Umineko no Naku Koro ni: III-II


You’re one hell of a butler.


We left off last episode with Rosa admitting that she killed Beatrice. Now we have a flashback of a young(er) Rosa arguing with her parents then starts to run away. She continues to go over the forest until she encounters a very hidden mansion in Rokkenjima called Kuwadorian, where Beatrice (1967 – as a human) lives.


The Beatrice back then isn’t really psycho-bitchy yet. She’s more off a bird in a cage. She’s talking about how Kinzo’ been keeping her and isn’t allowing her to get out since there are wolves in the forest, which isn’t true at all. Beatrice was shown to be childish back then. So cute~


Moving on to the meta world, this is where all the Kyon-Itsuki jokes come in.


And this one is for the yaoi fangirls… XDD


Going back to Beatrice while she’s being taken away by the young Rosa out from the hidden mansion in Rokkenjima, she falls. LOL yeah. I can actually summarize what happened in a sentence because that has got to be the fastest death I’ve seen this month? Um, yeah. Lol. What’s more surprising too is that Meta-Beatrice admits in Red Text that she died indeed’s definitely dead, referring to that human self. Beato also mentions that there’s no more than 18 people existsing here in Rokkenjima.


LOL @ Beatrice’s wonky eye.


Kinzo’s burning!!! XD ,Lol, I love that scene~ Burn old man, buuuurn!


Well since now that the three furniture are already here, it’s time for Beatrice to Summon one of the Stakes. This is the first time we get to see Lucifer (Pride). She’s the oldest of the seven sisters.


I assume that all the stake girls have these blade thingy as well right? If so, they are Beatrice’s furniture.


Kanon’s here to fight her!!! GO KANON!!!


LOL wardrobe malfunction for Lucifer XD


She’s so mad. Not only at Kanon for humiliating her, but also for DEEN for teh qualiteh.


Lucifer is definitely the tsundere of the sisters so far. But she still loses to SpinSatan when it comes to transforming into her stake form~

And oh, want a gif of Kanon’s thumping wound?


Oops, too late to decline. Seriously, Kanon’s wounds are smex of their own.


You useless stake! How dare you humiliate Beato-sama! D< Lol Pride got her Pride ruin her, but I never knew a stake could be defeated.


Well, anyway, since Lucifer was proven to be useless, and I’m all getting impatient to see all the Stake Girls, looks like Beato finally heard my prayer and summons them all. Woooooot stake party!!


And they’re most certainly here to kill.


Beatrice looks like she’s in front of her screen just playing some video game XD.


Eww Shannon, stop molesting your brother, you lowly cunt. You can’t be satisfied by just one man huh, now you’re into your brother. Get lost… XP

Well seriously now, I’m annoyed (Surprise! Surprise! AGAIN.) by Shannon when she called Beatrice “Ugly” and “Pitiful”. Psssh~ This cheap piece of furniture should know its place.


Good thing Genji made her shut up. There’s like a hidden button in her boobs probably.


Noooo~ Not Kanon too! T^T


And this is the reason why Ronove’s probably the star of the episode: He can kill in a snap.


Even Beato’s turning tsundere because of him! Oh dear~ I can really see Haruhi-Kyon in both of them =___=


Anyway, MORE STAKE GIRLS!!!!! WOOOOT *doesn’t even care that the post is getting so much messier~*


Seriously, I just love these girls~


Poor Gohda got killed again. Don’t worry dude, you were the star of the previous arc anyway <33.


And the biggest surprise in this episode had got to be with the Oppai Pudding servant…





VIRGILIA!!! Girl that’s why I knew why your hair is light blue~ XP.

This wa a pretty fun episode overall. I really enjoy watching the Stakes. Yeah, stakes FTW! XD. Ronove is also a pretty fun character and it’s really fun to hear Sugita more and more.

Next episode has GOT to be epic!!! I can feel a showdown between the two witches next week~ So excited! But I’m still keeping hopes low though since DEEN sucks at doing action. I feel kinda ‘meh’ over the Kanon-Lucifer fight in here.

And anyone noticed how Beato looks more and more moe these days?

Preview: III-III [14] – “positional play”


Oh Ronove, you are LOVE <3


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6 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: III-II”

  1. TJ says:

    Animated gif overload!

