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winter15-ocWhat better way to celebrate my birthday than by posting about the best show in the universe, Hand Shakers?


Okay, to be fair, this was a pretty serviceable episode. Serviceable is probably the best compliment I can pay Hand Shakers too, considering my coverage of the show thus far. While it’ll take more than one “sort of okay” episode to fix everything, I’m pretty happy I don’t have to wreck this show’s shit again in a completely negative post.

The focus on food this week was nice

Episode 1 was a mindless, battle-oriented romp that gave little thought to characters outside of how cool they’d look with their wrist watch glinting in the sun underneath a red-green gradient filter. It was hideous. Episode 2 was more plot-heavy, albeit a typical plot that feels like something plucked from the value bin at Walmart. It was safe, fluffy, and boring. Episode 3 combines the two together in something that more or less resembles a naturally flowing chain of events. The reason for fighting is still rather stilted though. All the battles so far have started because “WE MUST FIGHT NOW!!”, but at least it didn’t come completely out of nowhere this time.

Unlike Break and Bind, we get to know about Hayate and Chizuru before they launch headlong into the fray. It’s nice because it explains more about why other character might want to get the chance to talk to God. Unlike Tazuna, other characters have goals in mind. Unfortunately, Chizuru’s “wish” doesn’t really inspire me. She’s willing to smack around some innocent kids for the sake of a rather petty wish she concocts while half-drunk. Sure, no one will die during the battle, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like hell. If she had a better reason for going so far just to be seen as an adult, I’d have been more convinced.

Whoa, I think Hayate has you beat here for workplace harassment

We see one flashback where Chizuru is badmouthed by her employees, and even then, they’re slinging some pretty soft insults. The rest of the time, we see her performing extremely well. She has a good position as a boss, her presentations earn her steep praise, and Hayate truly respects her. She’s acknowledged for her talents despite looking like a kid. The end result is that I see more evidence showing that Chizuru has actually managed to overcome her Achilles heel of looking like a gradeschooler. She’s achieved so much! It’s hard to believe that she still has a reason to be bitter about it to the point where she’s willing to try and stab some kids with a sword.

More scenes like that flashback would have gone a long way to showing that Chizuru is not only considered a child, but her work is discounted because of that. Otherwise, I don’t buy it. It’s especially hard to feel sympathetic towards her when literally the only thing she talks about is how she hates being mistaken as a kid. On loop. Over and over. And she even gets mad if you treat her as being old! Her plain-looking assistant, Hayate, has more of a personality than her because he’s at least capable of conversing about different subjects.

This is what you get when you don’t leave a tip!

So while the one track mind loli got on my nerves since she only got to convey one single idea, I thought she had good chemistry with Hayate. It worked. And at this point, any sort of back-and-forth banter is favorable to Tazuna talking to the boring wall that is Koyori. It’s honestly a little sad that these two are actually more intriguing than the main characters. Maybe they should have just skipped the whole Hand Shaker thing and attacked them with kitchen knives while they weren’t paying attention. That’s another totally legitimate way to thin out the competition! Although I don’t think things will actually get that dark…that’s just some wishful thinking on my behalf, as Koyori and Tazuna really don’t have much going for them. One of them can’t even muster up a emotional reaction to a delicious parfait, and I call people like those MONSTERS.

Speaking of dark though, the scientist dude was suuuuuper sketchy this week. Koyori has no Nimrod, will die if she lets go of Tazuna’s hand, and has been in a coma for so long…and we have no explanation why. There’s clearly a lot more we have to learn about her, and her link to Tazuna. …Although at first I thought he was just being a total creep and looking at her boobs.

Only time will tell! See you next week for the end of a battle that looks like it’s taking place in a level of Sonic Adventure (graphics included)

“Koyori can survive for 15 mins without your hand” hmm..guess he still didn’t want to ask his mom to help Koyori change instead for those 15 mins…


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5 Responses to “Hand Shakers – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    While it’ll take more than one “sort of okay” episode to fix everything

    I think the basic structure of the whole show is rather flawed, so you’re on the right track here. One thing that could make it go a lot further is what it did in this one, and that’s expand on the characters. Oh wait…

    when literally the only thing she talks about is how she hates being mistaken as a kid

    They have a lot more ground to cover, don’t they? I was willing to take her in stride a few times, and was willing to concoct that she’s so afraid of being “typecast” for the rest of her life, that even a lame wish like hers could have some credit…but that feels more like I’m inventing something for the character than the show actually giving me that.

    But goodness, Tall Dude and LOLi BOSs still beat out main duo. These two, along with creepy doctor, only communicate in anime tropes…it’s like a deep metaphoric language that only the most skilled otaku can decipher…

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, fixing is out of the question. Making things slightly more enjoyable is possible though.

      If things were more like you suggested with Chizuru, I’d have bought it. For example, if she was so paranoid about being typecast that she constantly thinks others are belittling her, even if they aren’t.

      Haha, yep, at least Tall Dude and LOLi BOSs are able to branch out from the cliches. The doctor isn’t great either…

  2. zztop says:

    Sure Chizuru will complain about her looks now, but will she still be complaining once she finds out children eat 50% off at the local buffet?

    Also, Tazuna’s very sharply dressed for a kid – Japan takes the fashionable look seriously.

    • Overcooled says:

      So many positives for being mistaken as a kid!

      Japan is all about the fashion. I also like that both he and Koyori were wearing beige sweaters – so matchy!

    • BlackBriar says:

      Sure Chizuru will complain about her looks now, but will she still be complaining once she finds out children eat 50% off at the local buffet?

      That’s a case of “blessing and curse”. A blessing from an observer’s point of view and a curse for the one enduring the situation.

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