Youjo Senki – 02

Bullet Train Time!

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.”

-Psalms 14:1 (NIV)

We are back with WarLOLi! So, what did you think of this week’s episode of Florid Exposition!? More important, what did you think of that dress? Wait, getting ahead of things here, let’s take it back the full click…

Tokyo, AD 2013

The scene: Tokyo Station…

As I said last week in my final thoughts on the premiere, I was hoping that they would amend some story points while on the way from print to screen – as it pertains to Tanya’s origins. Actually, if I had my druthers this particular plot point would either sent to a far off -back end of the story, ignored completely, or changed to something that felt a bit less silly... At the outset I enjoy exploring the themes of being born in the right place at a the right time, and the relative levels of faith, power, and privilege. But I thought it could easily have been given it’s full measure solely in Tanya’s Universe, rather than done as an angle on another isekai anime; but I realize that by pulling that thread, whole sweaters of some of my favorite shows would stand the risk of falling apart. RE: Zero, No Game No Life, etc. Besides, there is nothing wrong with that narrative device.

God or the Devil, do not piss of megane-chan

But while watching that scene play out, I was well and properly gobsmacked, and I knew that my “less silly” hope came true. There are good ideas and there are bad ideas, and there is good execution and there is poor execution, and this is perhaps the best execution I’ve seen of a poor idea. I’m more familiar with it by reading the manga, and goodness gracious look at it! It’s like a Chick Tract gone off the rails. It’s way too ridiculous to take seriously, especially with all the good melodrama the rest of the story evokes; and might make it all look sillier in most respects to some viewers, had they kept that sort of Toga von Beardyface aspect in the anime. I think it’s a poor idea doing it as an angle on isekai, and that I’ll have to argue from a subjective point of view as a poor, but the manga was a poor execution, which is scientific fact! LOL!

A new last chance…

So whether or not they did it this way in the LN (I’m sure you’ll inform us in comments), I applaud NuT for a beautiful piece of work. This was breaking the mold, going toward inspired rather than tropey. The idea of a god that can control worlds and the fates of world…existing between moments…communicating with so many voices between those drops of rain…between a push and a fall. To be sure Being X is a bit off the scales, and I think our salaryman/victim was a bit on point in addressing some things; but all in all this is a base line on utilitarianism/technocracy/touch of social darwinism vs. blind faith – it doesn’t bother to cut very deep really, it doesn’t really have to as it’s all LN potboiler bits. But putting the fine point on it as far as that goes: most of us only suspect, or take it on faith that there is a grand design. Now we have storytelling, so our salaryman/Tanya has a more of an edge, as he/she knows there is a design with him/her in mind, and that is what set’s her in motion, to the goal of winning in this new world, and for taking revenge on Being X. I guess the warning that this is the final spin on the Wheel of Reincarnation did nothing to curb that cheeky attitude?

Berun, Unified Year 1913

From a new world…

So as it ends, it begins anew. Tanya is born in a manner that he wasn’t – she has no privilege, no power, no worldly authority that wants to see her succeed, at best she can only survive a bit longer at bare minimum. The war only makes things more desperate. Even though I typically would rather be shown this sort of information rather than have narration spell it out bit by bit, I think they did a good job bringing us along and up to speed; the narration added to and simplified it.

I can make the shizzle do the dazzlebizzle!

But, it was Tanya’s emergence as a mage that finally flipped the script, and was the one thing I don’t think the salaryman had in mind when he got here. But she was rather quick to take advantage of it, doing the unprecedented in her world. She want’s what she had in her previous life; not to worry about dying in what he might consider fruitless. Tanya is very utilitarian, The army, the Empire…they are means to an end for her. Achieve, move ahead, and “live a nice, easy life in the rear echelon, where it was safe”.

“He stole my PopTart”

She has quite a lot to prove still yet, and will have to make larger strides, being so small and unseen for all intents; the number of times someone remarked “little sister” or “daughter” in reference to her…In that regard, Tanya has stepped over a lot of men that looked down on her, she probably wore through several pairs of little boots in the process. I rather like her style, as it’s got a sort of mad balance to it. You can think whatever you want of her, but act on a high standard when you’re under her. I also enjoy that she got her own version of the traditional baptism of fire to graduate to officer. She fought hard and made that mad scheme of hers work. But, the grand explosion was for the ultimate effect wasn’t it? She was counting on reinforcements arriving, literally counting, so that explosion was for show, in as much as it was practical combat. But, her desired retirement doesn’t come easy, and only now does she think of her previous life wistfully, and the child protective services it offered. The White Silver, indeed…

Making sure every moment of self-sacrifice is duly noted…

From a World of Science…

Man, I just love this corner office…it makes it so much easier to look down on the world!