    Lol I don’t understand the show any more, but hurray for sexy stake girls.

  2. animehalf says:

    Beatrice took a little more than a tumble, apparently. xD She’s so innocent when she’s just a human. lol. Moe moe~

    May I just say this? Pretty please? :14: Shannon is a slut.
    She liked getting her boob touched by Genji. She wants to get laid by George. Now she wants to rape/molest/whatever her brother.
    Shannon is a polyamorous bitch! *is really mad since she called Beato-sama ugly and pitiful*

    THE STAKES!!!!!!!!11 THE STAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
    Especially Belphegor~ I dunno why I like her so much, but she’s amazing. Yay for Asmo and Beezle too! (SpinSatan as well~) Eh, forget favorites! TEH STAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Poor Gohda, we hardly saw any GAR from him this time around. Oh wellz~ But I have one complaint: WHERE IS BEEZLEBUB FLIRTING WITH HIM?! (a rather weird thought, but seriously. WHERE?!)

    Never underestimate Ronove and his Monocle! Muahahahaha!

    lol @ DEEN’s fanservice.

    I hope Shannon is dead forever this time around. Of course, that unfortunately won’t be happening (nuu), but why?! :huhu: 😥 :baww: :baww2: Kanon had to go too!!! NUUUUUUU~!!!!!!
    Well, if he had to go, then they better animate the scene in Purgatory (or the Golden Land, I forgot cuz I suck) where he and Jessica huggles~! :3

    Yay for Virgilia~! Maybe DEEN isn’t really doing too bad of a job for this arc. W00t~! Can’t wait for the fight. 🙂

  3. dood says:

    You capture the best moments with those gifs :thumb:
    I wish there where some subs for the previews 🙁 .

  4. Xiao says:

    Sayaka Ohara voicing Moetrice made me soooo happy~ <D
    It’s amazing how she can pull of Beato-sama’s “pompous air” while still making her look so cute!

    Too bad she died. 🙁
    And hell yea, that was one quick death alright. o.O; While half of my mind was on that, I was wondering “Duh! You don’t go hiking dressed in a Victorian dress in the first place! Especially along a cliff!”

    Lol Nice pause in the middle of the gif there. xDDDD;;;;

    I’m really hating DEEN and their weird, creep faces. Beato’s was the last straw. It was neither fitting nor scary. Stupid DEEN! *throws stuff at the wall* -_-#

    Lol @ Lucifer fanservice.
    But yea, I was really disappointed with her fight against Kanon. Even if it is VN canon for Kanon (oweh, my tongue~ :P) to win, I expected a better duel where he didn’t win as easiliy as he did here. I mean, f**kin’ come on! Luci is Stake of Purgatory! *RAGE*

    But HELL YEA! All the Stake girls are present! Stealing all your lovely badass gifs (will credit, of course). ;D

    & Shannonnying just sealed herself as the most hated character for me in this show. I don’t know if she’s like this in the VN (cuz George’s character was much better compared to the anime one) but all her sweet-talk about being fulfilled and shit makes me want to tear her face apart (EP 1 YEA!). She’s such a wimpy slut without any fight in her compared to Kanon and she has the friggin’ nerve to sit there, accept death and insult other people (wtf! Nobody talks like that to BEATO! D<) because “she’s done her part so she’s happy”?! Go jump off a cliff, bitch!
    On top of that, no offense to Rie Kugimiya, but she’s so moeblob, it makes Mikurun look almost half-gar. Dx

    And Genji should’ve slapped-destroyed her button for lolmoargainaxinglol so that we wouldn’t have to see her again in later arcs. *too much wishful thinking* Tch…

    Ronove~ <333

    Magic fight = DO WANT! *bounces all over the room* x333

  5. Auntie Heng says:

    it’ll be even more moe-yaoi if Ronove can just lose his moustache

  6. LuluChan92 says:

    LOL moe Beato-chan is just LOVE!!! Ha, ha, ha!

    I don’t really have anything to say but you did such a good job (again)! See ya next week!

    P.S.: Ronove shutting his mistress with the palm of his hand over her face… Maybe he’s a little bit more than a mere furniture to Beato-chan (or so I hope, I like Haruhi-Kyon scenes)!

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