.hack//Quantum – 03 [END]

Uses of the word “awesome” in this post: 10+. Yeah, it’s kind of awesome.

Hato: Alright, and we’re back into .hack and, the battle is already raging?

Overcooled: Apparently everyone’s back and going crazy XD

Hato: Creepy, she’s got some corrupted data as well. And it seems there’s a server wide event going on?

Overcooled: Do they really need a strategy board that big to plan stuff?

Hato: It makes it look awesome.

Overcooled: And yeah. Apparently people falling into comas isn’t a big enough deal to cancel it lol.

Hato: Oh snap. So he does make those giant holes.

Overcooled: Creepy…

Hato: Into the game they go!

Overcooled: D: awwww poor kitty

Hato: Oh wait, he’s dead…?

Overcooled: Yeah! Apparently…

Hato: What!? So he’s only in the game?

Overcooled: But didn’t we see him before?

Hato: Yeah!

Overcooled: Maybe he’s not actually dead and we get a fluffy ending? …but for now..oh snap..he’s gone crazy

Hato: Oh shit! He’s just killing people for real!

Overcooled: Omg, real pain

Hato: Oh shit. This is bad. Noooooo!

Overcooled: NNUUUOOOO

Hato: NOOOOO Everyone has died.

Overcooled: Did anyone ever actually die in .hack before? Weren’t they all just in comas before?

Hato: This is crazy.

Overcooled: So intense!

Hato: So they are only in the game now. lol The Dragon is back.

Overcooled: THE ONE

Hato: TO GET REVENGE! AH, It’s Eri. Time for some SOTC action.

Overcooled: …what…what is…that?

Hato: Oh my God. Please climb that. and stab it in the head.

Overcooled: …it has nice abs though

Hato: Ahahaha

Chiseled abs as far as the eye can see…

Overcooled: …whoooooa snap

Hato: FIREBALL. Hmm, The tree, eh?

Overcooled: Why is a tree their key to logging out?

Hato: I have no clue.

Overcooled: I guess that’s where Hermit’s hacking stick is from? <_<

Hato: That makes a lot of sense. What’s the Crest Cannon?

Overcooled: something overpowered?

Hato: Oh shit. Her hand can eff stuff up.

Overcooled: Whoa she doesn’t need a stick to hack

The Midas touch! Except instead of turning to gold, it turns into…nothing.

Hato: That is an awesome Cannon.

Overcooled: Why is everything so awesome?

Hato: She can access stuff because of her hacky hand. They will have a hack battle.

Overcooled: I bet she hacked the PSN

Hato: Zing! This is so badass. Players controlling the game. xD

Overcooled: I know. who needs admins and GMs when you have players?

Hato: Pretty much. Then again, Tobias is using a skin of an admin

Overcooled: True dat.

Hato: Dayum. She looks awesome.


Hato: This thing looks awesome.Those are the explosives…? xD

Overcooled: Living explosives? lolol and…a giant…heart…

Hato: Ewwwww. This is all so crazy.

Overcooled: …wait, so why is only Eri his slave? XD He just likes cute girls?

Hato: Gah!

Overcooled: I KNOW. SO INTENSE.

Hato: She’s gonna take it on! That’s some Yonda shit. Oh wait, that’s on its back?

Overcooled: Yeah, they climbed on it, I think

Hato: Awesome. Oh man, games need to be like this.

Overcooled: I want this game.


Overcooled: DON’T MISS

Hato: He’ll miss.

Overcooled: omg Hermit’s a mahou shoujo

Hato: Damn QB. Oh man. Dat cannon.

Overcooled: So. badass.

Hato: This is all so heartwarming. She’s gonna hug him and accidentally delete him.

Overcooled: He’s…he’s really dead wow



Hato: Noooooooooooo! ….Dat sub.

Overcooled: qq

Hato: Thank God credits didn’t roll.

Overcooled: I would rage. So hard.

Hato: ODgblsgarwg


Hato: Damn government!

Overcooled: OTL and wtf is up with the cat

Hato: orz. HEY, IT’S ERI

Overcooled: Welcome baccck~…lol classy lady there

Hato: Oh, sup loli mage

Overcooled: Not so loli now, are you? It’s overrrr D:

Hato: Whaaaaaaaa



Ah, it’s almost over and we didn’t show any fanservice! QUICK, BATH SCENE! NOW!



Hato: FFFFFFF No announcement.

Overcooled: ugh. UGGHH

Hato: I’m going to write an angry letter.

Overcooled:I am going to show up at their office and threaten them

Hato: With a stick. That’ll really freak ’em out

Hidden Screenshot Area Unlocked!:

That awkward moment where you instinctively search for Kyubei amongst the plushies

Death via poke in a nose…not the best way to go down…

Why do you want that castle? Stop that, you a dragon. You don’t even fit in there.

