Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho – 09

Carry the Zero?! NO…not at all…

So…the reuniting that the title implies isn’t between the two main characters, but the two supporting ones. But, it’s not like they didn’t try on that first part. So what happened?

Reunion or Girl, You’re Gonna Carry that Weight

Aren’t you glad to have him back, Albus?

So this is the episode where everyone, that has so far been part of the whole plot, pretty much gets on the same page and decides that the good people of the Kingdom of Wenias just cannot handle any kind or magic. Thirteen was already writing this book all by himself, but our gang of protagonists decide that there has to be a better plan than all the antagonism and killing, and they quickly find that that this is, ultimately, the always third act unveiling unseen third option. If no one can handle the power Zero brought them, then they’ll just seal it back in the proverbial bottle, and make sure everyone washes their hands after that.

“Let’s take away their toys, I’m sure their response will be very reasonable”

But I think we can already tell that that isn’t the best solution, even without another one forthcoming. It will probably only create more problems in the long run. So to make further complications, they also introduced the “blood contract” condition that the Sorcerers of Zero labor under-  which feels a bit late in the cour if you ask me. But as it stands, they cannot directly take out “Him” in any sort of violent, “we have had enough of you!” fashion – cause…goofy & deadly magic backlash. Actually that’s not a bad thing now that I think on it more;  it reminds me of sorcerers of Athas, who also can’t go against their masters of magic, and also have access to more power than other arcane users. I love bringing up old school D&D.

Titular character receded further and further into the background…don’t forget the clean spoon, Thirteen

But let’s swing back over to Zero, shall we? Not that she had a bunch of stuff on her itinerary. I really thought that Thirteen delivered the best line, and it’s kinda ripe with some story promise – or else I just love reading into things. “You drink the same soup as the king. There is nothing I can do if you do not like it.” But if I look at that in one light, it means that despite all her power, she’s still bound by rules, the same as any other, bound by her responsibilities, and responsible for the conditions that she creates. This scene plays out with the previous ones, cross-cutting on into another and it catches Youhei thinking on Zero being the center of all the intrigue. Youhei muses that it would have been better had she not developed magic at all. Thirteen seems to want to limit her as well, saying she should have never left shelter, and just accept her lot. Thirteen is toxic in that respect, keeping her as a somewhat revered exotic pet; beautiful but dangerous. The scenes continue to cross play and Albus then thinks, it would be better if the magic were sealed. For that they soon discover that they actually need Zero to fulfill this idea; Zero, with dread of o ever getting a meal that does stink, misses her warm fuzzy Youhei, the sight of her evening sky…and simpler times.

Someone else has her warm and fuzzy…so he finally Carried the Albus…

I’m sure some 80s kids were thinking Airwolf? Better Michael down your Vincents…

So then having hatched the chick, they need to raise the chicken, and they are on the clock as the State Sorcerers Brigade of Chase You Guys Down is closing in fast so now they need to avoid capture and find a way back to Formicum of all places. So that can only mean, one more scenery and sense of space defying chase! Actually I like this action scene better than last episodes, it felt a bit more springy and fun, and I liked watching them dodge magic missiles, and chewing up the actual scenery. It had a slightly better structure and pace to it overall, as well. But after a timely escape, what follows is perhaps one of the most awkward and strange scenes I’ve witnessed in anime, and I don’t think you’ll argue that that is saying something – sure you could find more strange, but why? I’ll just let the picture speak for it, right? Thank goodness, it was short…

I’ve heard of Chekhov’s Gun, but Chekhov’s…Discarded Fetish Cloak?

But for all the relative simplicity at tracking down where Zero is being kept, things get a whole lot more complicated than even that. Those problems I mentioned about sealing magic comes to the first complication. It seems the Sorcerer’s of Zero aren’t too keen on this plan at all. Ya think! No matter if Albus calls herself the descendent of the Mooncaller witch or their earthy representative, they have other plans. She lit that spark last episode, and these people want their war, they want control. It seems that “He” foresaw this turn of events, and that leads her away to yet another trial. Thankfully, Holdem of all people, is able to council playing a patient game, and they go along with them.

Better to live and fight another day

SoZ ain’t having none of this!

Dude! This totally triggers the opposite flag!

