Kuroshitsuji Gets Second Season!!!


Fabulously awesome.

A second season of Kuroshitsuji is on the works according to Sawabe Junichi. The announcement was also declared on the event Sono Shitsuji, Shuushou ~Saigo no Bansan wo Anata to Tomo ni~” held on the 14th.

[Sources: Sawabe Junichi‘s official blogMoetron ]

Kidding aside~ I wonder how things will continue, after the last episode giving a real feeling of an ending. It would be weird if they’ll make a reset though, but whatever… More Sebastian is EPIC WIN! And besides him, I’m glad to see more of the kick-ass Phantomhive servants, Grell, the others and even Lau-sama XD. I can’t wait for the announcement of its airdate. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!




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25 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji Gets Second Season!!!”

  1. TachaSama says:

    I can’t Wait,, Can’t WAIT!!! :runs:
    Just to see all the action *snigger* and sebastian,,sebastian :aww:
    Ciel I thought this was the ending,, but out of the nothing you jump back in the scene
    cannot wait,, huh *laughing deeply in herself*
    why are there no yaoi scenes :nosebleeds:

    well,, yeah CAN’T WAIT!! xD

  2. Cassie says:

    OMG!!! besy news 😡 HOHOHO!!! YET OMG I CANT BELIVE IT!! :freeze2: i cant wait to see more of my love :runs: SEBASTIAN!! :cute: this is going to be sooo good!! :aww: :huhu: Cant wait till they say an air date! :nosebleeds: my sexy sebby!

  3. Britain says:

    The second season is actually going to be like a whole new series called “White butler” new master and servant, everything DX

  4. PhantomTouri says:

    aww. hey guys. Ciel and Sebastian is not the main character of kuroshitsuji season two…the new M.Characters are Alouis-voiced by (nana *mikzuki*?) and Claude voiced by cloud..i mean takahiro sakurai..XD.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to crush all your peoples’ hopes and dreams, but I’m afraid the new season is going to have all new characters. No more Ciel and Sebastian.

    The new butler is named Claude Faustus, and the new ‘young master’ is with Alois Trancy. Don’t get too discouraged though – They look every bit as cool as Sebastian and Ciel!

    Here’s a picture of them.

    As for Grell and the Undertaker, I don’t know if they will be in the second season or not.

    Anyway, I hope that relieves some confusion from peoples’ heads.

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