Tsugumomo – 05

Queue the montage?

So most of this episode was pretty straightforward. We learn that Kazuya had some beginner’s luck with that highly advanced and spectacular obi form he used last episode, and that his training is going to be an uphill battle. Oh, and he battled a minotaur…

Taking the Bull by the…Dragon?


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Well, the best place to begin, is at the beginning right? It’s a given that we know that Kazuya is probably the scion of some hidden history; they’ve been teasing us with flashbacks since the beginning. How deep that runs is still a matter of future plot progression, and for right now it’s still pretty murky back there. What is much more clear is his and everyone else’s present days. Times ain’t looking so good! Kiriha is in a diminished state as is the Kukuri, the local god. There is a massive malison menace just bubbling under the surface (maybe not massive, but I wanted the three time alliteration), and someone has to prevent it. With that in mind, Kazuya has given us quite a bit of show willing, but he is so woefully early days. That beginner’s luck can only take him so far; and honestly can we really say that was really all him anyway? So for now, it’s trying to get the poor sap in shape and in fighting fit. Our loli obi has her work cut out for her. Luckily she can have a laugh at Kukuri’s expense along the way, right? But despite that, it will be some time before she and Kazuya can really work well with each other. As you can see, they’ve learned the shape of each other already, but there has to be more depth or else is just all surface service…I do like how she emphasises her humanity. She’s magic, but she’s still all to human.

The “after” leaves a lot to be desired..

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But just when you think that you can settle into a routine, along comes the second half of the show. I do like how the trouble precipitates. They had one bit of a throwaway gag concerning Kukuri keeping up her subscription to Local God’s Trouble Forecasting Scrolls and Gardens, or in this case, not doing that. Kukuri is pretty much the byword for misfortune this part of the cour, so maybe she should put more stock in Kazuya, it’s not like she has a choice now. But an amasogi does rear it’s head, and it’s a bit of a modern fantasy standby – the magic notebook. But this one did have a nice twist didn’t it? Instead of a frustrated artist, it was a different type of frustration. I like how RPG-kun was nothing more than a tracer (I did that back in my day) and that even with Kazuya finally learning how to control Kiriha in her obi form, thusly beating the bad guy, it was Osumo’s superior geek method that really one the day. Plus that creepy nerd knows about backstabbing, so he was well prepared for both the bait-and-switch and the counter-attack with superior dragon – cause fire extinguisher may be pencil, but fire beats paper! All in all in a good episode, a bit shoody in terms of some animation, but still a good week for it nonetheless.

Tsugumoremore (NSFW)


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Yep, you can pretty much take this one as written. I think they handily beat off some of the background information they left suspended by putting concern on present issues. That makes a good bit of narrative sense, as it can focus our attention on the things that Kazuya can readily confront, and that have real meaning to him going forward. That’s the thing about a mysterious past, its’ always going to be in the past, but it rarely stays mysterious for very long, at least not in these types of stories. I loved the minotaur amasogi scenes, as they had a bit of narrative bait and switch as well as internal bait and switch going along for the ride. You may see what’s in front of you, but the next step is after that. Kazuya has to learn to look more steps ahead. I’m thinking he’ll learn much more about that and his choices..

…next time when they confront a different kind of amasogi


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6 Responses to “Tsugumomo – 05”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    How long is Kiriha going to remain in super loli form? Probably for the remainder of the series id bet! Just kidding they are saving that for a shounen moment when everything is getting their asses kicked and BOOM power boost = returning to her main form to own whatever they are fighting.

    This is a season of magical notebooks from the kiss note to the drawing pad that makes things come to life!

    older Kiriha yes! Do want! Just not the part of her kicking and what not.

    • skylion says:

      It’s unfortunate that she can’t stay loli forever. But her new day will come.

      • BlackBriar says:

        This is no time to indulge in your addictions. It’s not healthy. 😛

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Pretty much did what this week’s episode title implied: It was mainly training. Kazuya’s lack of effort is because of a contrast in situation. Unless a fire’s lit under him, there’ll be no motivation.

    I’d love to see a more grown up Kiriha. If only it would be possible to sever the amplified aggression.

    • skylion says:

      Yeah, he’s a middle school kid that want’s to do middle school things. So it’s no surprise he can’t seem to appreciate the motivation. But, he’s seen the result of his labor, even in the Geek Supreme stole almost all the thunder. So the next step is getting him to appreicate that level and improve from there.

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