First Impression – Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin

Bubuki Buranki S2 (3)

Smug sisters are da best~

winter15-foshYay!! Bubuki Buranki is back yo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very excited to see the return of this series even though it hasn’t been away for that long and we already knew a second half was being made, but either way I’m happy to see and hear my favorite characters once again.


Mecha Power

Bubuki Buranki S2 (2)

Kaoruko is a breath of hyper fresh air <3

When we last saw our team of heroes they were fighting other Buranki on the mysterious treasure island that crashed to earth, but the true ending revealed Azuma’s sister Kaoruko hanging out with the leader of team Europe on a huge cruise ship, which lead me to believe that she might be the main villain of the second season! That said its still very unclear what her role is still going to be from here on out or do we already know? For starters she has one goal in mind to protect her city! Oh yeah so where was she during the time Azuma was sent to earth as a kid? I guess she ended up somewhere else and some locals from Taiwan found her and raised her as one of their own? This also effected Kaoruko’s personality I think because she appears to have no heartfelt feelings towards her family, treasure Island and she especially hates her brother! Why? Probably due to the fact of him not finding her as a kid or maybe because hes weak? I can’t blame her for having those feelings towards him because I honestly don’t really like Azuma much either. When you compare the two siblings as of right now I feel Kaoruko would have been a better fit as the heart of our main team due to her fighting strength, personalty and she obviously isn’t afraid to speak her mind and on the flip side you have Azuma who is lacking in all of that! Maybe he takes after his dad and Kaoruko takes after her mom? Either way Kaoruko joining the ever growing cast of Bubuki Buranki is great because just having her around has injected this series with more energy and I love it! Yeah some might find her to be annoying much like the leader of Team America, but i’d rather have a annoyingly hyper lead character than boring old Azuma.

Story Mode

Bubuki Buranki S2 (4)

Team Asia is my new favorite Bubuki Buranki team.

While its great to have some energy flowing in this series thanks to the arrival of Kaoruko we also have two new teams! The Europe team which Leticia leads and Guy Valery Abeille calls her the second coming of Joan of arc? Sure lets roll with that? I hope we learn more about her later because she seems to be a very cool character and I like the jet mode Buranki, but lets talk about Kaoruko’s team aka team Asia which she is currently “borrowing” at the moment? I guess the heart can jump teams whenever it wants or is Kaoruko super special like her mom or is it the black heart that Guy gave her allowing her to use the Asian teams Buranki? I know last season it was all about finding hearts to activate sleeping Buranki, but anyway the previous leader for Asia is Ruuki and boy of boy does her come off as one creepy dude! He sorta shares similar traits with the mean old Russian leader in how he basically treats the other team mates as personal slaves doing whatever he commands?! I know both girls on the Asian team seem to be afraid of Ruuki or is he just mistreating the girls on his team? Whatever the case he is one to keep an eye on. Besides those two new teams we also see the Russian team stomping around Taiwan at the end of the episode so expect to see a mech on mech battle between Asia and Russia! I certainly hope Kaoruko’s team owns the Russians.

Extra Mecha

Bubuki Buranki S2 (7)

Great color scheme yo!

Bubuki Buranki S2 (6)

Cause its funny!

Bubuki Buranki S2 (8)


Bubuki Buranki S2 (1)


Bubuki Buranki S2 (5)

Russia vs Asia who will win next week!?

End Thoughts


Praise the anime gods for making Kaourko such a fun character and voiced by Hisako Kanemoto who is easily one of my favorites! Then again I have a feeling most people will find her to be way too hyper for them, but I like her a lot more that lame ass Azuma! So what is going to be the real plot for this second season? I mean we don’t even have a big bad villain to hate or are they setting up Guy Valery Abeille to take one that role later on? I am curious about him because he does kind of “lead” multiple teams as in Europe, America, Asia and Russia! Like where did he get the hearts for all the other teams? Why is he leading four teams? I hope we learn more about him, but i’m also all for no real plot right now and sticking to raw mech on mech fighting! Before I wrap up I gotta say the level of comedy in this first episode was hit and miss for me as well as the addition of typical OMG BOOBS jokes that we find in every other anime felt a bit off, but at the same time I remember the last season implied some sexual relationship err just kissing happening between Souya Arabashiri and Kinoa Ougi in their past so I guess it fits? So what did you like about this episode? Are you ready to see more? I assume if you saw all of the first season you’re gonna stick around for this one too.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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5 Responses to “First Impression – Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin”

