First Impression – Uta no Prince-sama Love Legend Star


Apparently it’s not kidnapping as long as they’re mildly attractive

Given how the last season ended, getting another season of Utapri isn’t really a surprise. How was it though…?


I had totally forgotten that HEAVENS picked up new members at the very last minute last season. …And now I guess they’re being added to Haruka’s harem. Even though I’m pretty sure their names haven’t been introduced yet. Considering how half of the episode was Haruka getting kidnapped and sexually harassed sung at by pretty much every male character that’s ever been introduced in this series, there’s not a whole lot to write about this first episode.


At least they make it incredibly easy to screenshot group pictures

I guess one thing to point out with the three idol groups is that now it appears that they’ve all been given pretty distinct genres (at least in this episode) that defines them. STARISH has the orchestra things going on, QUARTET NIGHT has a more rock-oriented theme, and HEAVENS seems more jazzy. If they keep that up during the season, that would be cool. …Though seeing how the amount of male characters is now larger than the episode count, I wonder how they’re going to justify giving everyone character singles now. If anything, I expect them to focus on HEAVENS since those are the characters we know least about. Though from this first episode, STARISH is still the closest to Nanami.


Though it’s pretty funny how QUARTET NIGHT just kind of ignored everything the organizers had to say and just decided to have a rematch on their own. If you have the fangirls on your side, you can do anything, I guess. Screw the money and resources it takes to broadcast and organize events like this. But now this gives all of the groups an entire season to improve and whatnot for the final showdown. And hey, unlike the last seasons, they didn’t reveal STARISH’s ultimate song and dance number that they’ll inevitably use for the final episode.

Haruka despite having misplaced her personality somewhere during the past seasons, has a pretty firm role now though, now that she has to compose absolutely everyone’s music. You would think that they would warn her beforehand, but then Shining and Raging wouldn’t have had the scene where they were riding around Haruka in tricycles. But at least Haruka’s career doesn’t seem to be restricted to just standing behind STARISH and being their cheerleader. She can still do that of course, but looking at how important her role is in this competition, she’s definitely become successful. …Sure it’s just an excuse to have her interact with all of the male characters, but I’m just glad she’s actually important to the plot. Plus screw the male characters (because we all know that Haruka is probably never going to chose just one guy), she has Tomo on her side to cheer her on.


Tomo-chan is the true OTP

One thing I noticed from the last season was the lack of… general eccentricity that the first two seasons had, so it’s nice to see the return of that in this episode. Likewise, one of the things I liked in the 3rd season as opposed to the first two was that Haruka was actually involved in romance as opposed to the more BL-oriented antics that STARISH seemed to get up to (you know, that one season where Cecil went around admiring all of the other guys). Other than there being way too many guys now throwing Haruka around (I know none of the HEAVENS member’s names), maybe this season will be pretty good. Plus I would be mildly interested in a HEAVENS spin off game, which I figure is what Broccoli is working towards with their introduction to the anime.




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  1. Kyokai says:

    Wow, UtaPri has come a long way since its first 2 season. Even moar bishes! :0 But that is not a bad thing! 😉

    Is Shining still around?

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