2010 Year-Ender: Female Seiyuu

Fourth in line: Female Seiyuu nominations for 2010~

Oh mannn… these daily posts are a killer but as I signed up for this, I will get it done! The few more hours delay was because I was hanging out with the DDD guys. The podcast is finally recorded but it was filled with a lot of mashups because of disconnects and what not so let’s see how much baku has to edit. It’s going to be a very long and hard job for him.

Anyway, this time around I bring you the Female Seiyuu nominations. It was not as hard as the Males because damn, there are so many seasoned professionals there, which makes me realize that the female seiyuu career span is shorter than the guys. However, I hope most of these ladies stay around and keep us entertained. For an update, so far I’ve covered the following:

1. Sakamoto Maaya Notable roles in 2010:

  • Nino – Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge
  • Ciel – Kuroshitsuji II
  • Akashi – Tatami Galaxy

Hai hai, I’m biased about her! Simply love her voice, while she sings and voices characters. Everyone knows my love for Ryougi Shiki right? And I don’t think I would love this character so much if someone else had voiced her. She has done three notable roles this year but they are QUALITY! Love all her roles. She is simply amazing.

2. Kana Hanazawa Notable roles in 2010:

  • Kanade – Angel Beats!
  • Anri – Durarara!
  • Tsukimi – Kuragehime
  • Susukihotaru – Otome Youkai Zakuro
  • Mato – Black Rock Shooter
  • Touko – Bungaku Shoujo
  • Chiaki – Megane na Kanojo
  • Ruri – Ore Imo
  • Sakura – Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

The busiest seiyuu of this year! The notable roles don’t even cut it because she has done so much more! Even after being so young, she has climbed up pretty fast. Expect a lot of good things from her because damn, she’s talented!

3. Sawashiro Miyuki Notable roles in 2010:

  • Celty – Durarara!
  • Iwasawa – Angel Beats!
  • Maria – Arakawa Under the Bridge /x Bridge
  • Yomi – Black Rock Shoot
  • Saeko – HOTD
  • Lag – Tegami Bachi Reverse

Another seiyuu that I just adore! Who can forget Celty’s human voice, amazing Iwasawa and the M extraordinaire, Maria? Not to mention Saeko! <3 She has amazing variety in the roles that she picks. She is going nowhere but up!

4. Kana Asumi Notable roles in 2010:

  • Miya – Amagami SS
  • Poplar – Working!!
  • Kaori – Tamayura
  • Yuu – Black Rock Shooter

Wow, she sure has voiced some of my liked characters this year. Ruri and Miya are just to name a few. You can never forget the nishishishishi~ the bane of Junichi’s harem-filled existence. More non-moe stuff from her? Sure.

5. Rina Satou

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Kaoru – Amagami SS
  • Nagi – Eve no Jikan
  • Hayama – MM!
  • Mikoto – Index II

There are lots of reason why I liked Kaoru’s arc in Amagami and one was the seiyuu; not to mention Mikoto in Index II is just WIN~ She has definitely upped her ante.

6. Eri Kitamura

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Yui – Angel Beats!
  • Saya – HOTD
  • Yoshie – Shiki
  • Yachiyo – Working!!
  • Kureha – Sora no Woto

Saya was soooo annoying in HOTD that I wanted to slap her myself. >.> Though, she was adorable enough as Yui and Yachiyo. Please give her better roles because she’s definitely here to stay.

7. Yuu Kobayashi

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Amazonness – Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge
  • Shizuko – Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Chihiro – Occult Academy
  • Rio – Sora no Woto
  • Elena – Tegami Bachi Reverse

Does this picture make you think that such a deep voice would come out of such a petit girl? Well, that is how it is and she sure has been busy to flaunt it! I liked her so much as Chihiro but for some reason couldn’t really get around her Amazonness.  She’ll be voicing in Fractale, so definitely looking forward to it.

8. Ayana Taketatsu

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Kirino – OreImo 
  • Alice – HOTD
  • Azusa – K-On!!
  • Ako – KissxSis
  • Mio – MM!
  • Fu – Tamayura
  • Hiyori – Hiyokoi

She is sooooo cute! If you compare the cuteness of Azusa, Fu and Hiyori, you would be surprised at Kirino because damn that is so tsun tsun except for some rare dere. And she’s one of those YOUNG ones too so yeah, another rising star.