Me on the chatbox when no one else is online.

End Thoughts:

Hato: Well, that was super badass.

Overcooled: I keep forgetting how thrilling it is until we actually get around to watching it together XD

Hato: Ahaha, yeah. All kinda came together in the end.

Overcooled: Yeah, much better end than I expected

Hato: The best parts about the fist two was the fact they ended on cliffhangers.

Overcooled: Haha those cliffhangers absolutely destroyed me

Hato: Well, I’m glad I didn’t cry. I thought I might’ve. Turns out I’m much more manly.

Overcooled: Haha, yes, hato is known for being manly, right? XD But it was pretty touching. Would’ve been even more intense if he really WAS dead

Hato: Yeah, they had to pull the ‘Actually, he’s not dead!’ But that’s where they put all the criminals? Froze their bodies and put their mind in the game. Very interesting

Overcooled: That was a bit of a cop out at the end :/

Hato: Agreed.

Overcooled: But forcing people to play by sticking their mind in there…that is cool. Eri just magically changed back

Hato: Eri should’ve been a vegetable or something. Well, not a vegetable, just like a Steven Hawking or something

Overcooled: That would be..interesting

Hato: But I wouldn’t go back to The World for a while

Overcooled: Yeah, I mean, they should really fix the whole PEOPLE DIE WHEN THEY ARE KILLED thing and then I’d go back O.O

Hato: Ahaha. I really hope there will be another series, or movie, or OVA

Overcooled: I know…but no announcement yet, sadly. It was just such a good mix of everything…I swear we must have said awesome at least 10 times

Hato: More than ten times, I bet, just because it was so awesome. It’s easily the best .hack title to date.

Overcooled: I quite liked .hack//sign, but not as much as I got excited over quantum

Hato: Sign was very interesting to watch while Quantum was like, a badass summer action title.

Overcooled: Yeah, it gets the adrenaline pumping XD DRAGONS! CANNONS! EXPLOSIONS!



Overcooled: MM ABS. I kept getting confused every time HanaKana spoke because I watched Deadman Wonderland before hand and I was picturing Shiro

Hato: Ahahaha, it’s because she uses THE SAME VOICE. And speaking of Shiro, she has so many eyelashes.

Overcooled: I know. She even has eyelashes on the sides of her eye. Maybe her eyeball is just hairy

Hato: Dat eyeball.

Overcooled: Aw yeah

Hato: Einstein was a pimp.

Overcooled: That is a fact. lolol getting back on topic, let’s say one final thing.

Hato: We can say one final thing, I guess. It’s the last episode! Or is there anything left to say? xD

Overcooled: Ii don’t even know, I think they should know by all our “AWESOME” “BADASS” and “INTENSE” XD I swear more people need to watch this

Hato: I know right. I mean, if people have been reading these and still haven’t watched it they are a bit silly.

Overcooled: They are very silly. We should mention it on the next episode of the podcast. Spread awareness!

Hato: Yes! Good idea.

Overcooled: Except Scamp might think we’re crazy

Hato: And that’s when we’ll spirit bomb him.

Overcooled: LOL We need to start charging now to make it in time!

Hato: …And miss….

Hato and Cool over and out!


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10 Responses to “.hack//Quantum – 03 [END]”

  1. Hime says:

    Eri looks like she’s just stepped out of Tron.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    I liked these OVA’s kind of wish they would go ahead and make a series! These were fun characters and that cat character DAWWWW so nice.

    • Overcooled says:

      This SO deserves a series! It’s certainly more deserving than…seikon no qwaser…which has 2 seasons T.T

  3. Starry says:

    Yeah! Awesome OVA indeed!

    Tons of actions with just enough emotional impact for you to feel sorry for the cat. 😀

    Talking about the cat, he should be 17 in real life now right? Hmm… I wonder if his body has grown while he was frozen… (Probably not, but still…) *Shipper mode* >.<

    I think that there's still tons of material for a new series or another OVA series, so COME ON NOW! ANNOUNCE THAT SERIES ALREADY!

    • Overcooled says:

      If they froze his body, he wouldn’t have aged, so he’s still a shota. :/ That would be hard to ship…

      See, look at all these people who want a series! We need to protest XD

  4. Hato-kun says:


  5. MikADo says:

    WHYYYY WHYYYY the series ended tooooo soon
    can’t believe its over OTL….
    loved the story, especially the part where we could
    see the legends of .hack come alive, and history being
    repeated 😛 but why is One Sin so weak? he is supposed to be the hidden last boss! maybe they nuffed him

    PS: moar .hack plzzz at least remake the old ones or sth ; (

    • Overcooled says:

      They should make another series. If not based on Quantum, just make something completely new!

      One Sin died in one hit…but I guess that cannon was just super powerful too, I suppose. No time for a long, drawn-out battle, sadly. Derp.

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