RE:Creators – 04

Wow Meteora sucks at spelling! That is not how you spell creator.

Another week of RE:Creators and things are slowly building up towards something great, but until that happens sit back and enjoy this non-stop talking episode! I’m sure nobody is going to complain about that…

Words, words and MOAR WORDS

Meteora-“A site called IGN said my game was a 10/10 and they would play it again.”

This entire episode was super dialog heavy with a good chunk of the episode spent on Meteora talking about her creator, but is that really problem? Especially if the series is still in world building mode? For the most part I’ve seen tons of complaints about the episode on the MAL forums for RE:Creators and yes I know why the MAL forums of all places? Isn’t it a joke of an anime community? Yeah it’s a questionable site for anime talks, but I always get curious after watching an episode to see what kinds of crackpot theories people come up with and I like seeing what people like or possibly dislike about RE:Creators; however it was a bit mixed with a few positive comments and lots of negative comments because this episode had little to no action what so ever and that made it a “boring” episode according to some.

Sorry can’t talk anymore way too busy stuffing my face.

Was it a great episode? Personally I was fine with it because again RE:Creators is still technically setting up the “rules” of the series and it’s showing us the “human” side of these various creations instead of showing them as battle hungry warriors that just wanna fight the other creations. I liked how Meteora questioned what she should do next after discovering her creator died? She thought about giving up because the news was so sudden, but I think after playing her own game she got a bit of encouragement from her creator to not give up hope! I thought that was a really nice touching moment in the episode for Meteroa to discover that her creator really cared about her and the other characters from her world.

Gunpuku is doing the cool villain slow walk past another character talking thing

While that was a nice scene we also got a bit of extra info on the effects the creations are having on the world! Like messing with the laws of physics? Whenever the creations use their powers it causes cracks in reality because our world can’t compute how their powers fit our world? I also wonder if that explains how random people dying off suddenly? Meteora’s creator died in an accident but who’s to say it wasn’t due to one of the creations powers going crazy nearby? Then again i’m not sure if that explains how the girl from episode one killed herself? I did have a thought that what if every time a creation comes to our world a random person suddenly dies? Because the creation is kinda taking their place? But the odds of the creator dying in some freak accident and then the creation taking their place is probably super high.

Gunpuku was cool until I learned she is a stupid revenge character! Oh well…

According to Meteora the more fighting they do against Gunpuku’s team the faster the world is destroyed? And that is apparently Gunpuku’s grand plan? Keep fighting the others in hopes of destroying the world of the gods! I guess she has a grudge against the gods since Setsuna died or is the girl that killed herself because of them? I assume something like online bullying or having her series made fun of? So Gunpuku is going for full on revenge for her possible creator? If you see it from her perspective killing the world of the gods means no other creation has to suffer? It certainly feels a bit justified if she was thinking like that, but nope REVENGE is important.

Extra Creations

Damn Marie can drink!

Marie-“Damn it no yuri kiss!?”

Loved how Mamika “trolls” people by messing up peoples names.

D’awww I hope you two change sides because if Mamika dies ill cry…

Please be a excited non whiny mecha pilot for the love of god!

End Thoughts

Whoa holy plot filled episode batman! There was a lot of chit chat, but it gave us a small peek into how both sides are processing being stuck in this new world. I liked the interactions we saw between Mamika and Alicetelia who kinda give off a mother/daughter or grandma/grand daughter thing? I kinda hope Mamika and Alicetelia end up switch sides before things get too crazy! Then again Alicetelia aka clone Saber of Fate/Stay has extremely high loyalty to whoever her boss is and Gunpuku is taking full advantage of that character trait! Along with her desire to save the world? That kinda hurts my brain how do you save the world if your boss is gonna blow it up? We also sorta met the last “good” creation with Rui Kanoya! I still hope he is more of a gag character and less of a serious one? I feel Mamika is that for Gunpuku’s team And The last creation we are missing is Makagami Chikujouin who kinda makes me think of Touko Fukawa’s crazy side from Danganronpa? Most people say genderbent Roy Mustang from FMA due to both using gloves with odd blood symbols on them? We shall see!



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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17 Responses to “RE:Creators – 04”

  1. zztop says:

    Sit back and enjoy this non-stop talking episode!

    Hiroe Rei tweeted this semi-apology:

    “And the 4th episode is over! It’s my fault that there was so much talking this time. All I wanna say about those parts that (director) Aoki (Ei)-san is very skillfully handling them by adding the eating and yuri scenes.”

    I get the impression that Hiroe felt the infodump was essential to progress the story, and insisted the anime incorporate it. (In Japan, original creators have the final say in approving things for the anime – so I’ve heard.) It’ll likely be present in his draft story too.

    No yuri kiss?!

