Kimi ni Todoke S2 – 03

I’m nothing. I’m everything. Whatever you want me to be? To be.

So, I have found even more mates to fangirl with online. Sometimes not good for me because that means a slacking-off me in office but hey, life is all about taking chances, right? My time-zone is such that, when I wake up half the world is either going to sleep or have already done so. Though my Aussie/NZ buddies and some night owls from US/Canada are still awake and when we get down chatting about manga, food and everything else under the sun, the time passes like a flash. To get a point home though and make it official; I will only read Eyeshield21 when Bass starts Kara no Kyoukai movies and finishes all of them. Good trade, I must stay; you hear?! =P

Watashi wa nihongo o hanasanai~

However, Kimi ni Todoke’s third episode being out only means me trying to cover it ASAP! So, we left with quite a lot of heavy breathing from the main pair as Hime pointed out in the last review but no, they were not getting it on, just being overzealously perplexed. The big statement that Kazehaya bombed dropped on Sawako for him being the most special guy for her in class kept her mystified for some time. Of course, she would not understand what he actually meant because such kind of common sense escapes her. I blame her idiot father for being so coddle-woddle but that is another argument and for later.

What are YOU snortin’?

Our Sawako-chan does have a problem of creeping up from shadows and smiling quite frighteningly. Of course, she doesn’t do it deliberately but Kento gets a chance in being very perceptive and works on correcting the way she smiles and greets to the chagrin of Kazehaya, Chizu and Yano-chin. Yes, our Good Samaritan is showering too much of his attention on Sawako and her three protectors are quite dubious over his intentions. He has literally been stalking her and even goes to visit her in the curse medical garden. Willingly or unwillingly, Sawako starts looking up to this foreign looking dude, calling him Shishō. She’s so gullible, is all you can muster after the events that followed with her displaying different versions of Sadako-smile.

Yano being the sharpest of the lot after Ryuu, who’s slow but understands hell more than he lets on, gets on Kento’s case for finding out his deal. The Mr. Perceptive simply tells her he has good intentions and the fact that he knows Sawako likes Kazehaya. He does not mean any harm; so he says. It’s more than clear that he has been taken by the Sawako’s charm, seen by very few guys and why would he stop on his tracks when he has not much competition? Interestingly enough, you can’t label him as a bad guy at all. Blame it on that smexy voice.

The simple gist of the episode was more awkwardness building between the main pair because of not sitting around each other and seemingly not getting any alone-time to talk at all. The growing distance have made them shy and their communication has boiled down to weird versions of Ohayo~ Not to mention, Kento’s over-friendliness produces a confused Sawako, who simply wants to be liked and accepted by others rather than creeping others out. Also, she doesn’t want Kazehaya to dislike her and thus is avoiding much talk to prevent any of her true feelings to reach him (stupid girl, but you have to say it out loud for him to hear you… T_T). Typical shoujo development? Yeah, deal with it.


Kazehaya is of course not happy rather livid because another guy is going buddy-buddy with his girl and he doesn’t like it ONE BIT. His tantrum was hilarious (“What part of me is lively?!” Pffft), poor Ryuu who had to bear with it all. But I really wanted to hit him upside the head for calling our selfish, possessive, quick-tempered yet bishie hero impatience. I have been waiting more than a season for this, don’t give me that Ryuu! *smack* Ahem.

DAWWWWWW~ *speechless*

Coming to the Mid-term crash course, Kazehaya went an extra mile in inviting more of his followers and surprised Sawako yet again with his niceness. But got even more jealous with everyone talking to her and another public sighting of her natural smile that is just short of breath taking. On the other hand, Kento simply dubbed his helping hand as his typical nature to help out everything. There’s one thing that both Sawako and he are wrong about our Kazehaya: in case of Sawako, no one else can surpass her and everything he does for her is special. But of course, you already know that.

The Hopeful Sawako

The disappointed and misunderstood Kazehaya… Nuuu~ *shakesfists*

The whole class interaction though, escalated to the fact that he told her to forget everything that he had said to her before… His face was so sad while he said this… T_T Of course, Sawako didn’t say anything because what could she say, when she doesn’t even know which facial expressions to use while smiling. ;3;

Another confession?! 0.0 DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN!

Like the last episode, the ending has another twist because our Kento has finally realized something it seems. Liking Sawako-chan for instance or being the extra Good Samaritan, butting his nose where it doesn’t belong? Most likely. He wants a word with Kazehaya and it will definitely be hella interesting.