Firstly, this episode is heaps better than the first, and that’s to say that I really liked the first one. We get a chance here to get to see Tanya’s backstory, and it’s really a rather fascinating one and quite unique as anime goes. I mean, the concept of reincarnation is not a new one in anime, and neither is it to have male characters suddenly finding themselves with a female body. The biggest movie in Japan at the moment, happens to be one featuring animated gender/body swapping.But, despite that, there is just something about this venture that seems to be different and fresh that I was relatively impressed with Youjo for their display of this common plot device.

Hmm, I’d say your cruel grin needs some work, perhaps add just a little more psychotic.

First off, the scene with our salaryman and his conversation with “Being X” was very well done  and the best part of the series thus far. Arguments with God are nothing new, even the Bible itself features several key figures who indeed firmly believed that God exists, have had heated discussions with said divinity. However to watch our soon-to-be-loli arrogantly trying to outmaneuver this obviously higher being is fascinating. You know that he’s going to ultimately fail and that he’s unknowingly just digging his hole deeper and deeper, but despite that, you love seeing him actually debating the existence of a being that he’s actively talking to while at the point of death. The animation and detail in the scene is very well done, the low key music and the changing angles all made for a spectacularly well done sequence with a foreboding and ominous tone.

The day the Earth stood still…

It reminds me a little of Ebenezer Scrooge when Marley first shows up. He’s actively conversing and debating with a being and is obviously separate from his own conscious, and yet continues to push forward that said being doesn’t actually exist. In Tanya’s case, even after he’s reincarnated and still insisting against “Being X”’s existence, you have to think it’s really down to unbelievable stubbornness. But then you really can’t expect much else from a character such as our Japanese salaryman.

“Being X” is not amused.

Speaking of Scrooge, you would think that our salaryman was actually the devil in an Armani suit considering how we see Tanya in her current world. But while ruthless, cruel, arrogant, and conceited, I’ve seen much worse when it comes to businessmen. Sure, he has one of the most hated jobs in the world, but somebody has to do it. No, indeed, while his disdain for the feeling of others and his lack of empathy leads to his own demise and the notice of a divine being, I believe that it was indeed his high-handed presumptuousness which lead to his current situation.

I think I may be beginning to regret this decision…


…to a World of Magic

It’s a hard-knock life for us! It’s a hard-knock life for us!

Oh, so you think that you don’t need anyone or anything because you are a well-off, intelligent male with security and comfort in a modern society that meets all your needs and no real problems, huh?

*cue sinister slasher smile*

Then, how about then that we violently uproot you from that life.

You had a well-established family life with safety and security? Nope, you’re an orphan in an honest-to-God orphanage now in a very poor country on brink of war. You’re a tall, strong male in a male-dominated society? Let’s make you a tiny, short, female in an even more patriarchal society. You love your modern science-driven society with computers and smartphones? Well, welcome to a world that’s barely out of the turn of the century, where horses are still a major form of transportation, polio and tuberculosis still run rampant, and where science has been replaced with magic.

Tanya, you’re supposed to be IN the group photo, not on the side!

Yes, our salaryman-turned-loli is now completely out of his element and would have probably not have lived very long as an extremely poor uneducated girl in pre-not-WWI not-Germany. But Being X has mercy ( or a cruel sense of humor that didn’t want this to end too quickly) and bestows little Tanya with a natural ability to use magic, giving her a talent and gift to work with and to improve her situation. And of course, with the mind of a skilled businessman inside her, Tanya makes the most of it, transforming herself into the deadly girl that we see today. And indeed, by the tender age of nine (it seems I overestimated her age last time.)

One of these things is not like the others; one of these things is not the same…

But of course, Tanya’s not going find some comfortable cushy side job to simply get by in life. “Being X” still has a point to make. And so little Tanya finds herself unknowingly pushing herself into prominence and thus away from her desired sidelines and into  the very inferno of the war.



Shades of Extras…

Keep smiling!

Show ▼

Of course the big brouhaha was the battle scenes. NuT really is putting it all out there on view, aren’t they? Every sequence is grand and gorgeous, from the design aspect of the different armies to the accuracy of the artillery, they are very much sold on this, and want to sell it to us as hard as possible. Top notch stuff and a pleasure to watch. So in leaving, we have secret mad mage/scientist plot point given to us, and Tanya’s debut as a pretty propaganda tool. That seems like a good place to continue.

