FiRsT PosT Here…

As for my very first post here, I guess I’ll let you know a bit of myself first..

I’m 16, a high-schooler and I love anime. Of course why would I start an anime blog anyway if I don’t like anime right? But I’m no serious otaku, just a fan though.Besides the Japanses culture, I’m also a huge fan of fashion, travelling and the like.

So on writing, I might do per-episode reviews and fangirl ramblings but as much as possible expect them to be informal, ’cause that’s me, I don’t force myself to type per detail formally unless necessary. And English is NOT my first language, so forgive me if there would be any grammar mistakes here, I’m also human, imperfect unfortunately.

So yeah, feel free to ramble along and comment and it would be very much appreciated. I have no serious goals for this blog. I just made this to share stuff, to have fun, and speak out my nonsensical ramblings on anime, manga, music, and more maybe as time goes by.

And this is just my first post here, bitch. Not the “About” page, so I’ll be snappin’ my way out and get into other posts. Thanks, bye ^^.