Mechanorn – 37


Reoko is bored and Julietta is angry! RAAAWRR!

winter15-foshThings have been a bit crazy for me irl so MechaNorn got delayed for a while, but were back and tackling the past few episodes of Bubuki and Gundam IBO! I gotta say things are speeding quite fast for Bubuki while Gundam IBO continues to have me on the edge of my seat especially with the mini war arc.


Extra Bubuki

BBRNk (1)

The only fanservice were going to get from the new season.

BBRNk (2)

I keep waiting for a stand to appear behind Kaoruko.

BBRNk (3)

Kaoruko makes fun of the Azuma x Reoko shippers.

BBRNk (4)

Yeah these two are not the OTP of Bubuki.

BBRNk (5)

I must go my people need me! Wooooosssh~

BBRNk (6)

Damn what a kick.

BBRNk (7)

Azuma is the ultimate idiot.

Extra Gundam

Gundam (3)

Did you know Gundams lived with dinosaurs?

Gundam (2)

Atra-“Don’t worry Kudelia! Mika is great at solving problems.”

Gundam (4)

Another cute character alert! Damn you Gundam IBO!

Gundam (5)

I always love these “flying” scenes in Gundam.

Gundam (6)

Time for some self reflection eh?

Gundam (7)

I would totally love this pose if it wasn’t for the fact that this guy is an asshole.

Gundam (1)

Welp that can’t mean anything good right? Nooooooooo!!

Bonus Artwork



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3 Responses to “Mechanorn – 37”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    @Fosh: I don’t mean to nitpick but something is up with the audio on your end. I can easily hear IreneSharda but it’s difficult on your end that I usually need headphones. Same on your podcasts with skylion. I could hear him three times easier.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I dunno what to do about that I do use a pair of wireless headphones to do these posts so maybe the headphones are going bad? I’ve had them for a year and a half…

      I know Irene and Sky use either tablets or phones for Skype, but since I gotta record I have to use my pc so it probably sounds different because of that? No idea honestly and I’ve tried in the past to clean up the audio a bit but it never seems to work…I guess ill need to research more on getting better recordings.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Bubuki Buranki: True that Bubuki’s been accelerating but that can be seen as a good thing since there wouldn’t be any dull moments to go through, which is fine by me.

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