Webcomic: AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot


Well I made another crappy webcomic ^_^. Hope you’ll like this one too 🙂 [Thanks Baka-Raptor for the idea of AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot!]

Disclaimer: Before continuing, please keep in mind that the characters’ appearance, traits and such are just based on my personal views on them, and are not meant to offend anyone 🙂 No violence and gore this time btw so this is family-friendly ^_^. Also, I suck at coloring T.T

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Webcomic Project: AniBloggers Manga-fied!


Well this is what boredom makes of me. Since I had enjoyed drawing some friends from the aniblogosphere, I thought that I should make some webcomics of some sort :D. Well, forgive because I can’t color them properly so I just kept them simple. This is just for the lulz btw so please take them lightly ^_^.

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Random Drawings: Bloggers Manga-fied!


I’m jumping aboard to the latest bandwagon to show some drawings 🙂 though I’m not making some unofficial mascots or anything (except for the first three animals) ;P… I’m just plain bored, which made me thought of a different idea to make a little artbook for my blogosphere friends being in their manga forms ^_^. Plus, I figured out that this would be the only way to give presents to y’all this Christmas ^_^ (if that bishie gallery wasn’t enough XD). Btw, I suck at drawing chibis T.T

Before continuing, please keep in mind that the characters are just based on my personal view on them. And I’m forgive me for doing this without your permissions, I was just bored to death that caused me to do this stuff (and this is just for the lulz)… I also don’t know how y’all look like IRL (whether if you’re a guy or girl, have glasses or not, long or short hair, etc…) so I just used my imagination getting into the character designs ^_^ .  And again,  they’re not basically mascots (just… manga-fied people XD~ well, except for three). You can use them if you would want to 🙂

And I also used the pages feature for suspense on every surprise blogger on each page XD! Good Luck! The first three pages are chibis in animal costumes though 🙂


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