  1. sonicsenryaku says:

    I like how expressive the animation has become when compared to season 1; the animation staff are able to convey more anime-ism with the cg this time without it looking as janky or as awkward as it looked last season (not that facial expressions looked completely bad last season but there’s definitely been an improvement) so kudos to the staff. There may actually be hope for full cg anime if they can just refine the animations a bit more and get the framerate to look a bit smoother. This is a good step in the right direction

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I totally agree! The CGI has improved a lot and the OMFG silly anime reactions work a lot more this time around! Season one tried and most were ehhh especially when the American leader showed up? Wow…

  2. Irenesharda says:

    This was one of my most anticipated of the season, and my did it explode on to the screen. While a little wonky in places and our old team not really clicking as much without all their members, I actually found myself drawn to Kaoruko and her antica as well as her new team.

    Kaoruko is Azuma’s equal and his opposite. Both seem to be on two opposite ends of the spectrum, Kao is the epitome of genki and bubbly, while her twin brother is as boring and dull as dry white bread. However, as they say opposites attract and I can already see these two butting heads. And in all fairness, I kind of blame their parents. What seemed like an idylic situation on the island, fell apart after that incedent in the sky. Mom AND Dad seemed to have forgotten how to be parent to their kids and their favoritism towards Azuma, caused Kaoruko to feel jaded toward her sibling and parents, and for Azuma to be too clingy to his mother. I like the complexities and the feeling of abandonment that Kaoruko hides under her genki shell. She’s really a good person and leader but felt abandoned and rejected by both of her parents in the wake of a disaster she caused by accident, giving her feelings of guilt that her parents never helped heal, and actually aggregated by leaving her alone.

    As for the other new characters, while they are trying to set up Guy as the big bad, he just really doesn’t seem menacing enough. He pales in comparison to last season’s Reoko and I’m just not as impressed. I’ll be interested in what will happen next with this new Asia team. I hope that Kaoruko can somehow take over as the heart and kick that douche out.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah it took me by surprise and its fun seeing the main cast minus Azuma doing their thing! Kinda odd without him around, but also a blessing LOL

      Kaoruko is GREAT! OMG She has so much energy even though it does come off as a little annoying, but her reactions whenever she says Azuma was hilarious! Also yeah opposites do attract so I expect her to be somewhat happy on the inside to reunite with her brother…the outside is another story…

      LOL yeah typical anime parenting at work here letting the kids do whatever they want! As for Kaoruko faking her energetic persona yeah I can see that which reminds me of Niko Niiyama from Kiznaiver she was the token “hyper” girl, but she only acted that way to get attention.

      I could see Guy as a baddie, but he hasn’t shown any signs of being evil so I have no idea! Maybe this plot will be about Kaoruko destroying the other teams hearts to rid the world of the Bubuki? Who knows.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Really late to the post, but whatever… About time for more Bubuki Buranki after last season left an agonizing cliffhanger.

    First time seeing Kaoruko since the first season’s prologue, her arrogance has multiplied by 10. If not for her humor and charisma, I might have been put off. But to have effortlessly won the hearts of a borrowed Bubuki team compared to their douche of a leader, she’s doing something right. That right there was what put her in a more positive light.

    Like Azuma, I’m sure Kaoruko’s been enduring the same stigma of being labeled a “witch’s child” over the past decade. It really makes you want to kick the asses of those who talk about what they don’t know. As her arrogance was mentioned, it’s likely she believes she’s progressed by leaps and bounds while Azuma has been stagnating in place. Which makes me all the more anxious to see them meet up again.

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