9. Ayumi Fujimura

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Misaki – Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Kneesocks – PnS
  • Haruka – Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
  • Niche – Tegami Bachi Reverse
  • Aiko – Bakuman
  • Eiko – Ika Musume
  • Seiri – Index II

She has amazingly done many strong roles this year; Misaki, Haruka and Niche are to just name a few. I have to mention that she has voiced Azaka in Kara no Kyoukai as well. Another definite watch-out!

10. Saito Chiwa

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Stella – Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge
  • Sigyn – Break Blade   
  • Yuki – Vampire Bund

Senjougahara!!! I want MOAR voice acting from her. That is all.

11. Saori Hayami

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Miho – Bakuman
  • Yuno – MM!
  • Ayase – OreImo
  • Wako – Star Driver
  • Saki – Eden of the East Movie II

She sure is living a Bakuman story in RL. She’s like 19 and has already done so many major roles! She might just be another Kana Hanazawa if she continues to work on her talent.

12. Youko Hikasa

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Mio – K-On!!
  • Maya – Occult Academy
  • Shino – Seitokai Yakuindomo
  • Izumi – Working!!

She’s the moe porn! Guys love her and some of our fanboys swear long allegiance to her. She definitely needs more main roles or continue to a music career. Both of these can work.

13. Aoi Yuuki

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Sunako – Shiki
  • Mina – Vampire Bund
  • Murasaki – Kure-nai OVA
  • Noel – Sora no Woto
  • Mio – TWGOK

She sure has done two very significant vampire roles this year. One was an effing success while the other was the biggest lame excuse for an anime. Not to mention, she’s 18! Definitely more awesomeness for her.

14. Ayahi Takagaki

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Ferris – Legend of the Legendary Heroes
  • Karisawa – Durarara!
  • Ami – Occult Academy
  • Marui – Mitsudomoe

Another rising star. Loved her as Karisawa and Ami. Damn, this looks like a filler entry…

15. Itou Kanae

Notable roles in 2010:

  • Elcea – TWGOK
  • Eris – Asobi ni Iku Yo
  • Ringo – Ookamis-san
  • Hibino – Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

What’s up with fringe and Japanese girls anyway? Oh wait, I just got rid of mine too; not that it was there for a long time. Oh well, another cute seiyuu and I loved her as Elcea and Ringo. More love for her!

16. Chiaki Omigawa

Notable roles in 2010:

  • P-ko – Arakawa Under the Bridge/ x Bridge
  • Hotori – Soredemo Machi wa Matteiru

She has such an adorable voice! It gets a bit annoying in case of Hotori but there’s definitely uniqueness to her and very promising indeed!

Special Mentions! Yeah, there are still many ladies who didn’t make the cut but that doesn’t mean they are not talented.

  • Noto Mamiko for Ichi in Sengoku Basara 2, Jiji in Kuragehime, Nura-asjdhaksjd and Index II. WHERE IS SHE!!! I WANT MOAR. At least, she’s reprising her role of Sawako in Winter. Need MOAR.
  • Nakahara Mai for Zakuro in Otome Youkai Zakuro, Otanashi’s Imouto in Angel Beats! and Haruna in Durarara! According to a fanboy I know, he would like more Mai awesomeness. I’m amazed why she’s not doing more roles when she’s so good.
  • Mitsuki Saiga for Kuranosuke in Kuragehime. Lulz! I thought she was a guy… TRAP! SHOT. >.>
  • Aya Hirano for Miu in Bungaku Shoujo and Hannah in Kuroshitsuji II. She definitely can be an evil bitch who turns out all misunderstood in the end. Yeah, Ume, bring it on.
  • Yukari Tamura for Togame in Katanagatari and Elizabeth in Kuroshitsuji II. She was just amazing in Katanagatari. Someone give her more roles!
  • Haruka Tomatsu for Hitei in Katanagatari, Megumi in Shiki and Sakana in Star Driver. She sure can play a spoilt brat. >.>
  • Nana Mizuki for Alois in Kuroshitsuji II and Nanase in Bungaku Shoujo. Where is this woman? She was sooo active last year. Stop singing and do more roles! Oh wait, there’s more money in music right? Alright. Sigh.
  • Arisa Ogasawara as Panty and Mariya Ise as Stocking. Both of these ladies do an amazing job as the PnS deadly duo. Also, how can you forget Arisa’s WHAT THE FAWWWK.
  • Satomi Satou as Ritsu in K-On!!, Manami in OreImo, Aria in SYD and Himura/Kiriki in Oomaki-san. She has such a kawai voice~
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Ika-Musume. Well, that geso is funny.


