Mob Psycho 100 – 10

mob psycho 100 1103

Just because you have psychic powers doesn’t mean you can’t also be swole

I wonder what my life would be like if I had psychic superpowers that let me crush walls and fling groups of people around like rag dolls. I’d probably become as power-hungry as Ritsu was and go on a rampage. But then again, I’m also lazy, so I don’t know if I’d be bothered to leave my house to really use them. I guess we’ll never know what would have really happened. Thankfully…

You never know what you’re going to get with Scar. Some members are defeated with minimal effort, while others are powerful enough to take down Teru (and Mob…sort of…). Each encounter is a mystery, and it’s even harder to predict who will come on top now that everyone’s split up and we have heroes with 3 very different levels of psychic abilities.

mob psycho 100 1105

Wait, who’s the bad guy again?

I think Dimple’s romp with Matsuo was my favourite battle. Dimple is such a little dweeb that they could kill him off at any moment (again) and I wouldn’t care. He’s a sneaky asshole with no likeable traits, and that’s precisely why I love seeing him fill the shoes of a hero and fight. Plus, unlike Teru, he’s not averse to pulling underhanded tricks and cackling when his enemies mess up. It’s a fun sight to see. He’s totally different from Mob, who tears up at the prospect of having to hit a woman. I actually felt a little bad seeing Dimple get captured and shoved into some spirit gladiator arena jar…but only a little.

mob psycho 100 1101

I was very disappointed to see his wig completely unharmed

A much less notable match-up was Teru’s short-lived battle with a real pyrokinesis user. Just as he laughs about almost being challenged, he gets bested by a swift chop to the temple. I’m not sure if that counts as a real loss, but it still looks like these foes were a little more refined than the pyro dude. Once again, initial impressions can be misleading in this show. Just because you can fill an entire hallway with flames and talk big doesn’t mean you’re actually a threat. But by this point, I hadn’t caught onto the trend yet.

mob psycho 100 1107

Mob also has a slew of very short-lived battles against Scar members who he easily defeats. I thought for sure Tsuchiyama and Mukai would put up more of a fight, especially since they seem like typical end stage baddies. Nope! Even Takeuchi was hyped up, only to be annihilated in what looked like one well-placed blast of psychic energy. Another nope right there! Mob only had trouble with Mutou, who he was able to defeat by exploding and overloading his brain with…whatever the hell that was. Psychic power, I guess. So Mob wasn’t really beaten, although his emotions were thoroughly toyed around with.

The big surprise here is  the kid who looks like an anime version of Archie. He has no telltale scar on his face, so he just looks like another lackey. Hell, I wasn’t even expecting him to beat Ritsu, and that’s not setting the bar very high. Now, I think this Archie dude is actually one of the most powerful members there. I really hope he gets to fight Mob!

mob psycho 100 1104mob psycho 100 1108

end boss time?????

There are some interesting teasers for next week. Most obviously, there’s the fact that everyone has been captured and that’s a pretty intense situation to be in. The very end has a hint of Reigen re-appearing and saying he’s the leader of Scar…which I don’t really believe. I think he just kind of stumbled in to pick up Mob since his business is losing money (and maybe because he’s a little worried about Mob). When can you trust anything Reigen himself says, right? I’m also going to go out on a limb and say the girl in the gas mask suit in charge is Tsubomi, Mob’s crush. I mean, it would be pretty fucked up if she was psychic all this time and hid it from Mob, and then he had to fight his crush. Anyways, no spoilers guys, I (obviously) haven’t read the original source so I’m just pulling words from my ass.

Until next time!


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2 Responses to “Mob Psycho 100 – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    I was kinda ticked that the fights were so much tell not show. Mukai looked like she could have had a nice combat style, but they cut that right out…Poor thing, she was cute, I would have liked to see her gloat at least a litle…

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      I agree with you there however i was a bit more forgiving in that regard because the telling wasnt happening intrusively within the battles (although i would have done without it). The telling would mostly occur after the battle was over, which resulted in the battles being directed in a fast and frenetic pace that was immersive and didnt feel like it was slogged down by explanations. If you’re going to exposit about a fight, id rather have it after the exchange so that the pace is properly maintained.

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