2012 Year-Ender: Music Nominations


Readers’ Nominations have been compiled.  Now vote for the best!!!

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2011 Year-Ender: Anime OPs

Time to unleash our Year-Ender Fan Favourite Awards and of course, Anime OP comes first. Vote away.

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2010 Year-Ender: Anime OPs

It’s that time of year again. So, let’s get, set, ready on taking a journey down the memory lane and remember all the good times. First in line are the Anime OPs~

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2009 Year-Ender – Anime OPs


The year is ending and it’s time to look back on anime this year in the series of Special Top 12 posts ^^. First up: Anime OPs.

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Pandora Hearts OP Single – Parallel Hearts


I thought that Pandora Hearts has one of the better OP’s this season song-wise. FictionJunction’s Parallel Hearts was really good and nice to listen to. The full single turns out to be better. I loved the violin parts and it’s just really cool. The second single, Hitomi no Chikara,  is more sentimental and it’s another beautiful song as well, plus Yuuka’s voice is love~. PV and download link below the cut.

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Phantom Requiem: OP Single – KARMA by KOKIA


Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ in my opinion, definitely has one of the best OP for this season, thanks to KARMA by KOKIA. This dark, gothic track will definitely send chills down to your spine. Everything works out so perfectly from the vocal layering to its dramatic melody. It may not be the type that you’ll regularly listen to for others, but it’s still amazing on how it’s well-put together. I guess that BeeTrain had also combined a creative style in amination that fits it so much with the song too, which really made the OP of it stands out among others.

The other track, Insonnia, is less intense though, but it was really likable and that means it’s good. One thing to describe this one probably is that it is ethereal. It feels so peaceful and like a lullaby being sung to you. Another great track. Overall, this single is awesome. I’ll give it an ‘A’

Download link below the cut.

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☆Absolute Anime Openings ~FINAL~☆

This is the final part of the All-Day Anime OP countdown special!!! All day long (and thanks to the suspension of classes…), we had a running countdown from 20 and now were down to the last 5 of my favorite OP themes of all time. We saw great OP’s along the way but what really are my Top 5 picks? See it for yourself below!

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☆Absolute Anime Openings ~part 2~☆

This is the second part of counting down my favorite Anime Opening themes! I’m having a hard time sequencing them all because I love every song I listed up here. This batch has an OP of a current anime, a techno dance track, hardcore emo rock, a yuri anime OP song and even GermanRussian-Engrish in it so it would be very exciting! Now lets proceed.

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☆Absolute Anime Openings ~part 1~☆

Ok, so everyone has their own favorite anime openings of all time, we may all differ but I kinda have a unique taste of openings. I base it from the song itself, the video and how memorable the opening would be for me. I also base it on how it gives me ‘the chillz’ everytime I watch and listen to it. So here goes the first part of my top 20 best anime openings.