Uchouten Kazoku S2 – 11

“Hmm, maybe I could sell ’em off as a tanuki oyako don…”


Hmm, I wonder why I’m craving hot pot all of a sudden…


I was squirming in my seat uncomfortably for a good chunk of this episode because of a big pet peeve I have for “misunderstandings” in anime. I hate when the audience knows the truth, while characters in the show are either tricked into assuming something else or they jump to their own conclusions. Usually it’s the latter that I hate it because it could all be easily solved if characters just sat down and talked about things. Here, it’s the former, but the trickery is blatant and easy to see through that I was frustrated with how quickly the other tanuki bought it. It doesn’t help that they’re accusing the cutest tanuki family ever, or that Kinkaku in the one pointing his finger at them. He’s the sketchiest and least trust-worthy tanuki ever. How could anyone believe that? I was so mad just watching them try and blame little Yashiro for blowing up a factory and hiding a gun. I fast-forwarded as much as I could, it was that bad. I don’t know what this means about me as a person; maybe I had some sort of traumatic past about hoarding secret guns and exploding liquor factories.

Trying to solve things with a gun

Thankfully, the farce is over before long. Nidaime tells them the gun is fake and the real Kureichiro exposes Soun’s transformation. I thought it might be the case that Kureichiro wasn’t who he seemed, but I dismissed it as being too farfetched since I figured the show just needed a new villain. But this is a much better option, because it’s surprising that Soun lived and it continues his legacy of being such an evil, petty tanuki. Even after Yasaburo showed him kindness during his “final moments”, he’s still hungry for revenge. Now I don’t feel the tiniest bit sorry that I said his death wasn’t something to mourn over. That motherfurballer should have stayed dead!

Things are much more clear now. Ginkaku and Kinkaku are in on this too, although they didn’t expect Kaisei to be captured as well. In fact, I’m not sure if Soun knows this either. Tenmaya screwed him over twice, basically. Once with the fake gun and twice by trying to put Kaisei in a hotpot too. It would be cute to see the two families work together to try and save Kaisei and Yasaburo. I don’t know how they’ll deal with Soun though. I think he’d want to rescue Kaisei, but then I have no idea what would happen. Kill him off again? Banish him again? Have him cooked in a hot pot?

To be honest, I’m more interested in seeing what happens to Benten after all this than anyone else. She hasn’t been herself this season (well, she’s been herself but some unexpected things have happened to bring out different sides of her) and I wonder how they’ll wrap it up. Benten is usually one to shrug things off, but it would be nice to see some sort of lasting change imprinted on her. With only one episode left, I hope they find time to wrap everything up.

It’s time for Nidaime’s nap afterall





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6 Responses to “Uchouten Kazoku S2 – 11”

  1. HannoX says:

    Well, I was wrong about Benten not eating Yasaburo. She cries at the thought of eating someone who has entertained her with his antics, but she’s still prepared to eat him. After all he’s a tanuki and the Friday Club eats tanuki hot pots.

    I wonder if the tanukis would have been better served by having Benten oversee the Trick Magister election after all. Yes, she eats them (although apparently only once a year) and is an ogre in their eyes. But OTOH, the Nidaime treats the whole Trick Magister election as if he’s bored by it or it’s beneath his notice by napping on his sofa during the early part of it. So what’s worse, being treated as beneath someone’s notice or drawing the dangerous attention of someone who at least doesn’t ignore you. We saw in the tanuki bar scene in the first season that Benten occasionally enjoys toying with them, cruel as that is.

    • skylion says:

      What is worse for a tanuki? Not following your fool’s blood…

      • BlackBriar says:

        Even if it means eventually ending up in a hot pot? That’s dedication for you.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s hard to say if she’d actually do a good job. I mean, she’d probably do fine since she just has to…be present…and she probably wouldn’t eat anyone on the spot during the election. That’s for later! It’s just awkward willingly inviting someone who regularly murders tanuki.

      Either way, the Friday Club will always find a tanuki to eat no matter what Benten is up to so you can’t really win as long as you’re a tasty little furball.

  2. skylion says:

    OK, so one of the things they’ve been talking about how is about how certain triggers will undo a tanuki transformation; thunderbolts for one and it was made a plot point vis a vis Kasei and Yasaburo. So are they done with the plot point? Or is Nidaime’s uncovering of Soun the next step in that?

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I really liked that direction of exploration. They even did it for Yajirou. Guess it’s time to move on? This will be more like forcing him to undo his transformation so it seems a bit different. We’ll see what happens though.

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