RE:Creators – 06 – 07

Breaking news! Kawaii anime dude eats ice cream and loves it.

Now the “final” creation has appeared at last, but maybe when the second half starts we will get some extra creations thrown in? Not that we need anymore because seriously how can you even top a character as out there and evil as Makagami?

Justice is crazy!

Best girl voiced by Maaya Sakamoto or just call her Shinobu like I do.

If it wasn’t apparent episode seven introduced us too Makagami Chikujouin who is by far the most “dangerous” creation to appear in RE:Creators as of now due to her killing a random book store owner and her own creator in episode eight!? I say dangerous because the other creations even Gunpuku haven’t killed anyone yet, but of course we don’t really know that. So what are Makagami’s powers? As far as we can tell it’s her words? She does have a way with getting into your head kinda like Ougi Oshino from Monogatari? That and it certainly helps that she has a bloodthirsty demon thing following her.

Mamika plotting her next move.

Aside from that I think she has interests in the occult stuff? I have no idea why she took that cthulhu book besides wanting to learn about the real world myths and what not? Or she has some power to actually summon demons? Who knows, but she doesn’t appear to be much of a fighter instead Makagami just gets in your head twisting your own words against you like she did with Celestia and Alice and their views on “justice” Alice believes the other team is evil because Gunpuku told her so it must be true right? Why would her master lie? So in short Alice’s idea of justice is killing evil people who want to stop her which Makagami asks how is it any different from her killing for fun? It’s ultimately the same thing to her! Yeah now we can see how Makagami uses her “power” to twist things.

Jojo Stand vs Saber clone.

As it stands I personally don’t see Makagami really joining any team at this point I think she will be the first creation both sides will probably have to take down? At least Celestia’s side will have to take her out or find a way to stop her from killing? Gunpuku’s team on the other hand probably wouldn’t care? I imagine it works in her favor if Makagami continues to murder random humans using her powers, it should speed up her plan to destroy the world of the gods! Also Makagami just gives off the vibe of not being much of a team player or one who would follow orders.

Magical girl problems

Mamika digs giant robots! Maybe? I bet Rui would get along with Mamika.

With these two episodes it’s starting to be very clear that she doesn’t fully agree with Gunpuku and that she might switch sides or just be neutral party and not be apart of any team? Then again she has a soft spot for Alice since the two of them became friends, but she did turn on her own team during the big battle so I imagine she won’t be welcomed back to her old team? Again Gunpuku probably doesn’t care if her team fights each other because it works towards her goal anyway. I just gotta ask what does Mamika hope to gain by learning about Gunpuku’s background and her creation? Does Mamika hope to learn her boss has a weakness or something? Although her talk with Souta did reveal that he definitely had “something” to do with Gunpuku’s creation, but I know everyone that still feels he has zero connection to her is still going to be all NOPE until he actually says the phrase “I helped” or “I created” Gunpuku.

Can we talk about Mamika’s adorable hoodie?

Or will the others learn the truth and hold it against him for keeping it a secret this whole time? I hope so because OH MY GOD that short scene in episode seven where all the creators were together talking about where Gunpuku came from was so annoying! Thanks to Souta just sitting there acting completely dumb when just last week he found out about her background and remembered his “involvement” with Setsuna. I still have my flag firmly planted in the camp of him being her original creator or him being the one who came up with the original concept art.

Extra Creations

Great shot of Makagami and her creator hanging out.

Rui-“Gimme your phone number Mamika.”

#Thighs4days <3

Bros 4 life! I liked the interaction between these two.

Oh look it’s Black Lagoon! 

Oh hey Ufotable!

End thoughts

Well at least the fans that cried about RE:Creators having too much talking can finally shut the hell up since they got two episodes filled with fighting, but you can bet money they would be the first ones to complain when something important isn’t explained! I guess you can’t please everyone since fans of anything can be a picky bunch. Aside from fighting and more fighting it’s interesting to see Mamika talking to Souta, but I can’t help thinking it might be a trick? Of course Mamika doesn’t strike me as being much of a sneaky type so she might have good intentions and I almost forgot Makagami was following them so you know that can’t be good.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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20 Responses to “RE:Creators – 06 – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    Whenever the Cthulhu Mythos are mentioned, you usually get the prime cuts front and center, and if something like the Hounds of Tindalos get mentioned it’s usually a guarded reference.

