Kimi ni Todoke S2 04-09

Still my heart and hold my tongue… I feel my time has come…

Been a long time since I updated KnT, BUT I’m finally over with the biggest freelance project I ever imagined, well except for a novel-length fanfic I wrote some years back… Getting to business, I’m finally back to reviewing Kimi ni Todoke season two and I can tell you one thing, I’ve waited with bated breath for the current episode because IT IS SO GOOD!!! SO WORTH THE WAIT, DAMN IT!!! Aarrrrrrghhhh… Before gushing over it though, quick thoughts on the episodes I missed out on.

If Sawako was confused, same could have been said about Kazehaya who sulked around shadows contemplating how clueless and distant he was of Sawako’s feelings. Of course, the most overused plot-twist in shoujo “misunderstanding” reared its ugly head with Kento meddling in their business and Chizu being a complete airhead of not noticing the fact that Sawako’s feeling were not one-sided.  Yano-chin, being the cleverest of the lot lost it many times being at her limit, witnessing and re-witnessing the awkward silences and uncut conversation. She only bide her time for the idiots to figure it out themselves.

However, one thing has been going great, Sawako’s standing in the class that is. She’s not an outcast anymore and Sadako’s Black Magic Café being most voted proves the point of how much her classmates have accepted her. Of course, they are greedy little bastards because she’s an awesome cram teacher and is talented in many ways. Even being part of the somewhat regular school life and blending in did not save her from being type-casted as the troubled girl, who Kazehaya always saves. Whatever the refreshing hero of class would say, the outright and open confession of “I like you, Kuronuma,” didn’t even register with the rest of the crowd because they thought it was not that ‘like’ like. Kento did catch the drift late but it was enough for extending Sawako’s blindness to Kazehaya’s feelings.

Give it to him, girl~

Such an interesting series of screen captures….

C’mon already, do something!

*facepalm* Chizuru…..

On the other hand, Kento was just being a busy-body, trying to take care of the gloomy girl with an amazing smile. He had ulterior motives too but he soon realized that whatever he did would never compare to Kazehaya. Not to mention, even Kurumi intervened to make things right and opened Sawako’s eyes. I have to say, I really like her honest nature, so much better than the sugar-coated visage she had it on in first season. It was more than funny, Chizu realizing the fact that Kazehaya liked Sawako (she can be seriously dense), but all in good time. Also, I loved the development that has been slowly creeping up between Ryuu and her. Just too adorable how they went together to Tohru’s wedding and how he remembered her birthday and gave her a bracelet. You know what, boys? Such little gifts and cute gestures are the girl-winner rather than superfluous bad-boy image. Of course, I can’t speak for all girls.

Moving on, it was simply hilarious seeing Kazehaya and Sawako both say the same thing, “I was rejected!” I mean, are you idiots? But, of course you are, not noticing the clear signs and hints and goddamn it, people, you went on a date on New Year’s Eve; not a matter to be taken lightly when a guy gives you his super lucky fortune! It all boiled down to both the parties contemplating their feelings and reaching to the goal for which they haven’t really tried yet. Especially for Sawako, who has been staring blankly at a wall rather than what Kazehaya was saying in real. It’s time to stop putting herself down and finally say what she has wanted to say for some time.

The power of Rainbow Spirit bomb!

With the school festival start, many activities ensue, the most popular being the Black Magic café, where darkness turns into light… Seriously, our Sawako is one big plushie of positive energy, responsible for turning many a black hearts into pure gold. Also, there’s a reason that I like Kento, even when he screwed up big time before, he made up for it quite brilliantly. It’s true that Sawako had built a wall for only Kazehaya and the reason for her not noticing some of his not-so-refreshing qualities; like jealousy, obsession, anger and ulterior motives. It was quite refreshing though, Kazehaya admitting all of these to Kento, amazing him further of how much he really admired Sawako not just vice versa.

Kento’s interference accumulates with a lot of other signs and finally, our sweet Sawako decides to say it all to Kazehaya. Haven’t we all been waiting for just this moment since season one? HELLS YES! Oh Sawako, my dear sweet Sawako; WHY SO ADORABLE? That confession had perfect pacing after the very nostalgic feeling of episode eight, which was a big trip to all the previous episodes of Kimi ni Todoke because you get to notice what both the parties are thinking about each other. That gets me right towards the epitomic current episode of epicness. Yes, all your wishes came true because ladies and gentlemen, we have a true confession!