I loved this episode as it finally gives us an idea of who Tanya is as a person and something for us to hook onto in order to become interested in her as a character. I am wondering about the fact that she happens to be the only child and only one of two females that we’ve seen within the armed forces of either side in a conflict that pretty much mirrors that of our own world in every other respect, could it be Being X’s influence that has allowed her to even be able to take this position. I find it interesting that while still commented on here and there, Tanya’s presence is treated as mostly normal, despite no others her age or sex (other than Viktoriya) seen anywhere in the either army. It is rather interesting…

But despite that, I’m really interested in seeing where they go from here. I can see some political aspects being introduced here, as well as possible shady elements within the military, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

“…I’m in Hell…”


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41 Responses to “Youjo Senki – 02”

  1. Smiley says:

    The execution OG Tanya’s exchange with existence X is actually anime original. That segment was more cliched in the LN; think talking to an old man in a white room. That said, the contents of the conversation remain mostly the same. A lot of gratuitous fluff was cut out in the adaptation, but that just shows Studio NUT continues to make good adaptation choices.

    • skylion says:

      I had my suspicions that the LN was mostly padded, but didn’t want to commit in my part of the post. Thanks for confirming.

      OG Tanya?

  2. marthaurion says:

    Let me state initially that this opinion is based on the translation, so I might have missed subtleties in the actual dialogue.

    I was trying to make sense of the salaryman’s argument with Being X as well and it seemed more to me like he was more arguing against the god’s benevolence than he was arguing against his general existence, which is why I thought his argument wasn’t great (at least state a decent claim). The god is equally guilty in this argument since he/she seems to be pushing for the salaryman’s faith, which is nonsense if he is already being shown proof of his/her existence. It seemed more like he/she was pushing for the salaryman’s worship, which I would argue makes for a more interesting argument.

    More importantly, in the initial scenes, what did we really see from the salaryman that suggested that he was truly cruel? He self-diagnosed mental conditions to us, but his behavior in the office seemed…reasonable. He seemed to be executing the company’s directives for someone who wasn’t doing his job properly. What was he supposed to do in this situation?

    • skylion says:

      Well, I think the salaryman is being a dumbass. One of the things you shouldn’t do, no matter if you have religious faith or not, is argue with a being that talks with the voices of many people in a stopped moment in time. If you’re a rational person, you should take this new information in and test as you would anything that needs benefit of the doubt. So I don’t think it’s a case of benevolence or not on either the salaryman’s or Being X’s part; it’s a case of the mortal shutting up and listening to the very powerful being. But, he just got pushed in front of a train, so I’ll give him a bit more credit for being out of sorts. So maybe both of these two could chill?

      In the end, I’ll just reiterate that most of fairly amateur level stuff in so far as an academic arguments exists, and I only take is seriously enough to make Tanay’s very melodramatic characteristics work. It’s like focusing to much on “It’s from the robot-dystopia” future in the Terminator films; the only reason that exists is to give a reason why the killer is unstoppable, and the future angle is the least interesting thing about the original film.

      • marthaurion says:

        that argument sounds a lot like “might makes right”. i agree that the argument the salaryman makes is a poor one, but the approach isnt technically wrong. he first tries to rationalize what he’s experiencing based on what he knows and then he questions the being’s motives. again, the scene overall is disappointing, but id argue both sides are at least in the wrong and the god has less of an excuse.

        • skylion says:

          Well I think Being X does have a great degree of might in this situation, and there is plenty of wiggle room for whether or not that makes “it” in the right. But for my, the way I’m going to choose to look at it, for the sake of paying attention to the one of many possible threads, is that both of them are cranky pants.

          And…T (thanks to my co-blogger for the relief giving abbrev.) might just have more might that is initially given; after all, what is a god without some form of veneration or worship?

    • Smiley says:

      You’ve kind of got it. The salary man can’t deny that being x exists because he’s having a conversation with him. However, he’s skeptical that being x is a god since his problem with mankind’s lack of faith means that the supposed god is not perfect (the unspoken contradiction is that a god should be perfect). So through a twisted thought process, the only other alternative in the salary man’s mind is that being x is the devil. This offends being x since he can read the salary man’s mind.