MOAR Loveliness~

First fright~

I AM too FABULOUS for words~

Yano-chin’s duck-beak is back….

Grimacing on the sidelines, huh? I expect better from you, Kazehaya!

Did I actually miss Pin’s douchiness this episode? Sadly, yes.

Compulsory Chibi-Sawako DAWWWWWWness~


Oh girl, it’s all in the teeth and less frown!


I will make you proud, Shishō~

Kento’s previous harem

Sadako Exam Rush: So great and easy…

that even idiots get it.

Yano’s watching you, boy!

End Thoughts: My checklist: Was this less excruciating than the last episode? Yes. Did some development happen? Yes. Are you a happy camper? Heck yes. But that is the very biased fangirl me speaking because well, I LOVELOVELOVE KnT. Call me a mush-lover if you will but these are the small things in life that are enjoyable and without it, IS NO FUN!

Finally we have some development and I’m actually loving Kento more and more because his appearance and further niceties towards Sawako showed us the real Kazehaya. Who is not the happy-go-lucky guy as everyone thinks; rather a jealous, selfish, impatient and short-tempered fellow, which is nothing earth shattering but puts the story in perspective. It proves the point that nobody is perfect, not even our Mr. Lively as Kento puts it. I have a natural dislike towards fake people and Kazehaya being too good to be true didn’t sit well with me; some selfishness is more than welcome! Though, him being so impulsive with his temper that he would tell Sawako to forget what he said was a total NOOOOOO producer from me. OH WHY did you have to say that?! Don’t you know Sawako’s mind doesn’t work like your average fair maiden?! She thinks you are too good and thus even wanting you is a crime in itself for her. >.>

I’m looking forward to some friendly interaction with Chizu and Yano-chin to give her some understanding of what it all means. I especially liked the guy-time between Kazehaya and Ryuu, letting on the viewers how clear Ryuu is but same can’t be said about Kazehaya who is becoming deluded due to jealousy. You gotta work it, boy, if you really like Sawako, because she’s not your every girl and deserves better. Be a man, buck up, damn it! Which he eventually will and have a happy ending with Sawako-chan but hey, the story aint over yet for our Sawahaya~.

Graphically, the quality of animation is top notch as usual. There’s a reason I keep on remembering 5 Centimeters per Second because this does get to the breathtaking point. Also, you almost die with cuteness-overload because chibi-Sawako = Infinity DAWWW! Shiina Kuraho, you are a genius for coming up with such brilliant character designs! Though, damn you for writing such a story with shy characters and slow pacing /jk. However you see it though, it is still WIN and I go kyaa~ whenever a development happens, however small it is.

Preview: “Misunderstanding”, the most overused word in a shoujo plot… OTL. This pretty much entails a heated discussion between rivals; the two Ks, Kazehaya and Kento; also, some reflection by Yano, Chizu and Sawako herself. Hopefully the pacing will pick up with misunderstanding followed up by resolve. I can wish right? Sigh.

PS: For you curious cats, the beginning caption is taken from Epik High’s “Be”; yeah, I’m getting into Kpop too. So, Ja ne~ ^^


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37 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke S2 – 03”

  1. Liza says:

    Another dawww episode for me. Chibi Sawako is so adorable whenever she appears and how she made that little medicine garden…just so cute!

    The whole scene at the end with Kazehaya and Sawako made me want to give Kazehaya a hit in the end(not hard enough to ruin his little Kazehaya brain but you know). You’re just confusing the poor girl!

    I’m a bit scared for the next episode. Hopefully the misunderstanding won’t be too bad…whatever it was and it will hopefully not involve Kazehaya and Sawako because then it will take forever to fix the misunderstanding.

    • Kyokai says:

      Sawako’s cuteness does not know any bounds definitely. If Yano and Chizu didn’t warn her that garden would be plugged as the curse garden. -__-

      I guess, the problem is with the both of them; she is too shy and reserved while he is too popular and short-tempered. In case of misunderstanding, I expect something similar happening when some stupid rumours went around and Sawako stopped talking to Yano/Chizu but got cleared later. After all, we are cheering Sawahaya on wholeheartedly! ^^

      *first comment cookie*

  2. Kushi says:

    Yay~ I almost forgot it was Wednesday! I think the new character (Kento was it?) is going to liven things up, and by that I mean push Kazehaya and Sawako together (quicker hopefully).

