Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – 02

poco's udon world 2002

When your dog-raccoon son decides to roll in something brown and sticky…

This show involves a bit less cooking than I originally assumed, but I’m ok with that since this episode is so precious.

Souta’s reaction to Poco’s transformation isn’t quite what I expected. Instead of just staring in bewilderment before regaining his senses, he screams, runs home, and throws a blanket over his head to protect himself from being bewitched. It was a little too abrupt, especially after he purposely protected Poco when his ears and tail popped out. Thankfully, his fears melted away just as quickly as they surfaced, and the next morning their friendship was as good as new. I’m…actually not sure why they bothered to make him so frightened for just one scene of the show when it didn’t really do anything in the first place, actually.

poco's udon world 2000

Oh no, my prediction came true!!!

It’s all water under the bridge after Souta and Poco share some shoyumame, which has Souta reminiscing about his past, eating the same snack the same way in the same house (at around the same age…depending on how tanuki actually age). He completely spaces out, and Poco only shakes him from his reverie when he needs to make an announcement about all the food being gone. Well, devoured, is more like it. While their interactions are cute, Poco’s extremely sparse communication skills make these flashbacks seem less effective since he can never comment on them. He can’t prod Souta about what he’s thinking about, or respond in a meaningful way to Souta’s childhood memories. While his broken Japanese is certainly good for his moe factor, I fear this may be a shortcoming for the show in the future.

poco's udon world 2004poco's udon world 2003

A big part of the show is the way Poco reminds Souta about the happiest moments of his childhood. Ultimately, I think this will lead to some deeper (and perhaps less pleasant) reflection on his relationship with his father and his udon shop. However, it’s all very shallow for now. Poco will do something and then Souta will be all “haha oh yeah I did the same thing” and then get a little melancholy…but that’s it. He’s too afraid to think about it any further, and Poco can’t exactly ask him what’s wrong. There needs to be another character that catches Souta in these pensive moments and asks him questions about it so we can see more than just surface level emotions. Other shows with single dads have kids that can at least speak (Sweetness and Lightning, Bunny Drop), and while they may not have the sharpness of an adult, they are able to give their opinion in a way that allows for at least some level of dialogue.

poco's udon world 2009

Some sweet n salty memories

Because of this, I was really happy that Souta made a “mom friend” he could share his memories with. That’s a step in the right direction. She went to school around the same time as him, so the two of them are more likely to be able to reminisce over the colour of trains and whatever. I also thought it was adorable that we got to see the less..er…healing…side of parenting where Tanaka had to rope in her strong-willed daughter at the restaurant, all the while tending to a young baby. Being a parent isn’t always about staring at beautiful scenery and going googly-eyed. Even though Poco is good-natured, he’s still a very strange kid that is going to cause a bunch of problems for Souta. That being said, I don’t want to seem like I’m bagging on Nozomi, and I do think it was nice the way she bonded with Poco after some food bribery (same here, Nozomi, same).

I hope future episodes introduce Souta to more islanders he can relate to, because I think they provide for more poignant dialogue. I actually really liked Tanaka’s little speech about how she might have lived a different life if she moved to Tokyo (implying she might not have had kids as young as she did), but that she’s happy nonetheless from the smallest things, such as being told her home-cooked meals are tasty. It’s things like that that will get Souta to really think about his choices in life and what he really wants to do from now on.

poco's udon world 2007

Barakamon cosplay?

That being said, I’m not against completely fluffy scenes with Poco just squealing and Souta tagging along. They’re cute (oh boy, I’m going to use this word a lot from now on…), and a big part of this show is clearly in displaying that cuteness. Poco’s mix of fear and awe at the train was nice, and it made me realize just how far away they live from actual civilization. Holy cow, it felt like they rode that train for an eternity just to get to a place with a decently-sized mall! Anyways, while I feel like Poco may not be the ideal foil for Souta to get through his problems, I do enjoy seeing him laugh alongside Souta. It’s the simple things that make this show best, so I’m going to try not to fret about Souta’s ~dark imposing past~ until it actually comes up.


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7 Responses to “Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – 02”

  1. skylion says:

    I often do exactly what people want me to do after getting fruit gelatin, so I don’t see how anything wrong happened in this episode at all.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Watched two episodes and I kinda liked it! Although the fact that Poco turns full furry is a bit of a eh part, but given that hes a Tanuki I guess its something ill get used to.

    all and all quite cute.

    Side note Hanazawa Kana’s character looks sorta like her in real life? I wonder if they used her looks for reference at some point, but i’m pretty sure they had character concepts way before recording voice work! Then again who knows its certainly possible.

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha yeah, he does turn full furry. If I was a tanuki, I’d do my best to trick some dumb guy to feed me all the time too.

      Oh wow, I looked it up and it does resemble her. Maybe that helped them decide who to voice her lol

      • Foshizzel says:

        Same! All for that free food~

        I thought she looked familiar and with her voice added I was like wait a minute LOL

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