      As for being x’s motives, the gods have a purpose that they want to fulfill (it’s not explained why they have this purpose). And supposedly mankind’s declining faith is directly hindering their efforts to carry out this mission. This is elaborated upon later in the LN, but I’m not sure if that segment will make it into the anime, so I won’t go into it for now.

      • IreneSharda says:

        That actually sort of makes sense. But then again, at least for the subs I had, it seemed that T denies the existence of either, God or the Devil, which is why he called it “Being X”.

        From the word they used “Rinne”, I’m assuming that Being X is sort of this story’s amalgamation of the traditional sense of God as a supreme deity, along with the personification of the wheel of reincarnation known as “Rinne”.

      • marthaurion says:

        yeah, i agree with this, but i would argue that the salaryman has more of a problem with a god being completely benevolent, as that more naturally leads into his conclusion that being x is the devil.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Unfortunately I can only go with the subtitles given, though it is possible that it was different in the LN and manga.

      Faith and worship are different things, but both are impossible if the person in question doesn’t even believe in the existance of what/whoever the person is putting faith in/worshipping. The argument he has seems to start off on denying the existance of Being X, which to me is ridiculous as even phlisophically, if you are communicating with it, in some part of your subconcious, you have accepted that whatever it is your are communicating with is in some form of existance.
      Being X doesn’t bring up faith until later.

      There is also the possibility that its a lost in translation thing. I’ll listen to it again and see what word they use for “faith” as there are Japanese words that mean faith simply as “belief” rather than what we think of as faith, which is “trust”.

      As to the cruelty of Salaryman T? Well, like I said, I’ve seen worse. He’s actually much worse as Tanya than what we see of him as T. As T, he seems to be no worse than perhaps an antagonist in a Dickens novel. I also think his actions have more weight in Japanese culture, as it is extremely hard to change careers, especially if you’ve been fired from one. Its almost impossibly hard. And with a wife who is probably not working and a child in school? Yeah, this guy who go fired wasn’t looking at a happy future, like at all.
      I think he might have been just demoted or shuffled around rather than outright fired. It would have been shaming enough, but he would still have a job.

      But I think the problem with T, was not so much his actions, but his lack of empathy towards others. His arrogance and conceit are also a problem, and despite the fact that he acknowledges his flaws, doesn’t change the fact that they are still there and he doesn’t feel as if he should do anything about it. And this time, he mouth off to the wrong being. That’s where his fault truly lies.

      And worker in Japan will tell you, that if someone higher than you is censuring you, you shut up and listen. You don’t argue. He, as a salaryman, should have known better. His own arrogance was what go him tossed into not-WWI. Even more so that any of his other faults.

      He should have learned from the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. You don’t mouth off to otherworldly beings. You will end up paying for it, and hard.

      • marthaurion says:

        i think if you’re giving being x the benefit of the doubt in this conversation, then the salaryman deserves it too. as i said, it seems like he’s rejecting the concept of an all-benevolent god, rather than the existence of the being with whom he’s conversing. it could very well have been expressed better, but i think that’s the crux of the argument.

        is it correct to argue that the office worker who is fired has every right to make excuses for himself to his superior, but the salaryman has no business arguing with the supernatural being that seems to have some authority over his life?

      • skylion says:

        As far as T’s actions go, the show was aiming for the broad swaths to tell the story, but I agree he had no more evil than an other technocratic bore. I also agree about his relative level of officious arrogance; it’s not like he’s actually creating any value at the company, just making sure any potential dead weight doesn’t pull that value down.

        LOL. Or Ghostbusters?! “Next time someone asks if you’re god – YOU SAY YES!”

  3. zztop says:

    I thought [the plot] could easily have been given it’s full measure solely in Tanya’s Universe, rather than done as an angle on another isekai anime.

    Youjo started out as a webnovel series on the website Shousetsuka ni Narou!(Let’s become a novelist!)-think a that hosts amateur webnovels. The higher-ranked series are largely fantasy isekai stories, the most popular genre among aspiring otaku-writers-etc.

    Being amateurs, most tend to be copypastas of isekai themes, with some slightly different angles thrown in. They also tend to focus heavily on the MC’s exploits and how their current skill sets are so advantageous in the new world that it becomes a “cheat” to rise to the top. Escapism for its readers, if you will.

    Of course, works like SAO and Mahouka started off on Shousetsuka too…

    • skylion says:

      Yep, go with a tried and true series of tropes that kinda has its own established fan-base; if that works with print books, it should work with webnovels – the only thing missing online is there is almost no “show willing” to buy on a fanfiction website. And people say that LNs will be the death of anime! Hell if adapting short stories, plays, novels, etc. is still working for film and other forms of TV, then why pick on LNs?

