K-On!: 01 – We know it’s good.


Kanz: Kanzie here at Tsui’s house making this tag team K-On! post! We were actually really fighting over on which of us will blog this one because we both really like it so much. But it ended up calling for a tag-team commentary instead. So bear with our behavior again!!!

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500th Post!!!


Tsui: Isn’t it really fast? Lol, I hardly even noticed it. It’s all because of Kanzie’s hard work. She made a total of 464 posts out of this, while since I’m just her new slave co-author helping her out here, made a humiliating total of… 33 single posts (since November) -_-… *gets thrown by bricks and eggs* And wow it’s March already, how many months had it been being a slave here, I might be a masochist now. Cheers for a masochist!!! So let’s take a look back on the 500 babies (beat that, Octomom! XDDD) So enough joking, I present to you this blog’s founder, as she’ll do… something for this 500th post (hey, I was just asked to give an introduction -_-;;)

Kanz: “Babies” your ass, perverted scumbag. Thank you Tsui ^^!!! So ehem… *gets script*

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Kanz: Alright! Meeting is in session to discuss and inform everyone about the upcoming Spring season!

Tsui: Uhh, right… But isn’t it too early for that?

[:See what’s airing on Spring:]



Kanz: AGAIN due to severe boredom and plenty of time but no money anymore for hanging out and no lessons to study yet, Tsui and I are randomly playing with my G-Pen at my house. I drew a small little creature inspired from Digimon/Pokemon/Monster Rancher/whatever the hell it came from and this random drawing turned out to be extremely cute…

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