    SFW concept art of Celestia and Meteora, detailed in one of Hiroe Rei’s NSFW doujins from a Comiket 2 years ago (C88):

    He’d obviously been planning Re Creators for quite some time during his hiatus.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I don’t have any issues with the talking bits because I’ve seen far longer chatting scenes thanks to Fate/Zero and all the Monogatari series, but I totally understand why most fans would complain after being teased for a bit action in the second episode and then getting nothing for two whole weeks.

      LOL well with as many female creations as RE:Creators has there will always be hints of some kind of yuri-ish antics going on even if 99.9% of those are created by fans or as you say even the original creator.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        You know, i think the idea of an episode (or series for that matter) gets disliked because it has “too much talking” gets misconstrued a lot. It’s not so much that an episode has talking rather than action that makes it a slog to watch; it’s when the exposition/talking is delivered in the most dry, blatant, and uninspired way that it becomes a problem. This fourth ep of recreators suffered from that. This ep could have had nothing but characters talking to each other and it could have been brilliant by doing one simple thing: allowing the characters to interact in a personable way while slowly dispersing the necessary exposition to give context to the overarching narrative. What happened this ep was a very poor way to do exposition. This is exactly why hiroe rei probably apologized because he may have later on realized that doing the exposition in this way was not the best way to do it and went on to explain how Eoki went about trying to circumvent it (I think there were better directioral choices he could have made to make the exposition smoother but at least he tried).

        At least in the monogatari series, dialogues are kinetic and visual oddities and eccentricities are used to stylize the exposition and keep the audiences attention. It’s not perfect but that’s a far better way of handling a series that is heavy with dialogue ane exposition than what re:creators has been doing. This ep of re:creators is a bad example of how to handle exposition or a dialogue heavy ep. I could have thought of 5 different ways to handle this ep in a better way

        • Highway says:

          As I said in another comment, I think the author probably was a little too in love with his setting, so he felt that you *needed* all this stuff to understand it. But really, you don’t. You don’t care. Put that stuff out in a supplemental book. Put it up for free on the web. See how many people even read it. Not a lot. But instead you subjected everyone watching to it all.

          Want to contrast a different show that’s on right now about how to provide setting? SukaSuka imo gets the description of their world exactly right. You want to know more about it, because the way it’s presented is cool and interesting, and not rammed down your throat. The interest is grown naturally as you become invested in the story and the characters. Want to explain the dug weapons? They found a great reason to: Someone who knows things that someone else doesn’t know but needs to know. We eavesdrop on that, and learn. That’s terrific.

          Personally, I’m not as keen on the Monogatari / Shaft style of doing that, because I find their visuals are completely distracting from what they’re talking about, because they’re usually not relevant. They’re just “Hey, look at this stuff. It’s really cool, and we know we’re just yammering on and on and on, so don’t bother listening. Ooooh shiny!”

          • sonicsenryaku says:

            I agree with everything in this comment (and yea, sukasuka is better is than i thought it’d be). I would like to elaborate that my point for bringing up the monogatari series is that even though I dont care for its visual style, the fact that it attempts to make its exposition exciting to watch rather than a boring drag like re:creators is the difference between uninspired exposition and one where there is thought as to how to make the audience feel entertained.

  2. zztop says:

    Sit back and enjoy this non-stop talking episode!

    Hiroe Rei tweeted this semi-apology:

    “And the 4th episode is over! It’s my fault that there was so much talking this time. All I wanna say about those parts that (director) Aoki (Ei)-san is very skillfully handling them by adding the eating and yuri scenes.”

    I get the impression that Hiroe felt the infodump was essential to progress the story, and insisted the anime incorporate it. (In Japan, original creators have the final say in approving things for the anime – so I’ve heard.) It’ll likely be present in his draft story too.

    No yuri kiss?!

    SFW concept art of Celestia and Meteora, detailed in one of Hiroe Rei’s NSFW doujins from a Comiket 2 years ago (C88):

    He’d obviously been planning Re Creators for quite some time during his hiatus.

    • Highway says:

      I kind of get the feeling that this author got a little bit too in-love with his setting, and because he thinks it’s so cool and interesting, then everyone would think it’s so cool and interesting. But it’s never cool and interesting to just lecture people about stuff.

  3. zztop says:

    It’s interesting how the setup, esp. Gunpuku’s plans, read like some kind of DC/Marvel multiverse crossover epic, where superheroes and supervillians from other worlds are forced to fight each other by some cosmic entity’s enjoyment.

    My next question – in a Superman vs Gunpuku battle, who would win?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’d go with Superman winning because if we go with Man of Steel’s logic, being an alien within Earth’s weaker gravity and atmosphere increasing his physical strength would give him an edge. Not to mention his other abilities and he has the sun as his power source.