      • zztop says:

        Then why pick on LNs?

        I think people pick on it because of its content – given the nicheness of the LN market and its general appeal to otakus, it means the writers fill their LNs with content that appeals to said market – generally big boobs, short skirts, a growing harem, etc. The sameness of the content means at points the books all start reading like copypastas of each other. Think the beginnings of Asterisk War and Rakudai Kishi, which started with the MC accidentally walking in on the undressing girl.

        In some cases, the authors themselves are otaku to the point their works are saturated in it – like how nearly all isekai worlds in WNs appear to be based on JRPGs complete with pop-up menus (Konosuba being a funnier example). So there’s a prejudice that all these authors are otaku losers who write to fulfill their own power fantasies.

        • skylion says:

          It’s interesting, but you could remove LN and replace it with TV/Film/modern novels, and play a very gentle game of replacement with big boobs, short skirts, a growing harem, and this sort of stuff describes…well, everything in popular entertainment; holy crap, Superhero stuff, talk about samey! I mean, no form of popular entertainment that comes out in roughly the same time period doesn’t juggle the same couple of tropes for widest possible appeal possible, or even a guarantee of maximum niche explosion…

          • zztop says:

            My answer was made in relation to only the LN market, but you make plenty of good points. Especially the stuff about superheroes.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    So basically, our protagonist is a stuck-up individual spoiled by a well off lifestyle paying for vanity and arrogance in the most extreme of ways. Honestly, I felt like wanting to jump in and start issuing the creep some slaps. Well, it’s always a pleasure watching those on their high horse get brutally put in their place and the way things are shaping up, the road to an easy, convenient life will be a long one. Assuming Tanya’s mind doesn’t get completely warped on the way there and in that world, she’s only 9 years old.

    • Irenesharda says:

      It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. I honestly would enjoy seeing ‘Being X’ mess with Tanya from time to time, but we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Highway says:

    I didn’t really get the idea of denying the existence of ‘Existence X’ (I just gotta get my own idea out there, I didn’t like “Being X” nearly as much). The whole name is indicating that he doesn’t disbelieve in its existence. To me it was more about the rejection of the idea that he should have faith in a higher power of existence (and I’m super sympathetic to that argument, to be sure). And should you really have faith in some petty existence that demands it? That’s some circular bullshit right there. “Have faith in me that I exist because I exist and I demand that you have faith.”

    While the scene got a little long, having heard what a horrible hack job the other media were, I thought this was pretty brilliant when graded on that curve. And seeing those manga pages… that’s terrible. Atrocious. The anime was about as good as you can do with that kind of encounter as I think it gets. The only complaints I have are the 1) a little long one and 2) too much fakey chromatic aberration.

    • skylion says:

      You’ll find that our “sympathies” match up pretty much. I am willing to give the story the benefit of the doubt, and the character of Being X (see, I like that one better) it’s due course. But you aren’t incorrect; the circle is indeed a built in a cattleyard…But my read on it is still the same, both these two need to cut each other some slack, maybe take some time, a bit of a breath.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I had to take it on basically what was said in the subtitles, in which Salaryman T(he really isn’t given a name so I’m going to call him T.) Simply states that he’s sorry said being came down because he doesn’t believe in any such said being. So, the entire argument began simply on existance. It was only after this that ‘Being X’ stated that he doesn’t have faith, and then T seemed to be adding his lack of faith along to the original argument.
      And later on, when Tanya is flying she straight up says that she refuses to believe in the existance of God, which considering how it riled her up, she has made the connection in her mind with Being X and God.

      So, what I got out of all that was rather he was challenging existance rather than simply faith, since faith wasn’t brought up until later. Faith would indicate that you accept that there is something there to put faith in ( or not putting faith in). Since T already states he denies the existance of a higher being, of course it follows that he wouldn’t have faith.

      • Highway says:

        Now we get into theological argument, but this is where I think you have “belief” and “acceptance” confused too much. One doesn’t need to believe in their boss to accept their existence. They are there. You experience them. The same with some unspecified “higher” being. If you’ve never experienced it, then you either have faith that it exists, or you do not have faith in its existence. Once you have experienced that there, in fact, is a higher being, now you no longer need faith in knowing that it exists. But until you experience it, they are the same thing. So if you reject the concept of such an existence, then you have no faith or belief in it.