So we are no closer to Zero getting any agency. I guess it’s because she’s the prime mover of the plot before the show began that it’s OK for her to sit this out for a spell, but I’m not to happy with it. She needs to be more active in the now-and-current-ongoing plot, so far as I’m concerned. Right now she’s just one of the final stations after collecting all the plot coupons on the plot choo-choo! She better not be in another bleedin’ castle is all I’m sayin’! So, now that I think of it, maybe she’s hatching her own chick, and will be ready to unleash it when all the players are in the right place. In that she’s a bit like Thirteen/”Him” and is looking to upstage the power behind the power, and can foresee events and plan? The next episode teases another layer and a three way confrontation Heck it looks like it could reveal a whole bunch of unseen layers, so I hope they have something lined up that makes the tension worthwhile. See you next time!

Since We’ll Never Have a Beach Episode…

I hope they bought these from another shopkeeper…


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11 Responses to “Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho – 09”

  1. zztop says:

    Since We’ll never have a beach episode…

    They might do a beach OVA or similar, you never know.
    Danmachi did an OVA taking place after the last episode, where everyone finds a hot spring in the dungeon on the way home and decide to take a soak…

    But I always like those animagazine scans showing the anime characters posing for holidays, at the beach/pool, or being in festivals, something quite unique to the Japanese fandom.
    I wonder if these types of posters could be replicated with US comicbook characters though. Superman and Batman at the onsen, Wonder Woman enjoying festival fireworks…

    • skylion says:

      This is very true, I rather liked the DanMachi one, now that you mention it.

      I like including the scans, as it’s nice to have some extras, gives the show a boost. As for being unique? I do recall that in the 90s, Marvel did produce a bunch of Pin-up and swimsuit issues, but those were few and far between, so never like the regularity we have for anime characters.

      • zztop says:

        I never knew that. I wonder why pinup versions of superheroes never caught on in the West. Negative backlash from fans, or did their corporate just miss a marketing opputunity?

        Oh, and here’s another scan of Zero in the baths.

        • skylion says:

          I think it had to do with getting caught in that “comics are just for kids”, “comics aren’t just for kids” storm. They had to make the overall image for all ages most of the times, so I guess the pinup thing just wasn’t the image they wanted? Dunno, I never really kept up with it…the older stuff used to do pinups (and the still do) as the bloody story art in the comics! Like dudes just pose in the middle of battle, or breakfast for that matter..women alway have their hips in the swayed and locked position. Art is like that sometimes.

          As for the scan of Zero in the baths, I had that in my last post! I’m beginning to think that folk aren’t clicking on the spoiler tag?

          Quick show of hands for those that do! I put a bunch of images on my posts and use the spoiler tag to keep the post from looking cluttered. But if ya’ll ain’t seeing it, I should alter that…

          • zztop says:

            I think the “all-ages” marketing approach by the West has something to do with it. I suppose the companies might attract the wrath of the parents, and lose a revenue base, if they found out their children were buying lewd Supergirl body pillows from them…

            Given most similar merchandise in Japan tends to be marketed to an older niche audience who are more discreet, I think they’d attract less obvious attention.

            • skylion says:

              Oh yeah, all this. There are some lines that aren’t crossed, and Japan has a much different approach to how they use merchandising. They accept that even if it’s the same character there is non-overlaps for older customers. Just can’t do that in the States. Another thing you can’t really do in the States? Doujinshi! A thing like Comiket would be nailed by an army of Super Lawyers in Mouse Ears and Superman capes…

            • Highway says:

              Yeah, because US copyright holders are short-sighted idiots.

            • BlackBriar says:

              That’s one cursed aspect about the West. Another is their obsession with political correctness. If all the stuff Japan ever created had to pass through the US, you can bet more than 3/4 of it would be confiscated for some violation.

          • Smiley says:

            Don’t worry, my friend. I always click your spoilers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s no surprise Albus’ plan to seal magic in Wenias got protested by the other witches. Fueled by good intentions or not, it was a conclusion she selfishly came to on her own without asking anyone else how they felt about it and on the presumption that Zero would agree. Even if she does, it’s still mandatory to ask.

    If I had to guess the other witches’ mentalities, they embrace what they are because it separates them from regular humans who they’ve come to resent and becoming the very kind they’ve developed such disdain for would surely stick in the craw. I wouldn’t blame them a bit, though. In shows with this kind of setting, humans always act like bastards.

    • skylion says:

      …in shows like this things are always painted in stark blocks of black and white, at least as far as how the antagonist turns.

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