      We don’t even know if Gunpuku has something sustaining her and despite being an other dimensional being, I’m sure she’s still within human range when it comes to physical durability.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Marvel recently had a crazy secret wars 2 event and wow talk about CRAZY! I didn’t personally read it, but I managed to follow a youtube series that covered the event and DC had convergence? Both we’re about multi-universes combining with several universes being destroyed! Funny Dragon Ball Super is doing a similar story now.

      Probably Superman cause his character is soooooooo broken the only real weakness he has that anime characters can throw at him is magic otherwise he is basically a god even Goku lost in some fan created VS match so yeah anime vs american comics is always odd…

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I’ve said it before and will continue to do so. Dialog heavy episodes can pass with flying colors provided that the topic is something worth giving attention and given Re:Creators setting, it’s doing just that and certainly isn’t a problem nor inconvenience. It’s been proven countless times in the past but from what you’re saying, it goes to show MAL is mostly comprised purely of action adrenaline junkies who can’t/won’t find other outlets for entertainment to keep occupied. Questionable? More like toxic and there are 18 remaining episodes. Best not to pay them any mind.

    I like action to a degree, especially when born from a development build-up but when a show has a statistic going about 90% for flashy action scenes and the remaining 10% (If that much) go to story and character development, that’s where we’re going to have problems. And I do have such a problem with one of the shows this season. Even long running shounen series are smart enough to make a balance.

    Anyway, it sucked hearing Meteora’s creator passed away. Personally for me because after seeing Celestia’s reaction with her creator, I wanted to see how Meteora’s would fare. How she came to terms with the news was nice. Her theories are continually compelling and make you want to believe it’s true. The saying is “Seeing is believing” but how much can one endure before the mind starts breaking from suspension of belief? When you think about the majority of dialog coming from her, she’s actually stealing the show so far. As a result, it begs to question how the rest of the show will go since her speech gives an impression the endgame is already close by.

    Meteora’s assessment on character traits needing to be exaggerations was amusingly accurate, if not spot on. When going into a story, plain, dull, otherwise normal existences you’d see every day for character fittings won’t suffice at all. Most would sooner crave larger-than-life personas that feel liberating to watch.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I didn’t mind the dialog being heavy personally, but from others perspectives the issue was towards Meteora going on and on and on about her creator along with her monotone voice which made some quite bored. And I don’t really take all of what the MAL forum users say to heart and I bet if I were to go to other anime site it’s probably going to be the same kind of comment towards the series so far. Yeah a good majority of them probably do crave a non stop battle series like Drifters or the 2nd half of Fate/Zero where its non-stop fighting.

      I’m the same if a series is advertised as a brawler series I expect fights to break out every other week, but judging by TROYCA’s past series they tend to favor character development and world building with some action scenes thrown in here and there.

      So the people bitching about getting two whole episodes of nothing but talking kinda knew what they were getting into? It’s up there with people that cry about Fate/Zero or any monogatari series for having too much talking? Are you high or do you not know those series are known for long winded speeches hell i’ll add that one RE:Zero episode where it took the entire run time just for Subaru to turn down Rem after sitting through her confession.

      Agreed I felt bad for Meteora, but she showed us this week that she is quite the strong willed character and isn’t going to stop! Also she is the token “info dump” character since nobody in the series even has theories of their own as to WTF is going on? I’m waiting for the “cracks” Meteora was talking about to happen we need to see it happen otherwise Meteora is just guessing.

  5. skylion says:

    …out of all this, I think I like Mamika and Alicetelia talks more than anything. That’s setting them up with a Sempai-Kouhai relationship. But I think Mamika has a lot more on the ball than she is ever going to admit to openly. She’s around Alice for survival, cause big Paladin is TANK, and Mamika is the squishy wizard. So the more the magical girl turns on the the charm and helpless damsel routine, the more the TANK will take the hits for her. Which is amazing considering the sheer amount of damage that Mamika has already been shown she’s capable of.

    As for Meteora. She should become her own creator. That would be a neat narrative thread to follow…she’s going to chart her own course and show them the way.

    Or she could just drink more…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yea I liked the Mamika and Alicetelia scenes! They were great. I personally don’t really see Mamika as being the “cleaver” one or a character who would simply pretend to be weak just to exploit a stronger character for personal gain, but for all I know the original creator of RE:Creators could be a fan of dark magical girls and could add that twist to Mamika’s character? I hope not cause i’d hate Mamika if she turned out to be really evil or simply loves using people for her personal gain.

      I wonder if that is possible for a creation to write a story from their own imagination? I don’t think were gonna see that thou, but we do have 18 episodes to work with so maybe they could explore that idea at some point?

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Spammy is such a horrible creation.

  7. sonicsenryaku says:

    I…hate…..the spam

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