        That’s what it seemed like to me. And one can accept the existence of said higher being, *without* accepting all of the folderol that comes with believing in a god. Especially one that is demanding reverence and fealty. That is what I felt the message of Tanya’s ranting. Now that it’s been proven to him that there is some Existence X, she accepts that Existence X is there. But she rejects the belief that it is god, which carries a far greater suite of required actions.

        ETA: This is pretty much the same thing that Smiley said above.

        • IreneSharda says:

          I can see that as well. It really comes to what did the writers actually mean by the word “faith” in the conversation. I’m not actually sure of the Japanese word use. But I did look up that there are several words that can be translated as “faith” though one meaning more so “belief” while the other on has to do with “trust”. So, that could also be a factor in what Being X was saying.

        • skylion says:

          You don’t need faith to know the sun will rise come morning, nor do you need belief. But…you cannot build a good metaphor without either…

  6. ProtoSovereign says:

    Wow looks like I picked up quite the series as the only show I’m watching from this season as its currently airing. They most certainly have my attention and damn Tanya is a lot younger than I expected…

    • BlackBriar says:

      The only show this season? You must have shaved a lot off your watch list. Last season, I recall you only commenting on the “Drifters” posts.

      Yeah. Tanya is 9 years old? That’s got to be the youngest anime protagonist on record so far.

      • ProtoSovereign says:

        Hahaha I still plan on watching them but just not as it airing. (though I might change my mind) I was going to follow konosuba up to the latest ep every week but the first ep was a bit of a disappointment (vs my expectations) so I might get a bit behind on that.

        • ProtoSovereign says:

          And yes I only commented on Drifters cuz that was the only show I was up to date on XD. the others I was always a week or 2 behind.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I get like that on some shows, too. An irritating little habit that needs to be kicked because it drags out the procrastination you end up having episodes pile up on you.

        • BlackBriar says:

          I diligently screen my choices every season before making picks. I currently have 10 shows on my list but the number may be subject to getting smaller. The best option is not to have a lot of expectation and see how things unfold. Giving an opinion on Konosuba, though, is impossible on my part since that series never piqued my interest.

    • skylion says:

      Good to have you here! Pick up some more stuff! It’s practically harmless!

      For Tanya she has to be pretty young for whatever shock value they want to put on to work. Remember there were two instances where people made a “what is this world or war coming to, that kid is no older than my

      • ProtoSovereign says:

        I might pick up more stuff lol, but I just don’t want to wait for the next ep for so many XD maybe I will though so I can comment on other stuff. I picked up Tanya as its airing cuz I wanted to comment and discuss something. Its a toss up between the fun and joy of discussing a show as its airing but having to wait for each ep and waiting for the season to finish before watching so I don’t have to wait but I don’t get to talk about it then. :/

        • BlackBriar says:

          To choose or not to choose? That is the question. 😉

          Purely my opinion on the subject but if I were you, I’d go with following while it’s airing because the whole commenting set-up is time sensitive. If you miss your chance to comment and discuss on what happened on a certain episode, you won’t get it back because everyone will be too busy focusing on the following episode’s events in the following post. Not to mention if the series reaches its end and you held back, you’ll have lost completely and all will be looking forward to the next seasonal show.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      Any suggestions as to what else I should pick up this season? Something (hopefully) good and probably something that will be discussable XD.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Well, I can’t give a big recommendation because there are a lot of series this season that aren’t my style and some that may not be yours but for one in particular, I’d say go for Demi-chan wa Kataritai. If you’re into monster girls, check it out. And don’t worry, it’s not an ecchi saturated show like Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou.

        • ProtoSovereign says:

          … well I’m not actually into monster girls XD. But I’ll watch it anyway and see what I get.

  7. skylion says:

    Episode Three Preview

  8. Namaewoinai says:

    Sorry I’am kinda late for this…so

    So i see that…”He” (origially a male) was a very successful but yet a strict business man, but again he won’t escapes for it’s death treats, and then he face “that”, then argues at it, and he gives…another chance to live, but…

    He maybe a jerk alright, but again for me “He” is just another victim of the UCT (yes i would rather to called it the “Ultimate Cosmic Tyrant” rather than the “Being X” or -ahem- a God)

    and he is reincarnated as a female, in and old but yet messy world, but her memories is still accumulated from it’s previous life, it seems that this UCT is trying to do something with this “victim” to show her loyalty at any cost or else…

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