    The Hounds are referenced twice in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. In one episode, Nyaruko offers to make Mahiro a hot dog using Hound of Tindalos meat; Mahiro angrily responds “Go bang your head on the angles of time!” In another episode, the corners of Hasuta’s bedroom are shown to be covered with putty (presumably to proof his room against the Hounds); Mahiro asks why, but Hasuta refuses to explain, instead saying that he is better of not knowing the reason.

    The Hounds of Tindalos dwell in the distant past of the earth, when normal life had not yet advanced past one-celled organisms. They are said to inhabit the angles of time, while other beings (such as humankind and all common life) descend from curves. The Hounds are thought to be immortal, are believed to lust after something in humankind and other normal life, and will follow victims through time and space to get it. Their appearance is unknown, because no characters who meet them survive long enough to give a description.

    I was kinda upset they didn’t try to play the curve vs. angle thing with it and just used it as a sort of attack monster. I’ve long used and been used by the Hounds in game of Call of Cthulhu and the like, and part of the fun is seeing the characters trying to find a “round” place to hide.

    But like you said, I think Makagami is not there to be on one side or the other, but her own dark calling. She doesn’t look to need or want allies, so let’s call her the dark side of whatever Gunpuku is working on?

    So yeah, Mamika is freaking adorable, but what still makes her a good characters is that she is more self-aware than the others. It’s kinda funny that she has the most nuclear of all the powers, but that’s a magical girl for you, of all the tropes these characters are either mining or exemplars of, her’s is the most influential and long reaching. I think she knows this and may be finding new ways to use that influence. So this could be a three (or four) way war?

    • zztop says:

      Magane’s pretty much chaotic, self-serving evil. The issue is whether her aims of power and control end up clashing with whatever Altair’s planning.

      Also, some Chinese viewers tried translating the computer text that Magane’s creator was writing out before his demise.
      It apparently details Magane having new powers such as flying and summoning monsters at will. The page mentions her escaping death with her new flying powers and about to get revenge on her story’s MC.
      Methinks she forced him to write out new powers for her, and then killed him when it didnt work.

      That said, it raises the question if she’ll suffer long-term consequences from killing her creator, since there’s no one now to continue writing out her world and story.

      • skylion says:

        I’ve been of the opinion that once they’re written and accepted as such by the audience, then the characters are “set”, and nothing can change them.

      • Foshizzel says:

        That said, it raises the question if she’ll suffer long-term consequences from killing her creator, since there’s no one now to continue writing out her world and story.

        Gonna guess probably not? Meteora seems to be doing alright with her original creator being gone and we have evidence around Setsuna who wrote Gunpuku’s origin/world and her creation is doing A-OK, but she is hellbent on destroying the world so maybe killing the creators has a ripple effect to some of the creations going a bit crazy? Then again it’s tough to say for Makagami since she was screwed up originally? Unless the death of her creator pushes her to kill more people.

  2. zztop says:

    Fosh, you may have to correct Makagami to Magane, the hiragana used in her 1st name is まがね (magane).

    Thanks to Souta just sitting there acting completely dumb when just last week he found out about (Altair’s) background and remembered his “involvement” with Setsuna.

    There’s definitely guilt and trauma involved here, one so bad it’s nearly killed his desire to draw. I think we’ll be getting a flashback very soon that explains the Souta-Setsuna relationship, what happened that caused her suicide and Souta blaming himself for it.

    Something to think about, some viewers have noted (based on Ep 1) Setsuna committed suicide on Aug 23rd 2016, the same day she uploaded the World Etude video and the EMP interference happened.
    Note it’s late November 2016 in the current timeline.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah maybe but blame my old blogging “rules” I was told long ago to go with what MAL has written vs anime because some characters like Selestia end up being Celestia from the anime so thanks subs!