How I have been waiting for this chapter to be animated, you can’t even guess. It was as if my own heart was beating in sync with Sawako’s with all those Todoke, Todoke, Todoke… Kyaaaaaa~ Sawako you silly girl, how innocent you are but your confession topped the charts and will remain to be one of my all time favourite romantic moments, right there beside Haruhi’s confession to Tamaki (Manga), Takumi’s cornering of Rika (Honey & Clover), episode twelve of Bakemonogatari and chapter seven of Kara no Kyoukai. The intensity, the emotions, the words, everything just fit so well that a simple sentence like “I like you” becomes more than just words, rather a feeling that resonates in every viewer’s heart.

Kyaaaaa powers at its genkai~

The hugging was so CUTE that I died and went to heaven. Came back to write this review and still can’t stop gushing over it. Of course, the BAKA Joe had to come and interfere in their progress (ugh, no kiss?!). I remember warning you all, while reviewing the first episode of this season that by the end, you would actually want to beat the crap out of Joe because of his idiotic habit of interference. At least, this time he did not arrive while Sawako was confessing her feelings… Aho da ne~

Joe, I seriously want to kill you. KOROSU~!

Everyone should have friends like Chizu, Yano and Ryuu, who are always there to support you. Ryuu is the champion this time around for pushing things in the right direction even if the poor bloke can’t lie; still was worth it. Also, everyone should stay away from evil teachers like Pin; however, is still quite amusing as hell. My dark heart actually likes his evil schemes and overall humour that he brings to the table. How can you hate that manic laughter and chibi idiocy? Muri muri~ Not to mention, he goes on a mission to calm Sawako for having “hidden desires” about Kazehaya (LMAO!). I was glad that the guy in question actually didn’t hear the bullshit Pin was selling.

If you were wondering about what kind of drugs Pin gave Sawako to feed to the judges? Be my guests, maybe a dash of marijuana to make them tipsy enough to vote their stalls the best…? Wait till the next episode to find out because I’m not telling. The episode ended with Sawahaya thinking about each other unable to contain their excitement for tomorrow, because it is then they would get to talk again and I mean really talk with each other. It’s not the end yet so hold your horses for the happy ending song, lovelies!

Extra Sparkles~

Walking off in a huff, eh, Kazehaya? Cute.

My second favourite couple of KnT

You should have just punched his face in…

Kazehaya, so manly~ “Sookie’s Sawako’s MINE!”

Nakama Forces… Stopping one interferer at a time!

Let me in… Unlock the door~

He did WHAATTT?!!! …. Hazukashii~

Obligatory Sawako DAWWWWWness~

End Thoughts: Lol wut… You expect me to keep on writing some more after the above 1,300 words? Well, I can continue actually… Fans are those people who can’t shut up; I bet you can deal with it too. My source of inspiration and amusement is sometimes twitter, from where I’ve been somewhat absent due to the extra workload but I really enjoyed reading some tweets and statuses, people raising their fists to the sky and announcing it to the world that it took around two seasons for Sawako to confess. Anime length-wise it has been over exaggerated but I can’t blame Production I.G because they have been really honest and true to the manga. It was a wrong decision to end the first season at such a point when everything went back to square one development-wise but what a fan can expect more than 24 decent episodes? The amazing animation sparkles and beautiful everything makes up for whatever shortcoming you might be looking at.

Beside the awesome friends of both Sawahaya, I would really like to accolade Kurumi and Kento’s characters being portrayed so well that even if you start with a lot of suspicion about them being sketchy and having ulterior motives and even when both of these harbour unrequited love they still help out more than anyone else could have possibly for Sawahaya. Kento’s Ginga Bishounen sparkles amuses me to no end, while Pin keeps me entertained whenever he is on screen (he’s pretty useful too in riling different parties to action). If it was up to me, Joe would have been buried under some sand by now for his idiotic entries.

There is nowhere but up for Kimi ni Todoke now because the most difficult part is over. Sawahaya know their feelings for each other and now can only develop on it. Expect lots of sparkles, stars and cutesy things from them because this is why we love this series so much; that mushy feeling of puppy love, innocence and simple things in life is what makes it all total win.


