Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-V


Come on Batto, wear the slave collar already~


Haha~ I love how Beato puts up a Mahou Shoujo pose when she summons the Red Text~ Err… Screw Mahou Shoujo, she’s a Mahou-Goddess-Witch <33.. Anyway, let’s get it on with the Red Texts for this episode:

– All of the servant room keys are inside a keybox in the center of the servant room.

– It’s impossible to enter or to exit except by the single door or the single window.

– Both the door and the window = LOCKED.

– It’s impossible to unlock the door except with the servant room key or a master key.

Then on the next Meta Scene, Battler begs Beato to appear instead and tell Rosa that those are all the Master Keys so she can stop with all her bitchings, but Beato asked him if he can swear to become her furniture forever, then she can tell Rosa:

– There are only FIVE master keys.


Gotta admire Rosa’s confidence and her strong belief in herself. For I thought Eva’s the only one fierce, looks like all the Ushiromiyas are~

And for a second there when Genji showed epic honesty, it felt like Rosa has a thing for him XDD. Kihihihi~!!! LOL the way she talked looks like Maria’s finally getting a dad! XD Bwahahahaha!!!


But oh my God ROSA IS THE QUEEN OF FAKE this season!!! You unstable, twisted, fake bitch mom~ <33 XD.


Aww~ Battler’s crying T___T Lemme drink those tears for ya~ *SHOT for corniness XP*

But wait a minute there~ Battler’s finally admitting his belief for witches? I remember that when Battler starts to believe them, the game’s over and it’s good, but why did it still continue? Maybe Battler will return back that belief again later on, or maybe Meta-Battler’s to be the one who must truly believe.


Maria gives you a kissu~ *Chuuu*


I gotta comment on Beato’s voice though. What the fuck was that I heard? XD It sounds like National Geographic watching the squirrels make noise. It came off looking very overdid, but looks like Sayaka Ohara is totally having a lot of fun voicing the fierce witch~.


Is it just me or Beato has a moe fang??? OMG!!! *AAA*


ZOMG THE ANIMATION. I thought for a second there that Shannon’s eyes are already gonna pop off from her sockets. And they look like beating speakers btw XD.


Uh-oh Gohda, who’s giving you a head massage? [This is the best gif I’ve ever done, I believe XD]


IT’S ANOTHER STAKE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 Yay for a new seiyuu, Yuri Yamaoka~~. Looking forward to her more from her since how she did a very playful Beelze voice for her very first known role is really nice for a first ^^.


Aww Gohda, you’ve shown enough GAR in this episode, but now you gotta go~



KYAHAHAHAHA~!!~!!! Oh my god, this is my new laugh now~ XDD. Beato’s just freaking epic. So she enters the room with her goats in a very diva manner and y’all know you’re dead :P. /End of episode.


It’s quite a slow paced episode, since I was first expecting this arc to end already by this episode actually, but it looks like it’ll get around to the next episode (which has a -“mate” in a title that means the game’s ovarr~?). About what’s gonna happen in the next episode, I guess it’s Shannon’s time to show her epic side just like Kanon. And also, looks like Rosa’s gonna do something kick-ass!

Still the best part had got to be in the end as usual. Gohda showed pure epicness in this episode~ And I never fail to lol at his epic faces XD. The Beelzebub (stake girl) scene was done really well, but I sure hoped that there had been an introduction to her and more screentime, since we only get to see her eyes.

Seiyuu performance is still amazing. Ami Koshimizu is performing very well this season. Maybe if you’re also watching Spice and Wolf II, you can also notice that she just does an awesome job as well with Horo. She’s just an A+ seiyuu on my book right now. And as I mentioned above, Sayaka Ohara‘s laugh this week is just weird and sounded so… off. Great job for Yuri Yamaoka for doing great on her debut role ^^.

So yeah, can’t wait for the next episode!! Looks awesome~ Looking forward to see Batto getting stripped down by Beato plz… *SHOT*. The series sure is getting exciting ^_^.


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5 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-V”

  1. animehalf says:

    Meh Rambles on This Episode: Beezlebub is win~ <3 Loved Yuri Yamaoka's voice, it was awesome. <3
    If we get the nekkid Battler next week getting stripped by Beato-sama… :nosebleeds:

    But I want the Valentine's Day TIP to be animated. Then we get to see a moe Beatrice. xD Meh, I guess I want EP3 and Chiru/EP5 to be animated the most because then we see a moe Beato-sama and a Beato-sama with her hair down. O_O

    lulz, Battler's breakdown felt cheesy. (Or maybe it's just me getting deprived of sleep every night now)

    Eh, I admit I expected this to AT LEAST kill Shannon and George so the next episode would finish the last part of EP2, but okay…
    Rosa is The Best Mom Ever and The Ebil Queen of Fake. Muahahahahaha.

  2. Xiao says:

    I think I like Rosa the most out of all the Ushiromiya mothers (even though she seems to be the worst one with all the abuse towards Maria xD; )…or maybe I just like her holding the rifle the most. She seems more threatening with it than Natushi.

    Hmm…is RL-Battler different than meta-Battler? I dunno. For some reason, I think this might have to do something with Beato’s magic as well. Something to get meta-Battler more confused and driven to madness as the game goes on.

    But oh~ The hug and kiss on the cheek was so cute. Probably the best (and only) Maria scene so far to me.

    I loved Sayaka Ohara’s epic laugh. It sounds more like a witch every time I hear it and matches Beato’s expression very well. Yes, moar Beato laughing, plz. |3

    Shannon’s eyes are like “Watch me vibrate”. PFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT

    Y we no see full Beelzebub? 🙁

    Gohda. ;___;

    But omg, Beato is so epically awesome~ <333

    Other than that, eh, this episode was so slow. DEEN isn’t pacing this good at all and if non-VN watchers say this, it’s probably true. *sigh* -_-;
    But next one looks pretty good. Finally, what took Shannon so long to bust out all that funnel magic (it looks like a funnel :P)?

    Rosa, shoot something already.
    Bern-tan~ <333

    Ok, I’m done. Can’t wait for next week. XD

    • Bill says:

      >> I think I like Rosa the most out of all the Ushiromiya mothers (even though she seems to be the worst one with all the abuse towards Maria xD; )

      That’s my first impression when I finished the second episode of the VN. Now look at me. I am in despair!

  3. maya-nee says:

    Slow pacing but its better. I also expect this ep to end the arc already, but maybe their extending it for a new op??? Kinda impossible since Higurashi has only one opening… eh? why the heck I’m comparing the two?!

    Congratz to Yuri Yamaoka for a job well done! 😉
    Maria’s kiss scene is my fave among her scenes, probably my most favorite??? *thinking of the final question arc…*
    Bye bye Gohda… don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy or sad, LOL
    And especially Beatrice did it again, thanks to Ohara’s enjoyment! :15:


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  4. Shin says:

    Even for someone such as myself, I’ve been relatively put off by Maria for quite some time, but watching her give Battler a peck on the cheek reminds me why I love little girls so much. :XD:

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