So, you know the drill! Time to show who you want as the top seiyuu of this year. For your favourite female seiyuu selection, you can vote up to SEVEN (7) choices as well! So, let us know which of the nominees you voted for and why? Till my next post, vote away~ ^^



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69 Responses to “2010 Year-Ender: Female Seiyuu”

  1. Fontaine says:

    I really like Kana Hanazawa, she actually voices Ruri in OreImo not Kana Asumi.
    Got to say though, some amazing female seiyuus have been working on the shows of this fall season.

    • Kyokai says:

      Typo from my end, fixed. And definitely some amazing talent. I just wish we had more seasoned seiyuu working the mainstream.

  2. Tenshi says:

    I think you made a mistake with kana asumi and kana hanazawa on the voicing of Ruri In oreimo. I believe it was kana hanazawa, not kana asumi

  3. Hanabih says:

    ・Sakamoto Maaya (I don’t need to explain, right? She’s brilliant! ♥)
    ・Hanazawa Kana (Touko, Kanade, Nadeko (and ‘Renai Circulation’, of course <3), Tsukimi, Kobato (and 'Ashita Kuru Hi'! <3), Susukihotaru, Shiori… OMG! So many characters that I love~
    I really looooove her voice, it's so cute! I wish I had a voice like hers! She's one of my favorites now~! ♥)
    ・Taketatsu Ayana (I love her Hiyori, her voice made Hiyorin even more cute!)
    ・Hikasa Youko (Mio! ☆ I think she could have more roles…)
    ・Takagaki Ayahi (Ferris! <3 I really love Ayahi’s voice! Oh, and I can't forget Megumi, right? Even if it's not from this season~ She really have to act in more roles! (≧ヘ≦) More! More!)

    Okay, it's very difficult to pick only seven, so I picked only five. (It doesn't make any sense, but…)
    And I'm sad that some seiyuus hadn't done many roles~
    Oh, and where are Horie Yui? (not in the list, in real life!) (°д°;)
    Good job, seiyuus and Metanorn~! *w*

    • Tofu says:

      Yoko Hikasa SHOULD be given more main roles! x3 I’m looking forward to Infinite Stratos which Yoko stars in as one of the main characters.

      • Hanabih says:

        Oh, I’m sorry (and thank you~), I don’t speak english very well, so… >3<
        Yes! I love her voice~ <) Yoko? ç3ç

        • Hanabih says:

          Oh, it’s:
          ‘Yes! I love her voice~
          Where’s our beloved (or ‘dear’? Help~~) Yoko? ç3ç’
          Sorry! ><

          • Tofu says:

            It’s alright, your english isn’t wrong I just wanted to say she should get more (as in I want her to get more main roles) Your grammar wasn’t wrong Hanabih ^^ Yes! I love Yoko’s voice too~~

            • Hanabih says:

              Oh, sorry again! ><
              Yaap~! Go! Go! Yoko~! <3
              I see~~
              Thanks for the patience (?) ^^
              (If it's wrong, it's dictionary's fault! ù-u)

  4. wonton jr. says:

    GAH WHY ARE THERE SO MANY AWESOME FEMALE SEIYUUS? I CAN’T CHOOSE!! Though I must say, Kana Hanazawa is epic win, she voices all the awesome characters xD

    I’d have to say Youko Hikasa is my 2nd, since she voices my adorable Mio from K-ON <33

  5. sassy says:

    Here’s my 7

    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae
    – Itou Kanae

    She also did Fumino in Mayoi Neko Overrun.

  6. Aiko says:

    It has been so long since I have been updated. Wow~

  7. Alex says:

    Omigawa? For real? LOL. Sure, I can understand her voice is unique, but good god she can’t act with it. >.<

  8. KFree-chan says:

    If Ogasawara Arisa was on this list, I would DOUBLY vote for her. She made the perfect Panty! (I agree, you gotta love her Engrish throughout the series.) But she’s not. Sigh.
    So instead, I voted for Sakamoto Maaya and Hikasa Yoko, because I loved them as Ciel and Mio, respectively.

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