Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-IV


Smexy hole-fingering.


Red Truth:

The only master keys (keys which can open any door) are the ones each servant holds. One key per person

– There are no hidden doors inside the room

– The door is the only way in and out.

The only way to lock this door is with Jessica’s key or the keys held by each servant, one per servant.

The window is also locked from the inside.

Kanon was KILLED inside the room

It is impossible to enter or exit through the door if it’s locked, by any means.

It is also impossible to lock the door from the outside without using a key.


Guess who gets a spotlight in this episode?? ^^


Gotta love Gohda’s faces in this episode. Someone gives APH Germany a run for his money when it comes to epic lulz faces xD.


Well that was quite lulzy on how they just stand around on Jessica’s corpse discussing calmly about the murders lol. They looked so boring and the same goes for me too. Maybe they finally realized that the characters in this show would find it so hard to get sympathy xD. And WTF @ Shannon’s reaction too. Hello? Bitch lying in the ground is your BFF?? *rolls eyes on this part*


Rosa seems to be so gaga blaming the servants straightforwardly. She’s quite confident about it so much. But we’ll see~ Btw, I love Rosa’s voice acting in this episode.


There’s also this wolf-sheep puzzle thing that can act as a possible hint on who’s the murders. I think I really like it. Though I can’t explain much about this whole thing as well as speculating and such since I currently have a lot of stuff in my mind right now about school, but you’re feel free to share your thoughts in the comments ^^.


So the servants found ‘Kanon”s corpse but well, it’s still not a corpse yet anyway because they found out that he’s still breathing. Once he gets a chance to speak, he says that it was Rosa who attacked him and Jessica. STILL keep in mind on the Red Truth that Kanon’s killed… So~

Anyway, glad to see Kanon back, even though he’s not himself actually, but so nice to see a smexy topless Kanon :nosebleeds:


SEXY hole-fingering “Kanon” is SEXY~



I almost got lost in this part ‘coz I didn’t quite get about the spider web thing. But as how I see it, looks like the spider’s web can detect if something’s made by a witch. ‘Coz you know… Butteflies and spiders aren’t pretty combinations at all. I also thought of the Kryptonite thing from Superman as well with this one xDD.


And… off with their heads! xD

Lulz. Epic face yet again, Gohda~ ;P


Kanon or not, he’s just psycho-smexy~


So it’s really proven that ‘Kanon’ isn’t really real when Gohda and Genji pwned him using Shannon’s hankerchief with spider web. He turns into a stake (right?) and I’m just watching with a WTF-face lolz. Hope they’ll get explaind later on..


Gohda and Genji were BADASS in this episode! XD


The butler always did it, right? xDD

The first half of the episode just bored me. It’s totally lacking and stuff, but I guess if you’re used on seeing murdered people like they are and saw people cut open with candies stuffed on them, then I guess you’ll just yawn seeing a girl stabbed on the back. But still, I was on to the edge of fast-forwarding that part if weren’t for the Meta Scenes, etc.

And speaking of the Red Text, lookie~ Red Text is now swirling~ @[email protected]

Lulz anyways, the best part obviously goes to evil!’Kanon’. So he’s now the Mahou Shoujo Evil Zombie ‘Kanon’. I love how DEEN executed it, and it’s definitely one of my favorite bloody scenes of this show so far. And just like what I had mentioned above, smexy Kanon is smexy~ Too bad Jessica can’t see that anymore~.

Seiyuu acting is superb as well like usual. Still gotta admire Sayaka Ohara (Beatrice) for still being memorable throughout the entire episode even though there’s so little of Beatrice in this episode. Yu Kobayashi is also brilliant covering the Dark Kanon too. I just love Yu Kobayashi since Maria Holic actually, I was so in love with Paku Romi before but now it looks like I’m having a new reverse trap seiyuu crush <33.

So yeah, overall it’s a very unbalanced episode. It paid off well on the action part but it lacked nice character interactions and emotions due to the direction.

Next episode preview II-V [10] – accept


It’s GARGOHDA talking this time~. Looks pretty awesome and I would never imagine Gohda getting this screentime. Can’t wait what happens next. Epic bgm btw for the preview.


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6 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni: II-IV”

  1. Ammy says:

    True. Gohda did have interesting expressions xD

    Thanks for clearing up the spider part for me. I was still a bit confused till I read this.

    Wow. Gohda screentime? Didn’t see that coming

  2. maya-nee says:

    Shannon’s reputation for me gets a lot of minuses because of you DEEN. Why the heck did you make her smile while her BFF is dead???

    SEXY hole-fingering topless “Kanon” is SEXY~ :kyaa2: :nosebleeds: :nosebleeds:

  3. kirapika says:

    It was a pretty awesome episode, I should say.

    You just gotta love Beato’s red text XD And now it’s swirling~ lol. And.. YES, sexy hole-fingering was sexayyy even though I got blergh at it for a bit I’m not so keen on Shannon but she can be praised for knowing Kanon’s weakness.

    About Gohda.. three words.. MAGICAL GODHA CHEF 😉

  4. TJ says:

    It’s an interesting situation at the end for Battler to explain. I didn’t get the spider web cloth thing though.

  5. Xiao says:

    Magical Gohda chef♪ Kahahaha! xDDD

    lol We all knew Rosa was just ready to go gun crazy on someone. She just needed an excuse to do it.
    But yes, Ami Koshimizu was brilliant in this episode~! <3

    |D …I just noticed the sheep and wolves screencap. Why is one of them sailing towards the wolves?

    And when zombie!Kanon started fingering that hole, I was like “Ewww, Kanon, don’t do that.” XDDDD

    Hmm, you got a good point on the spider thing. I thought it had something to do with anti-magic protection (like Maria’s scorpion bracelet) but the spider vs. butterfly theory makes so much more sense. Hurr~ I want moar magic, plz~ :3

    Well overall, I was a bit disappointed with this one in comparison to the last (which was awesome because there were STAKES!) but this ep was still okay. Gohda kept it amusing and zomg, someone make a swirling red text emoticon already so I can break the comment box with it! *SPIN~!!!* ~(^ω^)~ (~^ω)~ ~( )~ ~(ω^~) ~(^ω^)~

    lol Me and my weird fun. XD;

    Mmkay, so I guess Gohda (nuu~), Shannon and George are the next victims judging from the preview. I hope we finally get to see some magic from Shannon and then see more awesome Stakes appear and kill ’em already! MWUAHAHAHAHA! >8DDD …yesh, I love the Stakes <3

    Can’t wait till next week. ^^

  6. foomafoo says:

    Why didn’t Shannon at least grab those two before she jumped off ?!?! what a selfish b*tch -_-. Moar ninja moves for Shannon.

    @kanzeon, eww that kanon fingering is so gross o_o.

    :haha: Yeah— Gohda is hilarious. yay for more screentime

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