Arcana Famiglia – 11-12 [END]

“So how about choosing someone out of your harem to give us romantic closur-”    “LOLNO.”

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Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart: 01

Much much worse than what I’ve expected, with much much more surprising umm… jugs.


OP: Tatsumaki Wave by Little Non

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Uwasa ni Midori-kun [Finale]

Ewww… The ending sucked… For those who had been reading or planning to read this manga, STOP it now and turn back or else you’ll get very disappointed like me…

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First Look: Hidamari Sketch x365, Antique Bakery and Strike Witches…

Okay, 3 more new shows for the Summer season!

Hidamari Sketch x365:

PhotobucketI thought that the sequel would finally catch my attention but heck no. It still didn’t interest me at all… Sorry, but the slice-of-life scenes (a.k.a. the nonsense scenes) were a bit off compared to Someday’s Dreamer 2. But still, it’s worth some good laughs.

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First Look: IkkiTousen Great Guardians, Telepathy Shoujo Ran and Chocolate Underground

I’ve had a first look to the first 3 anime this summer: Ikkitousen Great Guardians, Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran. I watched Chocolate Underground and Telepathy Shoujo Ran in RAW (and I DONT UNDERSTAND JAPANESE too much… its a challenge… but I could tell what they’re doing and I somewhat know some J-words that they’re saying… Lolz… anyway lets continue with my rants and blabberings!!!)


SA ~Special A~ 02 – Pride/Pro-Wrestling

Time for the main event…Its a tag team match between Hikari and Kei and… two Rey Mysterios!!!
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