I think I just had another fit of glee looking at the preview because it’s Kazehaya’s turn to say it loud. Fangirls, can you even wait for this!? Till next fangirly time, Ja ne~

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12 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke S2 04-09”

  1. umi_no_mizu says:

    SO CUTE!!! XD I completely “aww’ed” through the entire confession part =P why are Kazehaya and Sawako soo flipping cute?! >_<

  2. Hime says:

    I dunno, I was kind of dissapoint with the whole confession part~

    I think these two are cute but I could never see them functioning as a couple. They are just too pathetic in terms of communicating with one another. I mean, it’s taken them this long to confess and the whole thing was so underwhelming, it just ended, what with Joe barging in, and I can’t see much changing in terms of how they speak to each other. Kazehaya might act differently but Sawako will still just blush and stutter, maybe just a little more/less than usual.

    Oh well, it’s the journey that’s important. I’m still a RyuxKazehaya shipper xD

  3. Reaper says:

    KAWAII~!!! The confession everyone had been waiting for! After the whole fiasco from Kent (shinu! shinu! shinu!) and the heartrending misunderstanding (which was good in a way since both of them finally realised the truth in their feelings for each other and in themselves), kita!
    The whole scene had been gripped, I was almost having a fit waiting for that moment, and when Sawako finally confessed, I was over the moon! Glad to see their relationship continuing to form after the long break from their new year’s date. Heheh, can’t wait for the next episode for Kazehaya’s turn too!

  4. Junko says:

    I nearly smashed my head on something it was all so cute. After all that fustrating..CRAP, to put it bluntly (genious story line, really, but after a while.. XD) and then all over a sudden ADORABLE SAWAKO OVERLOAD!!

    That .gif of her being pulled around the door makes me so happy.

  5. anaaga says:

    i was actually squealing and shaking on when i watched episode 9 because GOD IT WAS SO CUTE. ALL THAT WAITING FINALLY PAID OFF. and episode 9 is beautiful actually. they were able to animate it well, and it was so colorful~i’m satisfied with episode 9.
    chizuru is such a blockhead sometimes i want to slap some sense into her. oh well, i’m sure she won’t be a blockhead soon (in the manga)…i think…but it’s chizuru…
    and ayane. sometimes i wonder who she’s going to be. there’s lots of candidates for her bf, it’s hard to predict. the manga actually surprised me though

  6. MikADo says:

    sawako was moe moe kyun~
    i almost started to nose bleed on episode 9
    finally after so many weeks of misunderstandings
    and viewer killing drama, some dere on the show :3

  7. Namika says:

    I can’t stop loving this anime, I swear!!
    And OMG….. I was literally screaming during the latest episode oO” I almost hurt my throat, and that’s not normal. But….. she finally did it!! That was the cutest confession evarrrrrrrrrrrr <3
    can't wait to see moooooooooore~ *O*

  8. Kushi says:

    YES!! It was long and at times tough but it was worth it at the end~

    although I wish Sawako stopped hesitating and became a stronger character faster…
    eh… at least there was Ayane, Chizu, and Ryu to quell the frustration ^_^;

    (PS: ugh… Joe, you just had to ruin the moment didn’t you (in the last episode)!… man, this show is like watching a beautiful flower grow while an annoying toddler keeps showing up to stomp on it D:<)

  9. Kushi says:

    did my comment get in? if I double commented, i’m sorry…

    Yay~ Kyo is back ^^ (for a while I was like ehh?! no updates?)
    the latest story arc was perhaps the most satisfying. For all the time I waited for this amalgam of plot and characters to grow, the hugging confession scene in ep9 made it worth it (almost). but I disagree with most others (maybe I have a more mature taste) Ugh… just a hug?! for the sake of all that is good take it up a notch~ ;D
    –with the raging aside I think S2 is a good improvement from S1 with less filling in time and more story action.
    I hope you’re not too busy for more updates in the future Kyokai~

  10. Starry says:

    I have a feeling that the package is a bribe. XD

  11. Miyu says:

    FINALLY! *tears of joy*
    One of the most epic moments of confession ever, after waiting 12309172307 billion years for it. *w*

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