RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 24

♪♩♬ There’s a Starman/Waiting in the sky ♪♩♬

So we got one more episode to go before it all ends, how are they gonna do it? What do we expect? I’m going to argue for the unexpected….

I’ll be on your side, no matter what you do

rezero 23-013

That’s one heck of a wake-up call…(and a good reset point)

If it weren’t for a few fiddly bits here and there, I would have been upset at the first part of the episode. I’ll go so far, right now, and voice some displeasure at the second part of the two. I feel much like Emilia does, this lines up much to easily, it feels “as written”. I think the show could have hit a deeper mark had it started in with the new material, working in the older steps as needed, not a re-step on the previous trodden path. Again, much of what was done before the halfway mark we assumed would have happened anyway, so why go over it? Now, having said that, I think I can riff a bit on Emilia’s words, and think that maybe it’s supposed to appear to be to easy and that this is the rug, the next episode is the pull.

rezero 23-confront

…Julis is the better knight…

To me, it’s all about what the story has subjected our MC to. While we’ve seen, and felt, his struggle time and time again, and we’ve seen Subaru betgin use his Restart to advantage, the thing we have to ask, right before the story ends is: Is this the way it’s supposed to go? This, easy, and all-lined-up, and oh. let’s go collect our plot reward thing. I don’t think this series is about really giving rewards so much as it is about doing what it takes to maybe getting a shot to earn them. It’s about the journey not the destination, to put it in other terms. The largest part of what has made that journey fascinating is seeing this poor wretch suffer and win the inch by inch struggle. It’s worked best as a somewhat-deconstruction of these character and plot tropes. That means it has some tricks it plays, even giving me one more Talking is a Free Action bit!!!!!! I mean, Betel folded like a cheap suit in what I can only describe as a place of weird poetic limerence. Why do it this way? Because you have to wrap up a two cour series in just one more episode? I mean, does this look like final boss?

We Killed them All!!!

rezero 23-001

Betty sez: I’ll stay here in the house…cause that’s where the finale is going to happen, I suppose. I’ve not really done much that’s interesting, nor have I done much with that contract I made with Subaru. All in all, I’ve been a plot device waiting to happen. But isn’t it clever that Bubby put words in my mouth this scene, and didn’t it sound like he was selling a line? Oh, powerful in my library? Nice and kind, but fierce. Powerful and fierce? Well, we’ll have to see, I suppose…I don’t really like seeing suffering, if you need a quick excuse for me not being around…I wonder, did I say anything in this scene, really?

rezero 23-003

Bubby sez: You should do what you want, and what you want to do is kill them all and add their life forces to my spirit. Don’t know how that jives up with Rosewaal’s plans or the Selection or anything like that. Don’t you feel we were relegated a bit too long? Is that enough to issue a huge surprise? Which witch? Does it matter at this point? I can end the world after all…Why are you still trying to connect to a world that hates you? Kill them all! Oh, and that muddle about the witch possessing you? Sure, that could happen, but what if it’s only to draw the curtain back on something worse? I smell hard choices ahead…You should just kill them all…

rezero 23-005

I don’t know about her being initially accepted just like that. Sure it lines up, but as she says, it lines up easy, it lines up to well, and both me and Emilia are to darn suspicious. This just feels wrong in how right on and spot on it is. This is just another in a long line of clues that she could pick up on, and with Subaru missing in her life, just when she was thinking most about him, even feeling bad for keeping him away? I wonder what’s going to go down at the Sanctuary?

Holy cats, did you see that?

rezero 23-018

Well, did you ?

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To reiterate, this one is the rug, next ep is gonna be a big huge pull. Or at least I’m hoping. I think that Rosewaal and Puck are going to show some colors, true, false, or otherwise, and another layer of the story is going to be introduced, leading us to a possible crazy cliffhanger, leading us to demand a new series…I mean, all the published stuff has been adapted, so who knows what deviltry our former butcher turn LN author is cooking up….


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13 Responses to “RE: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – 24”

  1. ProtoSovereign says:

    How many people here trust Roswaal? I still think his weird make up and way of speech suspicious…

    • skylion says:

      I think I find more to be suspicious about in his lack of being present, than in the flavor of his presence. Having said that, yeah, anime does like to doll up their villains….

      • ProtoSovereign says:

        Yeah, Roswaal is not present at ‘important’ occasions but I take that as the story not revolving around Subaru. i.e. there’s a world here that will operate both within the protagonist’s sight and outside his view. I just assume that Roswaal is a busy noble with his own agenda and it doesn’t always involve being around Subaru 24/7

        • skylion says:

          If only to remove this type of “suspicion by lack of presence”, I would have liked to see him around more… I think he would have been useful as a counter to the All Female Selection Squad, again, if only around a bit more. I also think he could have added more to the story’s magical background, again, by being around more to explain things.

          So yeah, if he does come out as a cliffhanger, you ain’t seen nothing yet, character…I might be sore…

      • Highway says:

        I think one reason that Roswaal is never around when the crap hits the fan is because he’s probably super OP. I mean, Subaru, Emilia, Ram and Rem fought the Mabeast dogs to almost a standstill, were winning but close, and Roswaal came in and just zorched everything, game over man! I think that would be the case no matter what happens. And it’s not some last-resort nuke like Puck has where it’s “Screw the world.” It’s “Oh, this isn’t a challenge.” So you need to get guys like that out of the way to have any sort of tension.

        • skylion says:

          Yeah, as far as “character currency” goes, you have to spend a lot to use Rosewaal, and that means you don’t have enough left in the bank for other characters. But…I’m not really talking about him solving/resolving issues, but adding to them…not the scene where we needed more, I think..

  2. sonicsenryaku says:

    The best way to express some of my dissatisfaction with some of the elements of this episode is “overly convenient” and “too much telling, not enough showing”

  3. Overcooled says:

    I think the best parts of the show are seeing Subaru crawl his way through a bunch of obstacles, revive, and try again, and revive, and try again…it all feels a bit too eerie when he goes through it all so smoothly. I also laughed when he cleared up the letter misunderstanding prematurely by waving signs around for Ram to see ahahaha. But I guess Subaru can’t fail all the time. It’s time to win and wrap this thing up!

    …It took me forever to catch up, but I’m really enjoying ReZero. I don’t want it to end!

    • skylion says:

      Oh, glad you caught up! That and ReLife! Were you watching ReWrite? I hear next season there will be a show called RePoPuLaTe, but it’s going to be heavily censored! LOL.

      But…Subaru means suffering, I’ll broach no other thematic structure. I cannot countenance the Diet version of this soda! LOL! But yeah, it’s really eerie to see it all go to easy. That can’t be the way to end this show.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      Yeah, It feels like its ending all to soon. Its always like that with shows I enjoy…

  4. Iron Maw says:

    nor have I done much with that contract I made with Subaru.

    Correction, Betty doesn’t have a contract with Subaru in this timeline. It got null when died in the 4th loop of the 2nd arc.

    And I’d just gonna say not to expect action from Beako this season. We will sadly have wait next arc for that.

    • skylion says:

      She still seems like the type that “remembers” that time-line, at least to me. They’ve not explained her background properly, so conjecture about that sort of thing is what I was on…

      Yeah, it’s sad we won’t get anything from when I comes to Beako, I’m projecting.

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