    • Namika says:

      If he won’t fall into Sawako’s deadly trap, that is… :3
      Though, that’s exactly what I thought about him too))

      • Kushi says:

        That’s true, but the part of his personality that makes him want to manipulate people concerns me (was he really trying to use psychology to make her smile). IDK, the good parts of that character makes me smile, but the “puppeteer” side of his personality is a D:< in romance.

        • Namika says:

          I actually think, that it adjusted pretty well, as something not so typical for shoujo. Makes the relationship between those 2 dummies more interesting :3

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh he’s lovable alright. That kind of pushy personality and DAT VOICE. Yeah, let the fangirliness ensue even if he has his eyes on our Sawako-chan~ Time for some forward action Kazehaya or else…..

      • Kushi says:

        I know right?! I guess we’ll find out what Kent’s feelings are towards Sawako and how Kazehaya(Kazehaya, you dummy) will deal with it next week~

      • Namika says:

        I knooooow~ everything is so KYA about him!!
        He’s so purrfect to make Kazehaya actually do something, alright!!

      • Kyokai says:

        The misunderstanding title is quite ominous and I am just scared of the developments, further confusing the main pair. Hopefully, Kento will prove to be a catalyst to get things straight between the pair.

  3. ichigopockysticks says:

    DAW i just got home from school an hour ago and first thing I did grab popcorn grab drink grab laptop no one bother me for 30 minutes and then proceeded to go daw and evey moment. >..> ur likeness points are going down thats for sure but Im still not sure what to think of Kento. How much trouble will he cause for the usual love triangle in shoujo?

    Hopefully things will statrt working out next episode and Kazehaya will listen to Sawako gahhhh I love this show too much. Have to go fangirl till I have to do homework while listening to music from KnT ^.^

    • Kyokai says:

      Ha, I do the same after coming from office. Have my dinner while watching KnT goodness and DAWWWWW like anything. Sawako is getting cuter by the second, not to mention Kazehaya’s

      Kento is definitely trouble. Just look at that over friendly smile and already developed fixation with Sawako. It’s definitely a love triangle to watch out for. Also, can’t wait for the OP single release! That song is love~

  4. wonton jr. says:

    Kimi ni Todoke is a great anime, well I think so because the slow paced romance is pretty nice. Chibi Sawako is adorable, I love her so much!

    I’m also liking Kento, since he seems like a fun character, not to mention that he’s voiced by *gasp* Miyano Mamoru!

    • Nalit says:

      That’s almost the exact thing I was going to write! Chibi Sawako is just adorable! And then there’s the Miyano Mamoru goodness!

      When I was watching this episode, I kept yelling at Sawako and Kazehaya to just confess to each other and become a couple. xD

      • wonton jr. says:

        Lol really? haha great minds think alike they say, but yes I was practically screaming at both of them too.

        • Kyokai says:

          Ha! All KnT fans have the same mindset of loving the DAWWness and screaming at the baka-ness of Sawahaya. Ack, the agony of being too innocent. =.=

  5. Xiao says:

    Argh, for me, I feel like they’re repeating the same episodes over the going-nowhere communication issues between these two and it just tripped and fell into a manhole. Kazehaya, you idiot! Sawako, you (sweet and precious) idiot! Dx

    Funny enough, everything else outside “just them two” progressed very well. Hehe, Kazehaya finally explodes and freaks Ryuu out. XD;
    Yano’s protectiveness is so awesome and I hope Chizu catches up on most of it soon as well cuz that’ll be double the funny and awesome.

    And Kento~ I’m not sure whether to love you yet or not but I certainly like you immensely. lol, morning greetings exercise with that “xD” face of his. OHAYO~

    On another note, why is it that Kazehaya invites the most ho yay (the first one being Pin)? |D;
    And apparently, in a universe where there is no Glittering Star Crux, Takuto would be the actual and only member. lol xD;

    Also HELLYES, PIN!!! Plz show up more like this, mmkay? x333

    • Kyokai says:

      I just looked at the brighter side this time or else I’ll be banging my head with frustration like the previous episode. The main protagonists are such thick-heads!!!

      Loved the Kazehaya tantrum, I went kyaaa over his grim face and same for Yano, whose last tantrum was adorable as hell. She’ll definitely keep an eye on Kento but Chizu would take time in getting to the same level of Yano for sure! ;3;

      Kento will stir up trouble as seen in preview, how much, we’ll have to see but I agree, the Radiance of Takutou is too fabulous for KnT and should be kept in its own universe. And ha! Can’t wait for moar Pin~ xD

  6. Carla says:

    Awwwww *.*
    This is the first time that a Non-tsundere girl character is adorable for me.
    I mean, I don’t like girls from shojos anime, they are so predictable…
    And is the same about Kazehaya, I usually like characters like Usui Takumi.

