Masamune-kun no Revenge – 07

It’s coming up, It’s coming up, It’s coming up,…IT’S DARE!

So we have the “summer get-away” episode – and that means a bit of the beach, a bit of the swimsuit, and a little bit of the test of courage How did it all work out?

Mr. M and the Women

Makabe has a posse…

So the most important facet that the show’s cold open turns upon is Aki’s inner sense of loneliness. I don’t think it’s too much to say that she is likely to put up with more inconvenience than most to keep it at bay. So as she is forced to confront how she feels about Makabe and by extension herself – or is that the other way around? – she ends up getting pulled in to his pace and his plans; and that’s how you invite yourself into a rich families remote island summer home, folks! Now he attributes this plan to learning from Neko’s home ingratiation from last episode, but we know that was his mother’s doing, does he? I guess it doesn’t matter, as now he’s committed to this new overblown scheme in a vain attempt to close the gap between himself and Aki…Something that we soon learn he has to do quick, or else Yoshino will lower the boom.

Aki takes the news just as well as we could expect…

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But the character that really ends up turning that aforementioned facet, during this episode, is our new one Yuisaki. Now she’s ,more or less, the Adagaki family secretary, but in reality she’s something of a nanny, but more so a touchstone for Aki’s growth, in a way. It’s a point like this that Makabe is quick to pick up on, put that together with Aki’s need to fit in with other women. He’s rather quick to use that to his advantage, forcing himself into the situation as Aki’s boyfriend. As it turns out, that is nothing that either Aki nor Yuisaki takes very well. But of course, the older woman takes it with more patience and stride than her younger charge, which serves as the push for the rest of the narrative.


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Now while the test of courage was the funny bit, and revealing in it’s own right not to mention show stealing. However it was the middle bit that really kept the relationship ball in the air – Neko playing around with Makabe, and that forces Aki’s hand. She spells it out for us that’s for sure, that the situation could get read wrong and reps would be damaged if Neko pushed it any further. Makabe was too busy to be aware of that, both the other guests were sea-side, so that leaves us with whether or not Neko knew that exact read, if she agrees with it, or if she’s playing it coy, “you get away with it this time, Aki, but there will be other battles”. But while that brews, it’s become more and more apparent that Aki is not averse about being his interest if not his girlfriend outright. In the meantime she’ll play it coy too, and play him in the bargain. Food for me, dude, go fetch! That should be enough, but add the multiplication effect of both Aki and Yuisaki having problems with men, and we got out set up for the next bit.

Is she living her life a bit vicariously?

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It’s a simple plan, so of course it’s execution is bound to fail…That failing coming about because two plans of the same nature colliding with each other like a chainsaw on wood will do that; as they say Poor Communication Kills and whatnot. But this brings Yoshino back into the planning stage, probably-maybe getting a touch of schadenfreude on Aki by scaring her witless. But as she said by episode’s end, she wasn’t bound to help him if he wasn’t motivated; last episode being almost an out for him where Neko was concerned. It really would have been a good plan, too. had Yuisaki not done the same, and for largely the same reason. But after all that, what was really surprising, is Makabe seeing how foolish it all was, and coming clean to Yuisaki about him lying and manipulating the situation. Now that could be a growth moment for him, or it could just be him currying yet another ally against Aki, we’ll have to wait and see.

I feel that this is somehow a metaphor for her…


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2 Responses to “Masamune-kun no Revenge – 07”

  1. Highway says:

    I make the same comment every week. Masamune, why do you turn into such a dope! Just reevaluate your stupid “revenge” plot. Of course, we see the other side where there’s definitely something in his and Aki’s final encounter before where Aki feels like she was the wronged party. So they’re both stuck on this incident as the reason for acting like dopes. So stuck.

    And hopefully someone will like the hidden side of Yuisaki. She seemed like a fine person. Nothing wrong with singing death metal at karaoke.

    • skylion says:

      With Yuisaki, I’m more concerned about the “face like a mistress” comment. That’s a sting, and a self-fulfilling prophecy at the worst. But like you say, she has a good heart.

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