      Yeah I’ve said that for a while that for Souta losing Setsuna to suicide has killed his desire to create anything from writing to drawing so yeah there is some hardcore trauma we haven’t learned yet about his past and I bet RE:Creators is going to add something like on the day she died he was gonna confess to her and never got the chance? Because hey they gotta have drama for dramas sake.

      Ah that is interesting so she uploaded the game and then died on the same day! Wow that is a bit hardcore…

  3. sonicsenryaku says:

    Yay, there were some improvements within exposition moments these past two eps; characters are actually bouncing off each other rather than spouting a whole bunch of drab textbook nonsense. See, re:creators; it’s not that hard

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sure I guess for the adrenaline junkies that just want fighting for the next set of episodes I guess it was a success? I still like the world building aspect and character moments.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Agreed on preferring the world building over action for the sake of it.

        • Foshizzel says:

          It’s the same argument Michael Bay movies often get? COOL EXPLOSIONS, but the story was garbage…LOL

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        it had nothing to do with the action; it had everything to do with setting up character conflict and tension without relying on circular dialogue and poor story framing. Notice how my previous comment never even mentioned the action. It’s because these two eps presented better written character moments, pacing, and storytelling is why they were better. Shitty world building will not ever be apologized for in my book

  4. zztop says:

    Breaking news! Kawaii anime dude eats ice cream and loves it.

    Rui’s more kawaii, I think.
    Yuuya’s more manly.

    Oh hey Ufotable!

    There’s an actual Ufotable Cafe in Tokyo’s Nakano district (further west from Shinjuku/Shibuya).


    • zztop says:

      PS. Here’s the address if you’re ever in Tokyo.
      Nagata Building,
      1-38-11 Nogata, Nakano,
      Tokyo 165-0027 Japan

      Speaking of kawaii, Ernesti of Knights and Magic will be in a whole different league of kawaii.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That’s part of the joke <3 I know Rui is the "moe" one while Yuuya is the "manly" one but I also got a Kamina/Simon vibe from them which can be good or bad depending on how into Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann you are.

      Id rather go to the Gundam Cafe~

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Makagami? Okay, I think it’s about time MAL updates its character bio names. It has the names “Celestia” and “Makagami” whereas the show’s subs have them as “Selesia” and “Magane”. I have the downloaded episodes and have been replaying some scenes to confirm suspicions. The vocal pronunciation of the characters’ names are corroborating more with the subs.

    Yeah, with these two episodes, we can finally drain out the raging rivers of whiny tears over some dialog. “Annoying” doesn’t begin to describe that debacle.

    Anyway, the new girl has arrived and man, is she something. It’s like everything about her is laced with lethal poison, from her actions to just the she talks. At first, the lines were drawn clearly between the two sides but this snake-like wild card is sure to cause a big distortion. And she’s proven herself out of control for killing her creation. Either Magane never considered it or she doesn’t care there’s a possible consequence for silencing the source of her own existence.

    To me, Souta’s keeping silent about having a connection to Altair’s creation because, on one hand, he’s in denial and the other, he doesn’t know and probably doesn’t want to know how the others will react if they find out. They’re one matter but the surprisingly competent government is another. It just sums up him trying the dodge the inevitable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep I was told very early on in my blogging days to just stick with MAL for character names due to some subbers changing things like Selestia to Celestia and the same for Makagami to Megane? Yeah sorry ill just stick to whatever MAL uses.

      Depends I can bet money those fans of “I just want them to fight instead of talk.” probably aren’t fully satisfied with these two episodes because the fight was short lived? They probably want twenty minutes of non-stop fighting with one of the creations eventually dying.

      Makagami is my favorite due to how different she is personality wise compared to the other creations we currently have, but it helps to have a entertaining voice actor who has the skill to pull off this weird cute/vile/playful character? Also her character seems to be one who would rather fly solo than be apart of some team so yeah I can’t seriously see her on any of the two sides.

      Right his denial of Gunpuku and Setsuna has developed some mental block and now he is slowly remembering his involvement? If so I can totally forgive him, but with these past few episodes it’s clear he remembers everything! The other guys are gonna learn the truth and Souta is going to be “Sorry…” I don’t know how they are gonna react? If anything I totally see either Meteora or Celestia slapping him LOL

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Spammy alert!

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