime seems gothic with all the stuff about Sebastian being talented; strong and all of that. I watched the first episode. It tried to look funny but it really didn’t impressed me at all.

  4. Shin says:

    Sebastian is so awesome that I would rather serve him instead.

  5. amayalee says:

    God, I just love it!! It’s so good! Sebastian is so hot! XD

  6. Kitsune says:

    Food pr0n! lol

    Oh yeah, it is the best anime this season! 🙂 Omg… Sakamoto!!! How could I have missed it! That is just great! I’ll be blogging about this show regularly too 😀

  7. Dana says:

    This is the only series to really interest me so far. If you read the manga you know they did a good job darkening the tone of the first story to go with the rest of the series.

    I want that board game…is it real?

  8. 7 says:

    Sebastian rocks! Definitely one of my favorite series this season. Gotta love the two intermission pics. Do you have them by any chance?

    Kudos to the animators for making a killer fangirl-targeted character that is Sebastian awesomeness!

  9. kanzeon says:

    @jitensha: Oh that’s kinda bad that it didn’t impressed you. I think Kuroshitsuji is really not focusing on comedy that much because the depth of its story is dark.

    @Shin: OMG! You. Are. My. Rival!!! I’ll also serve Sebastian-sama with all my heart and soul and body!!! XD

    @amayalee: Did you also melt into fangirl goo? Join the club ^_^!!!

    @Kitsune: I can’t say that this is the best anime this season yet (because it’s a triple fight between this, Ga-Rei zero and ToraDora IMO)… But it’s definitely one of the most anticipated ones.

    @Dana: Yes I know ^_^ I also read the manga and I don’t know how much blood and violence will the anime have when it tackles on to the darker side of the story.

    @7: I uploaded it for you ^_^

    PIC 1
    PIC 2

  10. omisyth says:


  11. 7 says:

    That’s awesome Kanzeon! I love those intermission pics…they were the ones I remembered the most. It’s wallpaper time!

  12. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Lol I thought… nevermind. ~~<3 Sebastian-sama <3~~!!!!!

    @7: I also love the intermission pics. I hope they have a variety on every episode ^_^

  13. Momopuff says:

    To tell you the truth though…from what I read from the manga (or whatever I got from the few releases that came out), Kuroshitsuji seemed like an extremely dark (or dark humor as my DI coach would say) series with only a few comedy tidbits. Added on with the whole cosplay of Ciel and Sebastian from Yumehito and Aoi, I actually thought that Ayabie would be doing at least doing an ED. I was happy that SID was doing the OP, but to me, all the really happy poppy (more like poopy) songs of the ED and the softer jrock with the dark lyrics didn’t make Kuroshitsuji as dark as it really was.

    Because, come on!! It’s about a demon butler making a contract with a boy for various reasons (my current theory is that it has something to do with noble status of the time period and somehow being able to inherit such a big company at such a young age.) until ‘his soul becomes his.’ The theme is about selling your soul. It’s showing that children are not typically those innocent little beings that just smile and act cute!! Ciel is an extremely eluxive character who seems to find striking fear into his opponents hearts amusing!! He hit Finian on the head just because he felt like it!! How does a happy pop Engrish song help??

    *sigh* So basically, I love the anime as much as I love the manga. (And Sebastian in color is B.E.A.UUUUTIFUL.) But the music is inadequate. …oops. I just said a whole editorial/thoughts/etc. >.>;;;

  14. kanzeon says:

    @Momopuff: Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, I appreciated it very much ^_^. Yes, they did an excellent job on the comedy-to-horror transmission on the show. Ciel is amazing too. I totally agree with you and I find his seriousness cute especially when he’s on comical situation. And selling souls? Now I know why in the OP they showed Ciel fading into a feather when Sebastian touched him. That’s quite a symbolism. About the music, at first I was expecting an upbeat rock tune for the OP and a somewhat eerie gothic ED (like Vampire Knight)… Well we have the OP but the ED…nah. I qiute find the ED alright because it focuses on the lighter side of things happening in the Phantomhive household though ^_^

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