Seiyuu Music Spotlight – Tomatsu Haruka

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Kannagi: 01 – Is this anime about showbiz?


One of the shows that caught my attention this Fall season was Kannagi. At first, I thought that this show would very much not be my type but it totally proved me wrong, well, for the first episode at least. I love love love the OP sequence, from the same director of Hare Hare Yukai and Motteke!Serafuku Yamamoto Yutaka, comes another soon-to-be anime dance hit, motto笘・ade ni ne! [More笘・orgeously]. The sequence shows Nagi in showbusiness, added with a cool concert dance number and comedic scenes. It was very entertaining and it easily got stuck on my head. I must say that it gains a spot on my Absolute Anime Openings and it’s one of the better ones this year.

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