MetaVerse 04 – Dance with Shinmaru

Another episode of MetaVerse and this time around, we have Shinmaru as our special guest to add some more fun into the mix. Not to mention, we recommend some less heard anime for our listeners and Jrow does his first stint of Karaoke~

We recorded this five days ago, on 28th of May, 2011 and this time around the Meta Cast has Jrow, Fosh, Hato, myself and a special guest host: Shinmaru from Unmei Kaihen. We Metanornies comfily interview him and have the usual round of fun while recording. Also, just plugging the recent coverage of some very exciting conventions by Overcooled, Jrow and Hoshi respectively: Anime North, Animazement and Fanime!

Show Notes

00:00-00:42 — Intro Music with hosts introduction (“Dance of Curse” from Vision of Escaflowne – Shinmaru’s Insert)

00:49-03:56 — MetaPOWUH

  • Anime news with Fosh
  • Game news with Hato

03:57-7:10 — Music Intermission 1: (Jrow’s Karaoke of the ED2 for Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, “Mugen Loop” by heidi)

07:11-22:22 — MetaCast

  • What’s everyone up to lately.
  • Metanorn Site Updates:

22:23-23:01 — Promo 1: Anime Addicts Anonymous

23:02-40:19 — MetaGasmInterview with Shinmaru

  • How did you discover/get into blogging anime?
  • Most hated + favorite character?
  • Of all the shows you have followed/ reviewed, what was your favorite?
  • Series you wish you never ever saw?
  • The worst anime endings ever in your opinion? One or top 3?
  • How do you choose the shows to blog? Popularity or any personal criterion?
  • Do you ever have any embarrassing aniblogger moments?
  • Have you met any anibloggers in RL? How was the experience if yes?
  • Any suggestion for solo anibloggers and/or the newbies who are joining the fray?

40:20-50:40 — MetaQ

  • We answered questions from wontonjr and Starburst-chan

50:41-52:12 — Music Intermission 2: (“Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku” from Revolutionary Girl Utena – Shinmaru’s Insert)

52:13-1:05:51 — MetaProject: Anime Plug Session (We recommend anime series that needs more love)

1:05:52-1:06:21 — Promo 2 – Anivision

1:06:21-1:14:33 Plugs from the Team and Shinmaru:

1:14:33-1:15:45 Outro Music (The Friendly Faith Plate – Portal 2 OST – Hato’s Insert)

End Note: Wow, it looks like a link orgy above! But anyways, we had a great time with Shinmaru. As I keep on reminding, we are working on improving MetaVerse and as always would look forward to your feedback on how you want your audio-gasms delivered. xD Nah, I’m not talking about Oshigoto but you can catch my drift. So, till next time, Ja ne~

Some team love for Shinmaru. Thanks for dropping by at an ungoldy hour and hanging with us! Peeps, do check out his blog!


The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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46 Responses to “MetaVerse 04 – Dance with Shinmaru”

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Just to expand on the Patlabor business: The route I went with is first OVA series –> Patlabor 1 + 2 (the movies) –> Patlabor TV –> New Files OVA. You can run through the first OVA (7 episodes) and the two movies and decide if you like the series enough to tackle the latter two (47 episodes and 16 episodes, respectively).

    Also, hooooooooooly crap is Portal 2 ever awesome.

    • Tronulax says:

      I went with the first movie –> OVA –> TV series –> New files –> second movie –> WXIII. In hindsight, might not have been the best order, but it worked for me. The second patlabor movie that Oshii directed is definitely one of my favorites.

      • fathomlessblue says:

        I think Tronulax’s order is probably the most accurate order wise, but I suppose watching the movies before tackling the TV series would probably work out better.

        I started with Patlabor 2 on vhs when I was about 12; a terrible choice all round, although to be fair this was in the pre-internet days when anime was really hard to come by in my country. Even now, only the first two films have ever been published. A damned shame!

      • Shinmaru says:

        I only advocate my order because I heard the first OVA and the two movies make up one continuity, while the TV series and New Files are a separate continuity. I could be wrong, though. I also thought going for the first three in the beginning would be easier for folks to handle, length-wise, although the movies are quite a bit heavier in content than even the most serious TV episodes!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Glad you could join us Shinmaru! Hopefully one day we can have you join us again sometime, thanks for recording with us!

    • Kyokai says:

      Shimaru, Looks like you are ever so enthusiastic about Patlabor like I am for Type-Moon. Keep on spreading the love~ xD

      And yes, I have heard so much about Portal 2. xD

  2. fathomlessblue says:

    Thanks for another great podcast guys. Also, it’s cool to put a voice to Shinmaru and his awesome mecha tastes; Patlabor 2 is my favourite animated movie of all time!

    I’m also currently watching Banner of Stars which, if anything, is an improvement over Crest. It’s certainly more enjoyable than anything airing this season, with the possible exception of Steins Gate.

    Also, David O Russell leaving the Uncharted movie is even better news than the PSN coming back online. Nathan Fillion FTW!

    Now to wait for Portal 2 to finally arrive in the mail! 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! We all had a great time hanging out with Shin and asking all those questions, glad you liked listening to us <3

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for being a faithful listener. :3

      Seems like I should mosey over to see both Patlabor and Crest of the Stars. Both are on my watch list for sure.

  3. VucubCaquix says:

    “Follow krizzlybear because he’s been drinking.”

    Hahahahaha oh Shin.

    Kyokai, I love the way you say Vucy.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! Everyone should instantly follow Kizzly he is so fun hahah and follow you of course to Vuccccy <3

      LOL ya Kyo's accent is quite fun!

    • Kyokai says:

      The best reason to follow someone after all! And yeah, your name got stuck in my head that way. :3

  4. Yi says:

    Such a lovely accent, Kyokai~

    Cheers. ^ ^

  5. Tofu says:

    Before I start listening to this podcast let me just say…


    Here’s the link OC:

    Thought I might just share that with you…

    • Tofu says:

      PS: What have you done to my Mio in that picture!??! D:

      PPS: Someone named PinkTofu? Looks like my influence has finally started to bloom on the net~

      PPPS: Kyokai, me, Baku and TSRL were discussing about Metaverse over at the DDD podcast on Episode 32 ;D

      • Kyokai says:

        If you look at this carefully, this is a gender bent picture.
        What influence?
        Do you think I care?

        • Tofu says:

          Fan art made? Cause the actual genderbenders don’t look like that. Which also relates to why I didn’t see how it was a gender bent picture till you mentioned it ^^

          LOLS I guess you don’t care ;D

          • Overcooled says:

            ….If you really want to know, it’s actually the Hetalia characters. I see China, Russia, France, America and England. =.=

            • Tofu says:

              oh.. OH!! Ahahaha…. sorry guys~ I don’t watch Hetalia so I was quite lost xP

      • Tofu says:

        PPPS: I think you should try to limit how much external noises there are (I could hear typing at times) of course, this doesn’t relate to Shinmaru and if it was Shinmaru then this idea isn’t that beneficial since you couldn’t do anything about it.

        You guys should stay with a limited number of hosts. Get the people who talk more to do this little project of Metanorns because it would sound quite unorganised once it reaches up to 8+ hosts including guest.

        I would like to ask you Kyokai, what does the podcast aim to do? Is there a certain structure you’re following with the podcast? In my view, the podcast’s main topic is to bring guests in and question them. Though it’s good you’re talking about what is happening and what you’re doing. It would also be good to focus on random main topics like how the DDD does.

        • Foshizzel says:

          This was one of our fastest recordings so a new record there, also working more and more on making them smaller so it takes time.

          We should have had a bit more fun with Shin thou and long recommendation time on the shows! Ah well always another time 😀

          • Tofu says:

            Oh wow ;D

            Don’t force yourself to limit the length of the podcast though cause if you want to put some awesome stuff in, it’d have to be a tag long ;D But not anything like 3 hours or more (as stated in metaverse)

            Of course, my suggestion is only one in a million ;D It’s not that big of a deal. Just as long as you don’t completely change what makes Metaverse, Metaverse then it’s fine right?

            Who’s the next guest!??!?! :3

            • Kyokai says:

              I appreciate the feedback though much of the suggestions have already been catered to.

              I’m amazed that one of our oldest fanboy skipped the parts where I specifically mentioned quality improvements and host rotation. I believe in team work and every team builds their own style; you can already see us evolving. The aim to start up MetaVerse was simply expanding to another medium because we are on our fourth-year running and new content is a must to keep things fresh.

              Our format is not guest interviewing only as we’ll not have guests every episode. You can check the old show notes for different topics that we have covered. You can say, we are only pushing ourselves for improvements rather than anything else.

            • Tofu says:

              I apologize Kyo, I might of not taken notice of that small part if you did mention it. The truth to be said, I have quite a bad memory where things come and go through my mind.

              I can definitely see you guys evolving of course and it’s because of everyone’s efforts in the team that’s making Metanorn shine how it shined when I first found this site ;D

              But by all means, thanks for clearing it up for me and I hope for the best in the future

            • Kyokai says:

              It’s alright, Tofu. ^^

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lol I see! OC is with all of the Durarara cosplayers! So nice xD

  6. Hime says:

    That Escaflowne music is awesome <3 Love that series.

    And people who haven't seen Monster and Aoi Bungaku need to drop what they're doing and watch them NAO.

  7. Overcooled says:

    And I miss yet another chance at doing a podcast with a guest. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, once again 😀 I know I’m biased because I’m part of Metanorn but I still love hearing you guys talk about anime~

  8. Zabobinator says:

    Good job guys! This was a fun listen. ^_^

    I love Metaverse. It is the best. That is all. 🙂

  9. Alynn says:

    Yes! Another! So fun to listen to. : D

    Oooh, tumblrsss.

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaa, thank you! <3

      Look at Hato being a hipster and some awesome product placements in anime. xD

  10. Joojoobees says:

    @Shinmaru: God! What awful dubs on the Crest/Banner of the Stars series! Great stuff though. It is such a shame to think that people might get turned off from it, because they tried the dub. 🙁

    @Kyokai: Based on your recommendation, I am working my way through Kara no Kyoukai (up through 5 ATM).

    @Hato: Sora no Woto has an interesting beginning, but turns into CRAP. Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish.

    • Kyokai says:

      Woo! You are my hero~ <3 *crossing out your name from my KnK list* xD

  11. Hey, thanks for the congrats; I finally got to listen to this on my commute =)

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