Kuzu no Honkai 03-05

Happy Single’s Awareness Day. 

I don’t remember my high school days being nearly this complicated. That being said, this series is way more erotic than I was expecting when I first signed up, but that’s A-Okay in my books.

More of Mugi’s past was revealed, and like the other character’s it’s deeper than what it seems like one the surface. Despite his senpai’s presence and their relationship, even back then he seemed to have a thing for Akane. I guess it kind of sets up his relationship with Hanabi now, where he had a side relationship (maybe) in order to deal with his feelings for Akane, but at the same time, it does seem like he had some kind of feelings for the senpai as well. He did use her in the latest episode (though I guess it was the first time he’s done that). It would be interesting to see her views on the whole matter, since from passing comments, senpai seems to feel like she’s corrupted Mugi or something. It’s really interesting to see that Mugi actually knows about Akane, and has for a long time. Is he just in love with her because he’s felt that way for so long (like Hanabi with Narumi), or is there something else there?

It would be so much less complicated (probably) for both Hanabi and Mugi if they did just fall for each other. Mugi might have reservations about that idea and doesn’t seem to rely on Hanabi as much as she does on him, but Hanabi certainly relies on Mugi emotionally. I get why she goes to him when she’s feeling confused, since he’s probably a stable, “safe” presence, and it’s easier to do things with him (though up to a certain point apparently) since they both seem to know what to expect with each other. Up until the latest episode, there wasn’t really a risk of emotional harm with Mugi for Hanabi. At least there’s a level of self awareness behind that reliance though, like Hanabi’s thoughts after Narumi’s confession. She doesn’t want to hurt Mugi just because she’s hurting, even if he’ll be hurt regardless when he finds out about what happened with Narumi and Akane. Yes, it’s important for her to tell him, but she knew that if she did it right at that time, it would be more for herself than for Mugi’s sake.

Though things have gotten more complicated since then, with Mugi and Hanabi kind of sort of entertaining the idea of becoming a couple for real. Neither want to be alone, but they both went to different people just to fulfill their desires anyway. Why not just use each other all the way? There are issues there though, and they seem to be coming from Hanabi. It will be interesting to see how that develops.

It seems a little typical that Akane is just a character that goes after other girl’s love interests. Her backstory doesn’t seem like there are any further reasons for her behaviour either other than it just feels good to her. But there is some really interesting potential with Akane’s character now. Admittedly, I wasn’t paying attention to class that well when this was talked about so I don’t remember the source for this idea, but I remember a lecture about a theory that basically claims that most love triangles are just about the relationship of the two men (or women) involved, and the love interest themselves is less important. Kuzu no Honkai kind of seems fits this theory, since Narumi isn’t really the one driving anything here, and Akane’s real interest lies in Hanabi’s attention.

Hanabi will certainly have more issues to deal with now though, since Narumi has definitely fallen for Akane’s “trap” or whatever you want to call it. It probably stung twice as bad for Hanabi, since this came right after she couldn’t use Mugi as a way to fill her loneliness. If she ever finds out that Mugi actually knows about Akane’s ways and still feels the same about her, then that’s just more angst waiting to happen.

Sanae and Hanabi’s relationship is also interesting, since Sanae is fully aware that Hanabi is just using her affection to feel better. However, she’s also aware that she’s manipulating Hanabi into this as well. Hanabi won’t push her away due to their friendship. There’s going to have to be some sort of actual confrontation about that at some point, but Hanabi has a lot of other things to deal with now.

I actually quite like Akane. She’s probably not good at all for Mugi, or Narumi (at least Mugi knows about her), but she’s pretty honest about her desires and such. Sure, she’s kind of awful for only having interest in “taken” men, and telling Hanabi straight up that her and Narumi had sex, but man Akane is entertaining. I kind of want her and Narumi to actually work out into a functioning couple. I would like if Narumi’s heart wasn’t broken (because honestly, he does seem like a nice guy), and everything would be nice and clean then (aside from Noriko and Sanae), but it seems like Akane is really only interested because of Hanabi’s involvement so that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Also, I would love for Mugi and Hanabi to become a couple, but that wouldn’t really perpetuate the storyline if it happened so easily, I guess. At this point, Mugi seems like the best fit for Hanabi. As much as I’d love for Sanae and Hanabi to have a lovely gay relationship, said relationship just doesn’t feel that healthy at the moment since Hanabi is only doing not to be lonely and Sanae doesn’t seem to mind as long as she has Hanabi.

I would also totally be okay with Akane and Hanabi getting together


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6 Responses to “Kuzu no Honkai 03-05”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Kuzu no Honkai was never a candidate on my seasonal watch list but the increasingly consistent whiplashing of late is raising some eyebrows. Apparently this series is fiercely and unapologetically souring anyone who’s all about sappy, lovey-dovey, over-the-top, overly dramatic, eye-roll and cringe inducing romance stories (That I passionately avoid like the plague as though my life depended on it) with heavy NTR elements among other forms of debauchery and immoral implications. I might actually sneak a peek one of these days just to see what the fuss is all about.

    • Highway says:

      Just watch the show or don’t. Don’t worry so much about categories, or who else likes or doesn’t like a show.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It’s not that I care about that, because I don’t. I just find their heated fits thoroughly amusing and want to see what’s causing them. Because among the things I can’t stand in a series’ structure, forced romance plots are one of them.

        Besides, what I mentioned above are the reasoning I steer clear of romance genres and they are similar agents for the contempt I have for the slice of life genre.

        • Karakuri says:

          If you’re trying to avoid anime about relationship issues altogether, then this isn’t really for you. That being said, I think this show approaches things pretty tactfully in terms of everyone kind of knowing where said issues are coming from.

  2. Highway says:

    I think that Mugi realizes exactly what Akane’s nature is, but he just can’t help what makes his heart throb. He notices the overt actions she takes to come on to him and to any other guy she wants, the lack of caring about how many people see her wearing the same clothes as last night (which actually may be signalling on her part), the way she lines up guys one after another. He knows all of that, and he knows he couldn’t have a meaningful relationship with her, and I don’t even know if he’d want to. But he just can’t help lusting after her, cause it’s certainly more that than love.

    I actually like that it’s not just Mugi, but that everyone in the show is so self-aware of what they want and what their chances are of getting it, except maybe Narumi, because he’s a dope. Actually, he’s more of a naif, just inexperienced in love but playing to tropes. But everyone else is going into their relationships with eyes wide open. And they all know that they’re going to get hurt, because they know that they are yearning for a person who doesn’t yearn for them.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I get that sense a bit after episode 5 about Mugi knowing what Akane is about. Also, I once again spoilt myself on the manga, so I know where he eventually goes with all of this and I totally agree with you.

      Haha I like Narumi for being a dope though just because he contrasts so much with Akane. But yeah, I like that everyone seems aware of their problems and like you said, everyone knows they’re going to be hurt.

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