Natsume Yuujinchou Go – 11 [END]

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I’m a sucker for a guy in glasses~

winter15-fosh…and so another season of Natsume Yuujinchou comes to an end. I’m always happy to see more though, so I’d be down for a Natsume Yuujinchou Roku! (side note: I might not get to post about the last Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari episode since I’m headed to Tokyo immediately after Christmas, and by then no one will care lol)

This series started and ended strongly, with a middle section that wasn’t quite as stellar. I think that’s the best pattern possible, as it leaves a good first impression, and leaves positive memories after the finale. This finale was just that – the perfect Natsume Yuujinchou experience encapsulated in 20 or so odd minutes. It was another great episode that doesn’t do much outside the basic formula. However, since that formula is basically perfect, it still works wonders no many how many times it’s repeated.

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This kid sure gets sick a lot

Natsume is usually the one running errands for others, but every now and then, there’s a chance for the favours to be repaid. This wouldn’t be quite as powerful if it were only youkai or humans checking up on Natsume after he catches a cold. The fact that both of them go through lengths to make sure he’s okay speaks volumes about Natsume’s kindness towards both groups. It’s interesting because before he was apathetic about forming friendships – perhaps even against it. He still has some mixed feelings about befriending youkai as well, which leads him to constantly question whether it’s worth it to interact with them. Given the fact that Natsume is so darn nice, he doesn’t want to have a youkai become attached for him, only for him to die in what must feel like the blink of an eye for a youkai. The difference in lifespans is just one of many reasons why Natsume still doesn’t have complete faith in these bonds.

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However, it’s hard to think badly of getting close to these guys when they bumble around to find a cure for our fever out of guilt. There have been so many episodes this season where youkai and humans had these one-sided, tragic relationships with humans. The rain youkai couldn’t be seen anymore by the man she admired most, and then he forgot her. The youkai in Taki’s house wanted to stay with her, but knew it would be futile since she couldn’t see him without the use of a technique he disproved of. The friendly neighbourhood obaa-san in Tanuma’s hometown is secretly a youkai, and will have to leave if Tanuma ever finds out. Time after time, youkai have failed to remain long-term friends with humans for one reason or another. It’s been a bittersweet series of events. At the end of the day, I think the youkai were all happy to have met these humans, but that’s not something I can say with complete certainty, which is probably why it weighed on Natsume so heavily.

After all this, it’s nice to see a situation where youkai can be friends with a human. It’s possible! It’s just hard. These bonds are so rare that Natsume should treasure them, and I think he’s learning just how special his power is. It’s a curse at times…but this week, it was truly a gift.


What can I say…it was another great season of Natsume Yuujinchou. We gained some valuable insight into Natori’s life, learned more about Shigeru and Touko, and saw Natsume bond more with youkai and human alike. Something I really like about this season is how it talks about not just how Natsume feels about his friendships…but his friends as well. This episode, for example, had Tanuma admitting to Natsume that he doesn’t know if he’d be able to actually protect Natsume if he was in some youkai-related trouble. This is something that worries him, but he does his best. It’s not just Natsume that’s afraid of being unable to protect those he cares about. Even the usually silly lower rank youkai had a deep moment when they compared Natsume to the short-lived blooming season of these flowers. They’re almost more beautiful to them because they know it’ll be gone one day. Natsume’s lifespan is so much shorter than theirs that they have to make the best of it while they can. Despite this inevitable parting, they don’t regret becoming entranced by the ethereal. It’s worth it. Natsume is worth it.

I really enjoyed blogging this show, because there’s always something to talk about. The character growth is very, very slow as it builds up over many seasons, but it’s still very profound when you think about how Natsume was at the beginning of the show. I think we’re running out of room for him to grow at this point, but that hasn’t stopped this season from being an absolute treat to watch. Relaxing yet melancholic, Natsume Yuujinchou is still a show I have an immense soft spot for, and I can only hope for more in the future.

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Mmmm drink up that placebo effect


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  1. Clementiv says:

    This was a great season and I loved how it ended. Natsume will always be one of my top favorite series, I can’t wait for the upcoming season.

    I just loved how they ended this episode and the previous one. The flower scene was perfect and profound.

    See you next season!

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