Orange 08 – 10

Orange - there's some sort of metaphor here

It’s like there’s some metaphor here or something

winter15-highw So has everyone tried the new WoW expansion? Or is it just me?

Everybody In On It

Orange - Everyone's in on it

Everyone is finally on the same page

I thought I’d wait for the end of the sports day story arc here. Naho and Suwa finally were able to talk to Kakeru about his mom a bit, but he’s still hiding it from the others. And Suwa and Naho are hiding their future communication from the others as well, but that ruse breaks down pretty quickly as Takako and Azu start putting more pressure on Suwa and Naho, finally just outright asking Suwa. So now all five of the group are working to change the future, although none of them were able to do the first thing in the list. Seriously, go back in time EARLY, folks! Don’t cut it so close.

Orange - What's with the hand

“Are you asking for a tip?”

Orange - finally holding hands

Finally figuring it out

Something else that’s a weird development, but actually fits these characters, is the dancing around the subject for Kakeru and Naho. So they both confessed that they like each other. Yay, time for a couple! At least that’s what Azu and Takako think, but not these two. “Oh, we’re not dating.” Not just from one side, from both sides. Both of them are too afraid of screwing up to date. But heck, it took the fear of a suicide attempt to get Naho to say how she feels, of course it would be difficult for the two of them to go out. And Kakeru spends half his time trying to get Suwa to confess to Naho, even after she’s confessed to him! But I think Naho takes scared and embarrassed to new heights, recoiling every time Kakeru comes near or touches her, clamming up whenever she needs to say something. It’s really easy to see how the other timeline’s Kakeru would come to the conclusion that Naho hates him for some reason, even when the true feeling is that she’s totally in love with him. She jumps away from him when she falls over on him, and then basically says next time “I don’t want to fall over on you, so I’m gonna wait until you’re gone to put my indoor shoes on.” This is, of course, heard as “It was so horrible when you touched me, so I’m gonna wait until you go away.” Seriously, these two…

Orange - set up

It totally takes everyone else setting them up to make the slightest progress

A Plan and an Improvise

Orange - The team is set

“We’re all standing up for Kakeru!”

The sports day is the big happening that they’re all looking forward to, as the letters have indicated that it seems to be a day that really put Kakeru in the dumps after he injures himself and loses the relay for the class. But rather than go along with the “Don’t let Kakeru run the relay” advice from the letters, they come up with an alternate plan: Have our group of friends arrange to cover the whole relay. They also make some other arrangements, inviting his grandmother to come watch, which she does happily, tagging along with Suwa’s family. While this isn’t exactly something that makes Kakeru beam with joy, it’s certainly something that helps ameliorate the loneliness that he seemed to feel seeing everyone else’s families there to cheer them on.

Orange - the couple that's not a couple

Third best couple (remember these two weren’t together in the future)

Unfortunately, we also get a lot more of the “apparently mixed signals” from Naho to Kakeru and back to Naho. Smacking her hand away when she shows concern over his arm injury, and then hiding his ankle injury, Kakeru’s just racking up the “Does he really like me?” with Naho. But as usual, we have the heart-to-heart time when Naho and Kakeru get sent on another errand (at least this time Kakeru points out that she always gets asked to do stupid stuff like that). Maybe the teacher’s trying to set them up, too. And when everyone else comes to help, they finally get Kakeru to admit to the whole group that his mother is dead, and that he’s worried that her spirit is sad watching him have fun. But the others convince him that his gloominess is probably more worrying to his mother’s spirit than being happy would be. The overall message is that letting the others help him carry his burdens is something they’ll gladly do, so he should be less hesitant to share with them. And the final result is that their team ends up winning their relay, and the overall sports day (Japanese school sports days are a really weird thing, the scoring is not like you think it is).

Orange - exchanging

Maybe they’re finally getting on the same page?

Don’t Click Through to See This

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I found the most interesting thing through these three episodes was the differing views of how Kakeru’s mother’s spirit would react. Kakeru, who knows his mother from the end of her time alive, thinks more of her neuroses and depression, and therefore is worried that him being happy will make her feel worse, much like it would have while she was alive. But the others have a more idealized view of an ancestral spirit, one that will worry more if the person they are watching is not happy. And I don’t think the two are incompatible, and I can even think of ways to explain it away, perhaps like his mother suffered from a chemical imbalance or physical cause of her depression, and freed from that mortal vessel, she acts more like others would think a mother would act.

This actually was a pretty nice story arc, and we’re seeing a lot of divergence from the world of the letters, to the point that perhaps the letters aren’t relevant anymore as a barometer of things they should do for Kakeru. They still have value as harbingers of events to happen, but much less predictive power regarding the results. The only hard thing to get through in these three episodes was the terribly off-model art in episode 9, which really brought a lot of derpy expressions and just poor drawings. Perhaps they were just too preoccupied with drawing Suwa’s abs…


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4 Responses to “Orange 08 – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    If these kids aren’t careful they’re going to do something very bad to future version of Naho. She’s not only got typical teen stuff on her mind, but now she feels obliged to future version her and now future version friends feel the same way. This is starting to look kinda bad…

    • Highway says:

      You think? I thought they’d done and dusted that, but perhaps it will come back. It seemed that Naho realized that the future version of her that wrote the letter could never have her regrets erased, but that her future self could. And while she was sad about it a little, there’s nothing to be done about it.

      • skylion says: could messing with time and space ever be done and dusted? That’s a piper that always plays the tune….

        It seemed that Naho realized that the future version of her that wrote the letter could never have her regrets erased, but that her future self could

        Do you mean past self?

        • Highway says:

          No, I mean the future of the Naho who received the letter (maybe call her Naho-r) will have fewer regrets moving forward, having done the things mentioned in the letter that had caused her regret. Those regrets of Naho who sent the letter (Naho-s) are set, although perhaps her regrets are assuaged by the act of sending the letter back to help her past self become Naho-r, and now she can go on and live a happy life with Suwa-s, while Suwa-r maybe wonders what could have been if he’d ended up with Naho, like Suwa-s did.

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