First Look: Aoi Hana


First look on the upcoming notable yuri series this Summer, Aoi Hana.

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Quiz Magic Academy OVA and Casshern SINS trailers

Here are the trailers for some upcoming anime this Fall. The first one is Quiz Magic Academy, which is based from a game. I might actually watch this one since it’s only an OVA. Yay for OVAs!!!

The second one is Casshern SINS, an anime remake but I’m not yet convinced if I should watch it or not.

Fatal Frame 4 trailer

The fourth installment of the famous Japanese horror video game series Project Zero ~Tsukihami no Kamen~ or Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse will be out on July 31 on Japan. The game was made exclusively for the Wii console. I’m a huge fan of the game and I think that the creepy scenes in the trailer were well-done. I only got a little info about the game and I posted it ages ago in this blog. Here’s the trailer: