RE:Creators – 03

Welcome to Yuuya’s Bizarre Eating Adventure

Guess I will be blogging this series on Metanorn because it’s a lot of fun and it’s currently my number one favorite anime of the season!

Cool dudes just wanna have fun

Yuuya doesn’t care about Gunpuku he just wants to do fun things.

I thought Yuuya would have been more aggressive since he is the “final boss” of his manga, but he seems like a really nice guy! Also he practically knows everything that is going on so there isn’t any need for Meteora to explain anything. He did reveal that Gunpuku visited his world to recruit him and she had an old dude with her? I assume that old dude is Blitz Tokar and we saw Alicetelia February rush in like a freakin knight in shining armor to save Mamika. As a side note did anyone else notice when her horse flew across the screen it had an odd car sound effect? If not go back and rewatch that clip! As for the rest of Yuuya’s conversation he would love to meet his creator and remake his world into a fun place, but at the time he didn’t see any point in helping Gunpuku fix her own world. I guess he didn’t buy into what she was selling?

Alicetelia got to bring her flying horse into our world?! No fair yo!

On that subject I am curious what kind of agreements she made with the others on her team? And will we learn how she is able to jump from world to world so easily? I have a feeling she will simply back out after the others help her fix her own world or do something far worse? As in leaving them in some other screwed up world? Like whatever the RE:Creators version of Attack on titan is or other super messed up manga, game and novel series? I know I would hate to end up in something on the extreme level of Gantz, Mahou Shoujo of the end or Berzerk where you can die so easily! Then again a lot of the characters in RE:Creators are really powerful so maybe that wouldn’t work all too well? At the same time i’m a bit shocked that Gunpuku hasn’t brought monsters or super evil characters from other worlds into the real world to cause some real damage? Id guess controlling them is the issue?

Experiment time

This bit was so freaking good! The epic music then the NOPE!

So why are the creations coming to life? That is one question we’ve had since day one and I think Yuuya’s thoughts on the matter might give us a clue on why Gunpuku seeked them out? The idea of popularity was thrown in meaning hey if your series is popular or left an impression on people you get to come to the real world! Sure that makes sense that the popular series get more attention versus another less popular series. I wonder if that same rule applies to the “so bad it’s good” kind of series? I certainly hope so. Aside from Yuuya’s observation Meteora wanted to see if it was possible to have the creators of Celestia alter her bio to give her a new set of powers, but after an entire day working with the writer and character designer it wasn’t possible! Was that because the version of Celestia we have currently in RE:Creators is from the anime adaptation of her series and not the light novel have a factor in that? I think Souta made a good point that went back to Yuuya’s topic of being popular or leaving an impression on people? With non light novel Celestia we got they can’t just alter the novel info to give her a boost instantly they probably need to alter the anime series itself and air the episode where she gets her new powers and if the fans react positive it will actually happen to her? It does seem a bit crazy, but I think it works! If so I guess the next step is for Celestia to visit the anime studio?

Theories are fun

Angry Celestia is pure gold.

So remember the scene at the end of this episode with Gunpuku talking to somebody named Setsuna at the end and her quote “Setsuna, I met him. I met Souta Mizushino. It’s strange, isn’t it? I didn’t think he’d be involved in our destinies again, but don’t forget he’s a part of the world that banished you.” That whole chat to Setsuna revealed Souta is in fact somehow tied to Gunpuku and they have met before this whole multi-universal crossover event kicked off which has spawned several fan theories about Souta’s connection to Gunpuku.

I really hope Gunpuku is not a time traveling creation.

Theory A: Gunpuku has time travel powers? This idea is kinda odd, but the theory is Gunpuku is from the distant future where Souta has already created Gunpuku’s world, but it didn’t gain the proper popularity it deserved? So she travels back in time to meet Souta in hopes that she can get him to create her world now with her prior knowledge of events in her story due to her being from the future she can steer him in the direction that she wants or get him to give her some crazy OP powers?

Theory B: Souta knew Setsuna and she is the girl that killed herself in the first episode? This theory is more like an assumption? Because we don’t know if her death was a year or a few weeks before RE:Creators starts but what if Setsuna and Souta collabed back in the day around let’s say high school to create the story for Gunpuku’s world? Like he did rough sketches for her but she killed herself before it was fully finished or maybe it was finished and they were going to add more to it before she died? My issue with this idea is that it doesn’t really explain why Souta didn’t flip when he saw her Gunpuku at his house, but what if the trauma of Setsuna’s death was so much it caused Souta to block those memories of Gunpuku and his time working with Setsuna?

Extra Creations

This whole conversation was great!

Pro tip light novel fans don’t spoil the anime adaptation!

Marine is curious about what Celestia has under those clothes.

Marine is my favorite non super powered character! Shes so cute <3

Also she draws omg marry me~


End Thoughts

Well this was certainly a crazy info dump of an episode, but it was helpful because it sorta set the “rules of RE:Creators” by showing us what happens when creator and creation try to alter things? You need way more than editing or drawing powers to make things happen you also need the help everyday people to be impressed in order to have any changes take real effect. That was a cool idea thrown into the mix; however most of that is kinda obvious? Popular series leave all kinds of impacts on us like DBZ back in the day got a ton of people into anime or series like SAO and Attack on Titan have insane followings which means we’re totally screwed if Titans come to life or Kirito steals all the women in the world! So which theory do you think is good and what theory is total trash? Personally I like the Setsuna and Souta one over the Gunpuku having some silly time travel power because time travel just seems so weak and lazy! I just hope Gunpuku’s real connection to Souta isn’t something dumb.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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18 Responses to “RE:Creators – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    Yeah, this episode kinda underlined what I had in the back of my mind. It’s easy for a character to make an impact based on image alone, but it takes some time – along with a ton of support behind the scenes – for a character to really be memorable, and so, powerful.

    But for theories? I’m going with B, as it ties into the opening of the first episode, and I’m start to really hate convoluted time-travel stories; not that this one is yet, just that I RESIST!

    Oh, goodness, I share your love of Marine. She makes me think of an Otako that’s grown up now.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right! That applies to a lot of well established characters in anime or any medium I guess? We tend to remember all the “cool” or “emotional” moments for certain characters? to this day I still remember getting the chills when Goku from DBZ transformed into a super saiyan for the first time or something sad from Angel Beats/Clannad/AnoHana because those characters left impacts on me.

      Yeah B is interesting! I just hope Souta has some PTSD kinda mental block around her death because it was too sad for him? Hell the two could have been going out to add extra emotion to him? From our point of view he is REALLY QUIET, but if that isn’t the case then what is the real connection and why doesn’t he remember Gunpuku at all??

      Yeah I hate time travel as a power to fix things! Yeah I love Legends of tomorrow and the Flash which both use time travel elements, but as a power its broken if used incorrectly and makes for lazy writing.

      Hahah yea Marie does share character traits with Otako and I think Marie is gonna be around for a while since she is seen a lot in the ED.

      • skylion says:

        Well, my thought is that the girl’s death is really leaning heavily into metaphor. This is tied into how I think that Gunpuku is overpowered cause she’s from his Chuuni days, and the girl helped him out. So I don’t think the girl Is Gunpuku, so much as the negative emotional center. Souta brings everyone else from the games and anime and novels and such as a coping mechanism? And I think that he’s a meek protag, cause the writers want to give him a reason to be so, other than “all normal protags are vegetable people cause otaku self insert”. The kid is grieving over the death of his friend, and maybe even hates the world for “causing” here death. That’s a mess of plot points, but I feel it leads to huuuuuuuge amoungs of melodrama. Which is where anime lives.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Lol that is an interesting view but I think Setsuna was real at some point and idk if Shouta even had a chuuni side to him? At the moment he is uninspired and has lost all his motivation to create his own series or draw anymore? I would guess those things remind him of Setsuna so he can’t do it anymore or think about it?

          Although I didn’t think of that idea with him being the reason all these characters are coming to life would work I guess? I know the first episode is narrated by him so maybe RE:Creators is actually his story that he created being played out for us? Yeah I gotta agree all of that sounds really messy and way too complex for this but we shall see.

  2. Highway says:

    Reading your post started making me think all Inception-y. I mean, we’re watching a story about a world where other fictional stories can come to “life” in the author’s world. I wouldn’t be opposed to there even being another layer of abstraction that the world that Souta’s in is actually a story to another layer of world that we’re watching. Basically inserting another real world between the world we’re watching and us the watchers. But that would be not super important, although it could be interesting if that story was written by the girl who jumped in front of the train.

    I like that the idea that the creators can change the abilities of the avatars that show up in their world by changing the setting died a quick death. I hope it stays dead. And I don’t know if the show intended to reinforce that idea by pointing out that Celestia is from the anime, so she doesn’t know what happens in later novels. When they explain that, it reinforces the idea that the characters we’re seeing as “alive” are created from snapshots, not a continuing accumulation of the experiences in their native world that happen after they were drawn out.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh for sure I could see this being a inception like idea with all of this possibly taking place all in Souta’s mind would make for a cool story, but if all of this was a simple dream or mental trauma if Souta was close to Setsuna or like you said this story was originally written by the girl who jumped in front of the train.

      Same that is a cool detail that even the original creator doesn’t have the power to change their creations powers/bio instantly, but I kinda figured it wouldn’t be all that easy? I liked that Celestia doesn’t know her full story and lol that spoiler scene was funny.

  3. zztop says:

    It’s interesting how the attempts to try upgrade Celestia is one big meta-literary discussion, on whether an author can simply introduce changes to their established story on a whim, or whether the change needs a greater acceptance from readers/viewers to be accepted as part of the story’s canon.
    Like if JK Rowling suddenly wrote in one of her books that Harry Potter was a sexy playboy that could attract girls wherever he went. Even though she wrote it herself, it might never be accepted by the public as part of the Potter universe because of how outlandish it is to the rest of the story.

    • skylion says:

      Characters are a way that a writer talks about something that is on his mind; a theme, a code, a collection of other stuff. So I guess the best way to change Celestia is for her author to go through a change himself, one he is able to put words to, through her.

      It’s interesting that you bring up Rowling changing her major character. I was actually thinking about the ever-and-always-current discussion/fight over how writers change superhero characters across the decades. As time has gone by, Batman has gotten less weird, and far more serious. Different writers and editors…But under Rowling’s case her rabid readership would accept it less than an avid Batman reader with a “new writer, new direction” MMV of course.

      • zztop says:

        For US superheroes, I think the fandom has accepted that they’re a malleable franchise which is always updated and changed each decade to reflect the social mores of the day, and thus remain relevant for each new generation of fandom (which also explains how characters like Batman and Spiderman still remain relevant despite their creation so long ago).

        I used Rowling as the example of an unmalleable franchise – it has a more ironclad setting which cannot be easily changed on a penstroke according to the author’s whims. Although it means more consistency, sometimes it can result in some segments of the story being outdated when social values change again.

        • skylion says:

          For US superhero comics I was zeroing in on the current established/franchise characters becoming legacies as new ideas/character step up/are created to fulfil those roles. DC has done it before, but Marvel is changing the landscape of their franchises much more. In some quarters (such as with me) the change is welcome, in other quarters it’s almost to the point of anathema. I like the changes, as I think the iconography of the heroes can be maintained with different backgrounds just fine. Good stories sell themselves.

          I would argue that Rowling can change things as much as she pleases, even on whim. But she has to finesse it in (leaving the word limb hors de combat, yes) or else she suffers backlash. Oh, the perils of the democracy of readership.

          For Re: Creators, that might be a different bowl of punch, considering that the mangaka has much more control over their IP.

          • zztop says:

            I think your finesse explanation is much better than my reasoning.

    • Foshizzel says:

      It’s interesting how the attempts to try upgrade Celestia is one big meta-literary discussion, on whether an author can simply introduce changes to their established story on a whim, or whether the change needs a greater acceptance from readers/viewers to be accepted as part of the story’s canon.

      Yeah I loved that reveal a lot!

  4. zztop says:

    Hiroe Rei’s original story draft for the Re Creators anime here can be read here:

    A new chapter is released everyday, but the draft is all in Japanese. Likely the entire story has been written out.

    Readers say the anime added more action and softened Celestia’s personality.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I saw some rough manga panel sketch of Yuuya fighting Mamika on facebook like he was holding her by her throat and she looked beaten? Is that part of those chapters? I didn’t bother to investigate to avoid possible spoilers LOL

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think such documents should be classified until their adaptation’s over. They tempt people to chase after spoilers and that ruins the surprise.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    An episode with its time well spent. Info dumps can pass as long as the info is worth paying attention to. Though the creators did the physical work, a lot of props go to Meteora for creating the incentive.

    Based on Meteora’s theory of needed fan intervention for Celestia’s alteration to become reality, I wonder what the result would be if Celestia’s anime adaption diverged from her source material. There would surely be some confliction as there’d be two different entities.

    Yuuya’s surprisingly civil despite his appearance. I expected him to cause a ruckus just because of that. I thought his voice sounded familiar. His voice actor is Kenichi Suzumura (Captain Earth’s Amara, Final Fantasy VII’s Zack Fair, Seraph of the End’s Crowley Eusford). That’s a good fit.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Whose sadistic idea was it to create Spammy?

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