MetaVerse 03 – Sacred Union of Two Lovebirds

A very special kind of Anniversary Podcast, when we remember all the good times and celebrate Metanorn’s Three Years with much aplomb and become witnesses to the most awaited Marriage of All Time LIVE: Sassy weds Hato. Not to mention some karaoke and lots of humour. Tune in folks!

Show Notes:

00:00 – 03:22Intro Music (“Scramble” from School Rumble – Jrow & Kyo’s Insert)
  • Cast: Kyokai, Hato, Fosh, Hoshi, Sassy, Ness, Hime, Overcooled, Jrow, Zabobinator & Karakuri

03:23 – 04:02Anime Addicts Anonymous Promo

04:03 – 31:08MetaGasms:

  • We answered, Starry Yvoon, Tofu and wonton jr’s questions from Meta Q.
  • Wedding of Hato/Sassy (Conducted by: Jrow)

31:09 – 34:09Music Intermission 1: (Sassy’s karaoke of the Denpa Onna OP – “Os-Uchuujin”)

34:10 – 50:09MetaProject Segment A: Aniblogging

  • Kyokai highlights some old blogs that have been around the team gives their opinion about Personal and Team aniblogs.

50:10 – 50:39Anivision Promo

50:40 – 57:08 – MetaProject Segment B: Metanorn’s 3rd Anniversary

  • Words from Kyokai and remembering Kanzie/Tsui
  • Celebration Week Plans/Planned

57:09 – 58:29Music Intermission 2: (Hime Insert: “Dadada” by Group Tamashii – Beelzebub OP1)

58:30 – 1:19:08MetaProject Segment C: Metanorn’s Journey

  • Some 3 years blabber including our growth and some stats.
  • Expansion of site sections since 2010 after migration and the many new projects.
  • Memorable experience/moment in Metanorn?
  • Favorite Show Blogged
  • Future Individual Goals from members for Metanorn and what to expect.
1:19:09 – 1:23:17 Messages from the Team & Plugs:
1:23:18-1:25:14Outro Music: (Kyo’s Insert – Remembering Kanzie, K-On!!’s Genderbent “Don’t be Lazy”)

End Note by Kyokai:

This was a hard recording because of so many people being on it, hopefully we have taken out most of the chinks with the awesome editing by Jrow. Hope you had fun listening us babble about how we got around Metanorn with our usual perkiness and fangirlings. Don’t forget to post your questions in MetaQ for our incoming guests, permanent hosts or any Metanorn Staff member. Our party will continue on, bet on it! Ja ne~



The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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  1. Vivi says:

    Fosh sounds so young and cute haha, I was like WHOA he’s actually 27? Quite surprising!

    Anyway, nice singing Sassy lol.

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