Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart: 01

Much much worse than what I’ve expected, with much much more surprising umm… jugs.


OP: Tatsumaki Wave by Little Non

OppaiZettai Shougeki Platonic BoobHeart centers on the battle for the Platonic Heart, a jewel that can grant any wish when collected, well that’s according to urban legends. Only a chosen few are allowed to compete in the Platonic Heart hunt, and high school junior Aya Iseshima is one of 11 girls and women who are taking part.


Aya and her friend (sorry forgot her name and I watched it on raw XD) encounters a shrine maiden fighting with a host woman. And after of uncensored b00b service (sorry guys, I didn’t post them screenshots up XP), which totally shocked me because my guard is down and I’m truly not expecting that to happen because I thought there’s only undies service XD. Aya then interferes to stop the battle and they befriend the shrine maiden girl.


Did I mentioned that they became friends with the shrine maiden girl? Yep. They were. Who, she eats a LOT and stuffs in as much burgers into her mouth without pausing. On their way to home, they encountered the brother of Aya’s friend (who’s hot btw), Aya obviously has the hots for him, just look at her dumbfounded face when she saw him. The three then bid farewell to each other.


On her way to home, Aya received a message of a Platonic Heart battle, and it’s from the host woman she encountered earlier. She hostaged her classmates’ brother but blahblah Aya beats her b00bs… I mean butt, then she goes home as the victor. As she went home, she was surprised that it’s all messed up and end of episode, toodles!

Before I forgot, this is an anime adaptation of a game which I haven’t even heard of -_-. The series is only composed of five episodes, two of which will be covered this fall, and followed by the next few months until Feburary.


What would be happening next: Teacher v.s. Student! …With more b00bs galore…

Kan chats…

Umm.. Where would I start? First, the animation was HORRIBLE. Thought not as much horrible as Bihada Ichizoku (the OMFFFG best show of the season btw), it’s still disappointing because the scans which surfaced the net are looking miles better than now. And to the b00b service, trust me I was really surprised. I was watching this one with my sister, with both of us not knowing what would this be about and we were both surprised when we saw that XD… Also, the action scenes are sooooooo exaggerated, wth is up with punching a person in the head then she got her clothes ripped up and chest exposed already?! Lol I was like, laughing the hell with that. The ‘gadgets’ of the host woman are also fug, but I might say that I want her deadly handbag XD! Overall, I was hoping for more action with this one but all I’ve gotten are eyesores. I guess I’m disappointed with this one, I’ll just watch the episode when the nurse-girl shows up. Anyway, guys would be loving this show because of the b00b service, which is reminiscent of Ikkitousen…


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9 Responses to “Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart: 01”

  1. Ohwow. Another fanservice animu.

  2. Kitsune says:

    I was wondering about this show because you mentioned it earlier I believe. Looks like it didn’t turn out very well – have to wait for the Spring season to see some new anime…

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: …And another fanboy rejoicing.

    @Kitsune: I was so wrong on this show that I’m very disappointed after watching it. The animation is just one of them (besides from the fan service)… There’s still hope in Winter though :).

  4. mikaino says:

    Who’s that mechanic gal on the opening? O.O
    I didn’t see her in the main website before.

  5. Shin says:

    Well, its character designs are by renowned H artist INO, so some fanservice is to be expected ;P

  6. kanzeon says:

    @mikaino: Me too… I haven’t seen her in the CG promo arts.

    @Shin: I expect fanservice but not the uncensored ones XD…

  7. mt-i says:

    The character designs are by Happoubi Jin. Not my cup of tea, but the original artwork is ok. As you say, though, the OVA was ATROCIOUS all around. I can even begin to comprehend how one could possibly find the experience enjoyable. Boobz galore it is, but the drawings are so bad that an oppai fan should shed tears of blood.

  8. kanzeon says:

    @mt-i: Yeah. As well as the animation. This is a total fail.

  9. shadow says:

    It anime have good fights girl vs girl, but sure only to watch fanservice and more fanservice.

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