Acchi Kocchi – 12 [END]

This is the end of their adventure. Or is it?

Meh, I finally did this post. I’ve been denying its conclusion by not doing this post until now, but I guess I can’t run from the truth. THIS IS THE LAST EPISODE *sob sob*

Wait, what? That’s  it? THAT’S IIIIIIIITTTTTTT????? But-but-but Io was blushing in episode eleven! And his heart went doki doki for Tsumiki! C’mon, they’re going to pass all that hints and make it back to the starting point? NUOOOOOOOOOOO *pant pant* Ok, it kind of make sense for everything to be the same, but I’m sad because there’s still no progress in their relationship. Except Io going doki doki last week of course, but I want more than that *sadface* Oh well, at least Io treated Tsumiki in a special way this week.

But I want more than this (;へ:)

Valentine’s Day! It’s been over a year already in Acchi Kocchi’s time. Time flies so fast~ Anyhow, the girls decided to make some change by making chocolates together this year. I say this is a good thing, remembering how Mayoi like to mess around with her chocolate when she’s alone. The close relations among the characters can be seen as the girls give the boys their homemade chocolates, and the boys do the same for White Day. The interactions among the characters are probably the second best thing I enjoy from Acchi Kocchi. Of course, all of that are cute, but I.O. and TSU.MI.KI interactions are still the best. I was complaining that there’s no progress between the two, but that’s not entirely true. Of course, Io is still oblivious about Tsumiki, but he unconsciously responds to her. I believe Io already treats Tsumiki in a special way, but he’ just doesn’t realize yet because that’s just the way he is. It would be nice to see Io blushes just like Tsumiki, but I’m pretty happy with the way things are between them right now. It’s what makes Acchi Kocchi more entertaining after all.

Not even the most romantic event of the year can’t change Mayoi

They’re so manly



Show ▼

Gosh, it’s actually over. No more moe Tsumiki and Io. It’s been great… watch of course. I’m not saying that Acchi Kocchi is perfection since there are some things it lacks (such as GREAT ANIMATION. I’m looking at you, AIC), but for a 4-koma anime, I’d say it’s actually done well. Watching Acchi Kocchi relaxes me, letting me reminiscence about my childhood. The innocent part of my childhood of course, since sadly my childhood wasn’t that great. Maybe that’s why I love Acchi Kocchi so much. It’s so innocent. The friendships among the characters are so pure and entertaining. There’s nothing sexual about the love between Io and Tsumiki. Everything in this anime is just so… Idealistic. Who wouldn’t want a friendship without any worldly intervention? Who wouldn’t want a pure love like Io’s and Tsumiki’s? Who wouldn’t want a carefree life like the characters in Acchi Kocchi? Yes, everything in this anime is pure. It lets me forget about my worldly problems and troubles. It allowed me to taste the innocent world I never had until now, and I’m thankful at Acchi Kocchi because of it. for I enjoyed it. I had fun!



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17 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi – 12 [END]”

  1. Liza says:

    I really did like this anime and it is so sad that it ended. It was so sweet and squishy(and filled with nosebleeds, dang you Io!). Because of the style it was in, I knew that Tsumiki and Io wouldn’t get together in the end however, if they made a second season, that would be cute if they were together and started doing very, very adorable things and then nosebleeds for all!

    • anaaga says:

      I’m still sad with the little progress they had in episode twelve even though Io was blushing like mad last week. I want to see them doing adorable things together! *pray for season two*

  2. Kyokai says:

    These two are <3

  3. Tofu says:

    What else is there to say? XD Anaaga… you’ve done a great job in describing Acchi Kocchi that I really don’t have anything else to input along with it (plus Liza said some too and I would’ve gone with Kyo’s line if she didn’t take it already xP)

    It really is a beautiful RomCom. Sure there’s no plot or story behind it since we’re talking about series of gags but in the end, it all fits together~ <3 It really is a great series to escape to from reality x3

    • anaaga says:

      Thanks Tofu >///< It's the perfect anime when someone needs a little bit of fantasy, especially of those who wants to escape from reality. I want a real life Io though *sigh*

  4. Highway says:

    I don’t want it to be over! Such cuteness and enjoyment.

    Thanks for the posts, anaaga!

    • anaaga says:

      Thanks for reading my posts, Highway <3

      I hope there's season two sometime at the end of this year. Or next year

  5. Foshizzel says:

    Great series right here! It made me laugh through every episode and all the characters are great, but I kept watching for Tsumiki and Io to get together or something…ah well I am ready to see a second season hopefully it happens!

    Favorite character for me is obviously Mayoi! I have no idea why I always like the female science-ish themed characters, besides science stuff she was always crazy and random which I love.

    • anaaga says:

      Yess, Mayoi is greatness. I just love the things she came up with, especially that bear costume. I imagined Char wearing that suit while riding his Red Zaku lol

      It seems that you’re into girls who dig science *wink wink*

  6. Cholisose says:

    Such a fun, sweet show. Loved the humor in this series, almost as much as I enjoyed its cuteness. And there was a looooooooot of cuteness. XD
    I would have liked something more to happen with Io and Tsumiki as well, though. Who knows, maybe we’ll have another season one day… :>
    I loved the facial expressions in this series, as well as the goofy scene transitions. Also, every now and then there was a really spectacular random moment that took me by surprise. I think the best one was when Tsumiki out of nowhere developed DBZ powers, blasting the giant snowball away to defeat Mayoi in the snowball fight.

    • Highway says:

      Speaking of expressions, I laughed every single time that Hime and Tsumiki erupted in nosebleeds. I actually started to miss the contests / games through the end of the series tho. They should have spaced them out a bit more throughout, cause they got overbearing by the middle, then I missed them by the end.

    • anaaga says:

      Don’t worry, I’ll pray for a second season every day! There better be a second season! And it’s pretty known in Japan, so maybe we will get a second season :3
      Oh man, Tsumiki’s power is priceless. My favorite power is when she kicked the bear Mayoi, thus lead to my favorite scene fufufu

  7. skylion says:

    I’ve said it before: This show was the perfect Ialchemy of comedy and kawaii. This is how it gets done. The pacing was brilliant, and all of the characters were incredibly enjoyable. There wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t feel warm and welcome. Not a scene passed that I didn’t laugh or DAWWWWWW.

    If this show doesn’t hit the top five by the end of the year on the Meta polls, I will be a very sad skylion.

    • anaaga says:

      It’s best to watch this on a rainy day, since it will make the viewer feel warm and mushy

      I hope so too skylion, but it’s unlikely since there are other great titles last season

  8. Bob from Accounting says:

    Season two?

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