    But Sawako and Kazehaya are so Cute and Inocent… that I want to rape Hug them.

    PD: sSorry if I wrote something wrong ;3

    • Kyokai says:

      LMAO~ Yes indeedy, they are cuddable enough for one to wish a lot of things with them… Ahem! Sawahaya is just too PURE to fit into the usual shoujo mantle. That is what I love about them and you can say anything you want here; it just has to be relevant. ^^

  7. Junko says:

    Seriously this got me back into the manga which I put off because it’s so painfully drawn out and I just can’t stand watching darling Sawako suffer!

    God why is all so perfect?!

    • Kyokai says:

      Actually, it was the manga that first caught my eye. I didn’t even know that it was being animated till later. The art style is beautiful and the series remains true to the original in a every form; so good! No wonder, we are feeling frustrated over the pair!

      Btw, are you reading the manga right now? Which chapter.

      • Junko says:

        up to chapter 53 I think. Ffffuuu- it’s Bakuman all over again, I can’t help but read ahead, I’m impaintent! XD

        • Kyokai says:

          Lol! I’m waiting for 54 right here and I’ve done the same with Bakuman too. Manga > anime whenever you want to enjoy the story. However, animation helps loads and more so in KnT, I’m still kinda disappointed with JC Staff for Bakuman. >.>

  8. Eli-la says:

    I’ve got to tell this to someone who’ll understand me (I know no KnT fans D:):
    Since I started watching this, I’ve noticed a girl a few years below me at school. All I need to do is catch a glimpse of her and the word “SADAKO!!!!!!!” comes to mind. Seriously, long black hair hanging over her face, that kind of Sadako-ish expression… She’s the spitting image xD

    • Kyokai says:

      Aww, you don’t? Add me to your list of understanding KnT goodiness~ xD And seriously? You need to go and talk to this girl for sure. Who knows she turns out as nice as our Sawako-chan~ <333

      Btw, for the record, when I was in school, I was pretty Sawako-like, from her shyness to less friends. Good thing though, Ringu had not released then and things turned around soon enough for me. ^^

      • Eli-la says:

        Pfft, I couldn’t talk to her. I’m too shy (it’s some kind of miracle that I actually have as many friends as I do xD), and… well, it’d be pretty hard to start a conversation based solely on the fact she looks like an anime character xD
        …And I’m never actually within talking distance, I just see her in the usual push and shove to get to the classroom >.<

        I used to be pretty Sawako-like too, but I've managed to gather lots of friends, and when I'm with them I'm really outgoing (I am the flirter, the perve and the joker of the group) 😀 When I'm not with them, though, I have pretty bad confidence issues if I'm in unfamiliar situations :/

  9. Namika says:

    Whoooooa! O_O
    Irritated Kazehaya with a deathglare is something I thought, I’d never see, but ….. O-O It was kinda funny too see him all dark and anxious XD oh,my sadist personality!!!
    Looks like I have a new fav. character on my hands, fufufufu~ Kento is so cuuuute *O* But his pose in the end was quite…..disturbing.

    • Kyokai says:

      Ha! Kazehaya was SO CUTE! It was good to see him perplexed and angry; NO ONE can remain all calm and happy all the time. Just not natural. Now, hopefully this would continue positively rather than him doing more stupid things like confusion Sawako-chan even more… >.>

      And yeah, I love Kento, so good! And, refer to my caption… That scene seemed like out of some yaoi manga and I literally went DUNDUNDUNNNN. Of course, that is not the case but… xD

      • Namika says:

        Well…. even mister-lively has his downside moments and from now on, there will only be more. MWAHAHAHAHAhAHAAAAAAA!!!! That’s what he gets for being an impatient idiot 😛

        Now that you mentioned it, that scene does give off a vibe of a yaoi manga scene a little O_O *trembling*

  10. pasta~ says:

    ryuu is right about kazehaya being impatient.. lol
    when at important parts sawako is trying her all to say something.. and right when she’s about to.. he cuts her off and blurts out something..

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s good to see the angry side of Kazehaya, which sadly is quite a bungling figure of short-tempered magnificence. Though, both being shy, this is going to be a tough battle.

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  12. Luigi Fulk says:

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