☆Absolute Anime Openings ~part 3~☆

Now we’re down to the Top 10!!! This time from 10 to 6, we cover 2 scary and freaky anime OPs, a melancholic anime OP, a catchy mecha number, and everyone’s favorite shoujo anime OP. We are getting more closer to the top spot and I guarantee that the songs will get better and better!

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LION – May’n and Megumi Nakajima [Sheryl and Ranka]

I will be out for a while since I will be attending our retreat… It’ll be actually really fun, imagine the mountains… (actually, I have no idea if there’s anything near our retreat house); the fresh air (actually, we will be confined inside so I wonder how we would breathe…); and lastly, enjoying the free time that’ll be given to us(they will make us cry, pray then FORCE us to sleep on 10:30 pm only…)…


I am a huge fan for the Macross Frontier soundtracks because they really do pick the good songs on the series. The current OP theme is entitled Lion, sung by the two beautiful maidens of Macross Frontier: Sheryl (May’n) and Ranka (Megumi Nakajima). I love them both but personally, I’m surprised on Megumi Nakajima’s performance as Ranka here because I didn’t knew that she could pull off a powerful song along with May’n. This is truly one of the best OP songs I’ve seen and heard for a while. For a trivia, Megumi Nakajima is half-Japanese and half-Filipina.

[Download LION by May’n and Megumi Nakajima here]

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